Warkaris give call of ‘Pandharpur Bandh’ for re-starting ritualistic worship in ‘Vitthal-Rukmini’ temple

It wouldn’t be a surprise if all regular ritualistic worship is stopped in all temples during anti-Hindu governance of BJP ! Hindus should realize that ‘Dharma-kranti’ is inevitable now !

Call of ‘Maharashtra Bandh’ will be given if ritualistic worship is not started immediately ! – warning by Warkaris

Srikshetra Pandharpur – On the occasion of ‘Adhik Maas’, the management of Sri Vitthal-Rukmini’ temple has stopped all daily ritualistic worship and kept the temple open for ‘darshan’ for 24 hours. All Warkaris are against this decision and they staged demonstrations on 26th June by squatting at the foot of ‘Namdeo Payari’; after circumambulating the temple amidst resonance of ‘taal – mrudung’. They were joined by Vitthal-devotees and Hindutvavadi organizations. H.B.P. Shriramkrushna Maharaj Veer, the spokesperson of ‘Warkari Sampradaya Paeek Sangh’ said, “The District Collector has taken such decision only to increase income and it has hurt religious sentiments of Warkaris. Nobody has liked discontinuation of regular ritualistic worship of Lord Vitthal; therefore, if the daily ritualistic worship is not re-started by 8.00 p.m. on 26th June, a call for ‘Maharshtra Bandh’ will be given.”

  1. This agitation had large support from within Pandharpur. About 450 Warkaris and Hindutvavadis participated in the demonstrations.   
  2. All traders spontaneously kept their shops closed till afternoon. Shri. Lakshminarayan Bhattad, the President of Traders’ Union declared support to this agitation.
  3. Large police staff was deployed on the occasion.

Participating Saints, Mahants and other dignitaries !

B.P. Nivrutti Maharaj Hande, the President of ‘Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi Sohala’, H.B.P. Devavrat (Rana) Maharaj Vasakar, all-India President of ‘Warkari Sampradaya Paeek Sangh’, its State President H.B.P. Shrikant Maharaj Tembhukar, H.B.P. Deepak Maharaj Sarnaik, H.B.P. Madhav Maharaj Shivanikar of ‘Warkari- Fadkari Dindi Samaj’, Shri. Mukund Deodhar of Solapur Janata Bank, Shri. Vivek Benare and Shri. Abhay singh Kulkarni of ‘Hindu Mahasabha’, Shri. Ravindra Sale of VHP,  Shri. Shashishekhar Patil, advocate Neelesh Sangolkar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Shri. Bapusaheb Salunkhe of ‘Shri. Shiva-pratishthan Hindustan’, Shri. Ganesh Lanke, Secretary of ‘Peshava Yuva Manch’, Shri. Omkar Kulkarni, the President of ‘Parashuram Yuva Manch’, advocate Shri. Sandip Apsingekar of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada’, Shri. Saurabh Thite –Patil of ‘Shiva-pratishthan’ and the main Trustee of ‘Visava Vitthal Mandir’

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

‘We haven’t stopped all ritualistic worship !’ – Meek reply by Vitthal – Rukmini Mandir Samiti !

Pandharpur – Warkaris submitted representation on 22nd and 24th June 2015 against ‘Vitthal – Rukmini Mandir Samiti (samiti)’. On 25th June, they held a press conference giving warning to the ‘samiti’ of staging demonstrations. Later, in a meek reply given by the samiti, it was stated that ‘as per clause 32 (2 B) of ‘Pandharpur Mandir Samiti Act, 1973’, provision can be made for 24 hours ‘darshan’ during ‘Adhik Maas’. We have not stopped all rituals. Regular ‘Puja’ at dawn, ‘maha-naivedya’ in the afternoon and ‘Limbu-pani’ ritual at night will be continued for 45 days; therefore, there is no need to stage agitation.’ (It is important to see whether the rituals carried out are as per Dharma-shastra. Government taking over management of temples is the reason for Hindus facing such unrighteousness. Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to change this situation ! – Editor, Dainik SanatanPrabhat)

Warkaris have said in this context that during the months of Ashadhi and Kartiki, ‘Navaratri’ of Vitthal is observed and on these 18 days, ‘darshan’ is allowed for all 24 hours but then also, 2 hours break is given. The District Collector Mundhe was, however, interfering in Dharma-shastra and has taken such decision arbitrarily. Also, Deity has not been offered food in the night for 30 days; as also deprived of sleep. Among the routine rituals, there is ‘kakad-aarti’, and ‘puja’. These rituals are reflection of devotion towards the Deity; therefore, even if ‘darshan’ is available for any period, all rituals should be performed regularly.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

 Warakaris give a call for ‘Pandharpur Bandh’ for re-starting ritualistic worship at ‘Vitthal- Rukmini’ Temple !

  • All Hindus should extend support to Warakaris who have made rightful demand as per Dharma-shastra !

  • Are these good days promised by Modi, where Warakaris have to give such warning in BJP-ruled State ? Hindu Rashtra can only bring change in this situation !


from left – Shri. Bapusaheb Salunkhe, Saurabh Thite-Patil, H.B.P. Deepak Maharaj Sarnaik, H.B.P. Devavrata (Rana) Maharaj Vaskar,  H.B.P. Shriramkrushna Maharaj Veer, Shri. Ganesh Lanke and Neelesh Sangolkar etc.

Pandharpur – ‘Shri. Vitthal – Rukmini’ Mandir Committee has stopped all ritualistic worship since last 40 – 50 days in this temple and has allowed people to have ‘darshan’ for all 24 hours. This wrong decision has hurt religious sentiments of Warakaris and other Hindus.Warakaris and pro-Hindu organizations had submitted a representation to Temple Administration on 22nd and 24th June for re-starting ritualistic worship; but no heed was paid. A press conference was held on 25th June to condemn the stance taken by the temple management. Warakaris and Hindutvavadis have given a warning to stage agitations if ‘puja’ was not re-started within 24 hours. They have also given a call of ‘Pandharpur Bandh’ on 26th June for this purpose. The press conference was attended by H.B.P. Devavrat (Rana) Maharaj Vaskar, all-India President of ‘Warakari Sampradaya Paik Sangh’, H.B.P. Shrikant Maharaj Tembhukar, its State –President, spokesperson H.B.P. Shriramkrushna Maharaj Veer, H.B.P. Deepak Maharaj Sarnaik, District-President of VHP, Shri. Shashishekhar Patil of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and its advocate Shri. Neelesh Sangolkar, advocate Shri. Sandip Apsingekar of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada’, Shri. Bapusaheb Salunkhe of ‘Shri Shiva-pratishthan Hindustan’, Shri. Ganesh Lanke of ‘Peshava Yuva Manch’, Shri. Omkar Kulkarni, President of ‘Parashuram Yuva Manch’, Shri. Saurabh Thite-Patil, of ‘Shiva-pratishthan’ and the main Trustee of ‘Visava Vitthal Mandir’ etc.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat