WHN Newsletter – Dec 22, 2014

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) has successfully managed to rescue and return a 11 year old Hindu girl, from a Jihadi who had kidnapped her with the intention of forcibly converting her to Islam.

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Hindu-American Dr. Vivek Murthy to be the U.S. Surgeon General. Hindu American community leaders such as HAF joined a broad coalition in demanding that the U.S. Senate call for a vote to confirm Murthy.

Exposing serious issues in case filed against H. H. Asaramji Bapu during press conference held at Mumbai : Press conference was held on behalf of Sant-shri Asarambapu Foundation and HVP at Mumbai

Hindu Mahasabha of America ideologue Dilip Mehta and current president Dr. Rudranath Talukdar expressed optimism on relief operation for Pakistani Hindu refugees based in India. More information on Pakistani Hindu refugees program can be researched at: https://pakhindurefugeerelief.wordpress.com.

Local units of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Sunday “reconverted” 225 tribal Christians  at Aranai village in Gujarat’s Valsad district, while 35 dalit Christians”returned to their original faith” in Alappuzha and Kollam districts of Kerala.

Balinese Hindus pray at a temple to celebrate Galungan day in Jimbaran on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on Dec. 17, 2014. Galungan Day is a holiday celebrated by Balinese as a sign of victory of good against evil.

The film, provisionally titled Desh Bhakt Nathuram Godse (Patriot Nathuram Godse) will be released across the country on January 30 – the day on which Godse gunned down Mahatma Gandhi in 1948

PTI | Islamabad | 15 Dec 2014::  More than 300 children aged under five have died in Tharparkar, Pakistan’s only Hindu majority district, in the last 11 months due to malnutrition and other complications.

The British Ambassador in Nepal, Andrew J Sparkes’s remark on securing the right to change religion and right to proselytise has drawn the attention of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

Rajeshwar Singh has said that they plan to root out Christianity and Islam from India by December 31, 2021..

The perennial philosophy is expressed most succinctly in the Sanskrit formula – ‘tat twam asi'(That art thou); the Atman, or the immanent eternal Self is one with Brahman, the Absolute principle of all existence; and the last end of every human being, is to discover the fact for himself.

KOLKATA: Describing India as a Hindu rashtra (nation) and making a strong pitch for Hindu awakening, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday upped the ante on conversions by challenging opposition parties to bring a law for banning forcible conversions.

President of Patriots Forum, D.C. Nath was superannuated in January, 1995, as the Special Director, Intelligence Bureau, D.C. Nath (IPS-1960) was associated with the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM)