Who is a Hindu? I am a Hindu. Dr. Shriharsha Sharma

hinduismWho is a Hindu ? This question arises all the time in various situations and Hindus are unable to answer it exactly, precisely , satisfactorily, boldly  and with confidence. I have asked this question to many people including eminent Hindu scholars, Sadhus, religious leaders, professors and Pandits but without a satisfactory reply. Fortunately I have found the most fitting exact, precise, bold, elevating   and above all  satisfying definition of a Hindu by one of the greatest  revolutionary, author, orator, poet, visionary, leadersolid like a rock full of hope and enthusiasm   and patriot Veer Vinayak Rao Damodar Rao Savarkar. In 1905 while in the prison at Andamon- Nicobar Islands he thus wrote on one early morning.

Asindhu Sindhu Paryanta  yashya Bharat  Bhoomika,

Pitribhu  Punya Bhuschaiva  Sa  vai  Hindu Riti Smritah.[1]


There is a vast land between river  Sindhu and Hindu Sagar[Indian ocean] called  Bharat and those who accept that this is their fatherland or/ and a holy land, land of pilgrimage are all Hindu.


This defination includes Sanatanis, Saivas, Vaishnavas, Saktas, Buddhists, Jains, Arya Samasis, Sikhs, Harijans, members/followers  of International Society of Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON, Vanvasis, Tribes , Yogis , Sadhus,  Dalits, followers of  Swaminarayan, followers of Shri Raamkrishna Paramhans, Panthis, atheists ,agonists and various other sects without exception are all  Hindus . Every one can join and participate in free and fearless debate on Hinduism and follow his  consciousness ,believes and be free in Hinduism. This is the first lesson the Hindu parents can give to their children. Parents, brothers and sisters  teachers, Sadhus , scientists, graduates, administrators, higher officers, politicians, workers, farmers and  leaders must learn,    make sure that children learn  this definition of a Hindu as early as possible  and  convey and spread the correct information to all to unify  all the  ignorant Hindus.


This is worth mentioning that acceptance of the Vedas with reverence, recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are diverse; and realisation of the truth that number of gods to be worship is large, that indeed the distinguishing feature of the Hindu religion.—    Shri  Balgangadhar  Tilak.[ Quoted by Supreme Court of Bharat on 2nd. July 1995.]


Hindus believe in One God. There is no god but God .Hindus are truly  monotheist but worship many gods and goddesses and see the same  God in all of them. This needs to be realised at intellectual level by others but they have failed to understand this fact. For example snow, ice, icicle, dew, and vapour are all forms of water but we call them by different names similarly Hindus see the same God in all the gods and goddesses as well as in all the living and non living things this is the most simple thing, Hindus understand this and appreciate  this.  Hindu scriptures say it boldly, clearly, distinctly and most beautifully

Ekam  Sadhvipra Bahuda Vadanti. Rig ved[2]  means that He is one but  sages   call Him by various beautiful  names. One Truth which the enlightened call by different names.

Further to this it may be appropriate to mention the following verse which also gives clear message  that  Hindusthan means  place [ sthan] of Hindus or land of Hindus or Hinduland [e.g. England  ,land of English people,  Ireland  , land of Irish people ] .Hindusthan’s ancient name is


Bharatvarsh. Vishnu Puran  says ;

Uttare cha Samudrashya Himadreshu cha Dakshinam,

Tadvarsha Bharat Nama Bharati Tatra Santati. [3]

The land which is north to the Hindu Saagar[ Indian Ocean]  and south to the mighty, magnificent Himalayas is  Bharat, sons and daughters of this ancient land are called Bharati or Bbharatiya[Hindusthani]


Bharat also means knowdge or Gyan  means away from ignorance or away from darkness so Bharat means land of source of light or knowledge. True knowledge is in the Ved  so Bharat is also known as Ved Bhoomi.


Bhayam  Ratam  Bharatam  [4] means  Bharat is submerged in light or is full of light so foundation and backbone of Bharat is knowledge where life is led by knowledge therefore ignorance and superstitions have no place in the land of Hindus.

What unites us is our spiritual and cultural  heritage and its inner and most powerful strength since beginning of our civilisation.


Our heroes and heroines are supreme who inspire and guide us just remembering their names provide new and instant energy, strength, courage, hope and peace to name a few e.g. Raam,  Krishna, Arjun,  karn, Bhishma,  Mahaveer, Buddha, Sri Raamkrishna, Dhruva,Prahalad, Hanuman,Sita, Radha,Tiruvallavur, Adi Sankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Samarth Guru Raamdas, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Bhamasah, Sant Yogeshwar, Swaminarayan, Meera Bai, Tulsidas, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Govind Singh, Valmiki, Vedavyas, Kalidas, Swami Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand,Veer Durgadas Rathore,   Ramana Mahirishi, Srila Prabhupad,  Valmiki, Soordas, Kabir,Subhas Chandra Bose, Khudi Ram Bose,Bhagat Singh,Chandra Shekhar TiwariAzad, Bankim chandra chattopadhyaya, Sri  Aurvindo, Dr.Hedegewar, Mangal Pandey,Sardar Ballabha Bhai Patel, Veer Savarkar,  Dr. Ambedkar , Yogi Yoganand, Swami Chinmayanand, Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi,Sivaya Subramaiyaswami, Sai Baba,Sri Sri, Sri  Ravishankar, Swami Ramdev, Swami Satyamitranand Giri,Sadhavi Umashree Bharati,Shri RameshBhai Oza and Sadhavi Ritambhara there  is no end to this list and we are proud of them.


We recite the following Slok while bathing which is so satisfying and unifying us from Himalayas to Hindu Sagar[Indian ocean]  and all the Hindus living anywhere in the world.

Gange  Cha Yamune Chaiva Godavari  Saraswati,

Narmade  Sindhu Kaveri  Jalesminsannidhim kuru.[ 5]


A Hindu while chanting this Slok  prays to sacred rivers e. g.  Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada,Sindhu and Kaveri to come and join in the water being used for bath or shower or a dip in river,pond or in an ocean. It is a unique and enlightening experience and at the same time so unifying which  inspires to say that one Hindu is for all and all Hindus are  for one.


Origin of the word Hindu has been traced  from an ancient  Puran in which there is a verse

Himalayam  Samarambhya Yavad  Bindusarovaram,

Hindusthanmati Gyatam Hii  Antarakshar Ayogatah.[6]


It means the country between the Himalayas and Bindu Sarovar[ Hindu sagar] is Hindusthan so combining the first letter Hi  of Himalayas and last compound letter Ndu of word Bindu forms  Hindu so purely and simply this is a Sanskrit  word. Our ancestors wrote so much including two largest epics Raamayan and Mahabharat and foreigners gave us the  name  Hindu cannot be accepted  .This verse is also mentioned in the Nardeeya PuranWhich is a short version of original Brihannardi Puran.

Hinam  Nashyati Iti Hindu[ 7 ] means those who upheld righteousness and fight ignobleness[ not noble] are Hindu.


In praise of motherland;


Ratnaakar dhaut padaam himalayam kireetinam,

Brahmarajaishir ratanaddhayaa vandebharat maataram.[8]


To her feet are washed by ocean, who wears the Himalayaas as her crown, and is adored with gems of Rishis and  kings,to Bharatmata, I bow down in respect.

Our  motherland is also known as OM Bhoomi, Ved  Bhoomi, Avatar Bhoomi, Devi Bhoomi, Devata Bhoomi, Punya Bhoomi, Rishi Bhoomi, Teerth Bhoomi, Gurukul Bhoomi, Guru Bhoomi, Sanskrit Bhoomi, Sanskriti Bhoomi,Sabhyata Bhoomi, Sant Bhoomi,Van Bhoomi,  Veer Bhoomi,Raam Bhoomi, Krishna Bhoomi, Gyan-Vigyan bhoomi, Ras and Raas Bhoomi and  Mahaveer Bhoomi, Buddha Bhoomi,Tiruvallavur Bhoomi, Kavi Bhoomi,Kavya Bhoomi, Sangeet Bhoomi,Nritya Bhoomi, Maharana Pratap Bhoomi, Shivaji Bhoomi, Lakshami Bai Bhoomi,Guru Nanak Bhoomi, Hedegewar Bhoomi, Sardar Patel, Ambedkar bhoomi,Veer Savarkar Bhoomi and above all Matri Bhoomi which inspired Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya  who wrote Vande Mataram.

Brihaspati Puran says :


Himalayam samarmbhya yavad indusarovaram,

Tam deva nirmitam desham Hindusthanam prachakshate.


From Himalayas to Hindmahasagar the nation built by divine  souls/ people is called Hindusthan.



I am a  Hindu, my  ancestors come from Hindusthan  and my holy places  or  places of pilgrimage are in Hindusthan.


In Hindusthan over many thousands  of years the Dharma, culture, civilisation, traditions, philosophy, Yog vidya, Ayurved, music, literature, arts , fine arts, dance, and languages had developed  without outside compulsion and force in total harmony with nature and eternal laws that is why  it is so  pure and unique and if you approach with open mind then you will love it and you will find  vast treasure in it and that is the experience of many people around the world , so try to know more about it ,you will be spiritually, morally and culturally richer and peaceful.                                                                                                                                                  


Everything in   Hindusthan is attached to word Hindu and greatest strength  of Hindus has been  the freedom of expression  in thought, talk, art and action .The culture of this country is Hindu Culture, the  history of this country is the history of Hindus, so is the architecture, literature, sculpture, epics, folklore, poetry, dramas, centres of learning, mandirs, stories, comics, sorrow and laughter, music, languages and heritage around us is all Hindu. Where ever Hindus went  they took their culture and religion and people were attracted  so adopted without compulsion or force so south east Asian conutries fell in love with Hindu culture and the influence can be seen in these countries  from Mangolia to Burma toLuthvania and now in Europe , America and in all the continents.  We must go a bit back and deeper and infact it has all its source from Sanatan Dharma. All the religions of Hindusthan are branches of Sanatana  Dharma which is generally  and popularly known as Hinduism now a days. Hinduism has the capacity and capability to accommodate all  those who believe in the freedom of individual in thought, talk and action with responsibility and respect for this creation , following the eternal laws of equality, justice and freedom in development of humanity.                                                                                                                        


The time has come that Hindus must rename India officially as Hindusthan which is long overdue, this will bring a new energy in Hindus and make them feel proud, bold, assertive, responsible , courageous  and fearless . This is the demand of majority Hindus and cannot be ignored anymore.


A very simple fact I would like to mention here is this that anybody can become a Hindu according to the above definition so you do not have to be a born Hindu . Swami Dayanand  Saraswati first started  reconversion of Muslims  and Christians who were converted  from Hindus and later Swami Vivekanand came in favour of this and promoted this and recently Swami Chinmayanand,  Sivaya Subramaniyam  swami came in favour of this. Arya Samaj, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and many individuals are doing this reconversion of Muslims and Christians in Hindusthan. The reconversion must be a priority to save and establish Hindurashtra ,in the great game of numbers because the majority wins in a democracy may it be at local, regional or national level  .



Can a Hindu boy marry a non-Hindu girl? The answer is yes but he must convert her as a Hindu by giving her a Hindu name and introducing her to Hinduism so that children have no confusion in their identity and bringing up as a Hindu.                                                                                                     


Can a Hindu girl marry a non-Hindu boy? The answer is yes .She must give Hindu names to children and bring  them up as  a Hindu.

The Hindu boys and girls must be bold, assertive, progressive and strong in their traditions,

heritage, culture, religion and  character. They must learn about their religion, culture and traditions only then it is possible and here the parents and guardians of society must play their due roles with farsightedness and responsibility to teach them to survive and preserve their culture. The reconversion work is going on in Hndusthan and all over to get Hindus back where they truly belong. This is a sacred duty of every Hindu to welcome  these brothers and sisters whom we had lost and create a society so that we do not lose them to foreign faiths  because we have been  divided by these foreign faiths as a result our motherland was divided in 1947. Before the arrival of these invaders, Muslims[ Mangolia, and Arab countries] and Christians [ Denmark, France, Portugal and England] we were the  most prosperous, happy and peaceful this is the fact we must  know.


Who are you?

Your answer must be that I am a Hindu.


You are a Hindu first and a Hindu last only then you  can survive , exist and live with pride as a Hindu.  This is the need of the present time more than ever before.

You are not a Brahman,not a Kshatriya, not a Vishya and not a Sudra, Dalit, Harijan or untouchable but you are a finished product of all these because when you use your brain you are a Brahman,when you use your power[ arms]you are a Kshatrya, when you do business you are  a Vaishya and when you serve[ seva]  you are Sudra   so do not weaken your community by dividing in Jatis or castes but be proud of what you are and what you do.                                                                                                                                          I wish  to quote a speech of Lord  Macaulay given in British Parliament in  Feb. 1835 regarding greatness, superiority and civilisation of  Hindus.


‘I  have travelled across the  length and breadth of Hindusthan[ India ]  and  I  have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, . Such  wealth  I have seen  in this country, such  high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think  we  would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very  backbone of  this nation, which is her  spiritual and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cultural heritage, and, therefore , I  propose  that we  replace her old  and ancient  education system , her culture,  for if the  Indians think  that  all that is foreign and  English is good and greater than their own , they will lose their self-esteem, their native  self- culture  and they will become what we want them,  a truly a dominated nation.’

This was the most unfortunate strategy adopted by British government and they destroyed everything good in India during the British Raj ,which had taken her to develop thousands of years.


So India was looted, plundered, cheated, betrayed and divided by British rule and Muslim ruler before them. The  conversion  to Islam and  Christianity of Hindus and tribes people began  by  Islam  and Christian  missionaries, moral values declined, people were divided on castes, race and religion  for the benefit of  Muslims and  British . During Muslim rule  Farasi, Arabic and Urdu were introduced in administration which replaced Sanskrit. During British rule English replaced all the languages in administration and education.


The English schools, universities were started  to  teach  that everything native is inferior to English and a new class of people were trained to help the British to rule over India  but none of them ever reached to the highest post. The English became the main language for administration ,education and elite .Everything native was pushed in the corner and people were forced to feel inferior comparing  English or white and this mentality existing even today such has been the effect of foreign rule on Indians as established by Lord  Maccaulay .


The British rule further divided the already divided people and created new castes of Anglo- Indian Christians and Christians were the most favoured in key jobs, and promotions .

Macaulay did the incalculable harm and   succeeded in his plan to rule by destroying native way of life through English education in  India but this poison is  doing the harm to  India even today  so in order to reverse the process and make India great again we have to organise, plan and bring back the lost values, morals by establishing faith in our native culture and spiritualism. The key to  bring good values in the society is to introduce Sanskrit and native languages in all schools and colleges that is where our ancient teaching are. It may take time but it is within our capacity and capability. We must take words of Sri Aurobindo and save ourselves by saving Sanatana Dharma/ Vaidic Dharma/ Hinduism and remember Dharmo rakshati rakshite[9]   means  protect your Dharma and Dharma will protect you.


India would rise with rise of Sanatana Dharma, that  India would sink if Sanatana Dharma sank, and that India would die if it were at all possible for Sanatana Dharma to die.    ——Sri Aurobindo.


This is  the history that whoever came to our  country until 8th century they all accepted  Hinduism and our way of life and became Hindu without force and wherever we went overseas  we took our culture and message of  Hinduism, they accepted it as a great gift and these countries became Hinduised   and this is visible even today in  South East  Asia.

Buddhism a branch of Hinduism spread and established  in Sri Lanka , Burma, Thailand, Vietnam , Bourneo, Java, Sumatra, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Tibet and China  where it established without a single conflict ,war or killing .Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism have lived and  progressed side by side for thousands of years without violence , so what is the secret of these great religions, philosophies and cultures, because they  have developed naturally following the eternal laws respecting each other and do not go for violence to convert or prove superiority . This is  recorded that Buddhism had established itself in each and every village of China by year 65 A. D. without  any force, violence or  threat but with love, respect , help and understanding each other’s concerns for the sufferings around , to reduce or minimise the sorrow in order to make the world more peaceful and trouble free. Now Buddhism has spread in all the continents and so has Hinduism.


The world has changed a lot and for Hindus to survive they have to put a stop to conversion of  Hindus to Islam and Christianity which has been going on in Hindusthan by force, cheating and all the dirty tricks by  Muslims and Christians . First it happened during Islamic invasions and rule and then under British raj[1947]/ Potguese rule in Goa until 1961 . Now conversion of Hindus happening by the force of petrodollars from oil rich Muslim countries. Conversion of Hindus started by Christian [ French, Portuguese, Dutch, English colonisers  ] invaders and rulers. These conversions have been going on since arrival of Islam as invaders, later joined by Christians destroying everything native , culture, traditions, heritage, languages, food and  dresses. The conversion has divided the people  very badly. The time has come to pass a law to stop conversion  of   Hindus. This is a great game of  numbers  and everyday Hindus are decreasing in number and if this goes on  unchecked  then   Hindus would  be  in minority, this is  a grave situation in Hindusthan . This process can be controlled and reversed by the followings.


India stands in no need of conversion from one faith to another. —-Mahatma Gandhi. Young India 1931.


Religious conversion destroys centuries –old communities and incites communal violence.

It is violence, and it breeds violence.——Swami Dayanand Saraswati-1999.


One civil law for all without exception, One couple  one child  without exception, expel all the illegal immigrants, severe all the contacts with Pakistan and Bangladesh, Afghanistan and expel foreign Christian missionaries, if you really wish Hindusthan  to  be healthy, wealthy, strong,  peaceful, prosperous  and developed .


The future of Hindus lies in declaring Hindusthan a Hindu state and Hinduism as a state religion and there is no alternative to this because Hindus have been loser, loser and loser since 711 A.D. under Islam [ Muslim rule] and  Christianity[ British rule] and worst  since 1947 under Congress , Communists  ,Muslim, Christians, secularists and opportunists in power who are dividing and destroying the core values of Hinduttva, Hinduism and everything good attached word Hindu.


Further to this they [politicians, traders, administrators] are looting the wealth of the nation[ mines, forests] and depositing money  in foreign banks and collecting  for themselves. The poverty, epidemics, corruption, malnutrition, diseases, starvation, violence, mugging, rapes, looting, snatching of purse and necklaces from women ,  slums,  bribery everywhere , poor governance ,  openly police atrocities ,sex trade, burglaries, kidnappings, murders  lack  of food , clean drinking water etc., are evident everywhere from P.M. to  Peon and President to Panch  in villages, towns, cities and in the capital city of India.


We must acquire;

Buddhi of a Brahman to teach and govern our nation , strength of a Kshatriya to protect  Dharma and nation , business acumen of a Vaishya to earn wealth for family and nation, and strength of Sudra to serve all and build the  strong nation ,and the hidden factors to do all these are  courage ,love, respect and sacrifices So when I think seriously  each one of us is  a  combination of  Brahaman, Kshatrya, Vaishya and Sudra==Hindu,  in varying degree.

———-Shriharsha Sharma


We are Hindus .It has been one of my principles of life not to be ashamed of my ancestors. When a man has begun to be ashamed of his ancestors, the end has come.

Here am I   one of the least of Hindu  race, yet proud of my race, proud of my ancestors, I  am proud to call myself a Hindu.


Why should you feel ashamed to take the name of Hindu, which is your greatest and most glorious possession?


Of all the things, the debt which the world owes to our culture, now rightly called Hindu, is immense. Taking country with  country, I bet  there is no one  race on this  earth  to which the world owes so much as to  Hindu, who is mostly patient and mild. This mild Hindu sometimes is used as an expression of reproach; but if ever a reproach concealed a wonderful truth, it is in the term, “the mild Hindu who has been the”- blessed child of God.—————Swami  Vivekananda.



India was the motherland of races, and Sanskrit the mother of all Europe’s languages. She was the mother of our philosophy: mother through the Arabs , of much of our mathematics, mother through the Buddha of ideals embodied in Christianity: mother through the village community of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all. —————– Will  Durant.


The case for India, a book by Will Durant a great American thinker, author and historian . This book was banned by The British Raj.

[This book is available now]


In her golden days the culture of India was like a heaven-kissing tower of light shedding its lustre on surrounding countries, even on those at the far end of the earth, illuminating the mind of man, exalting, ennobling his life and above all, becoming him on to realisation of his highest spiritual destiny. By this light India possessed the world.                                                                              – —-Sri Aurobindo


I  am a Hindu .I  say boldly and with  pride that I  am a Hindu so I  also inherit the oldest living religion Hinduism, oldest civilisation, oldest system of medicine and surgery, Ayurved,  oldest system of law Mausmriti, science of Yog, heritage, traditions , customs, oldest system of drama- Natya Shashtra,  music, dance and fine arts,  oldest and perfect language- Sanskrit and other languages, oldest writings Ved, Puranas, epics Mahabharat and Raamayan, sacred scriptures  Gita and Tirukural  and so  on . I am also guardian of all these so I must be  responsible to look after  all these to the best of my abilities and resources,  to preserve, protect and promote the native  way of life, vesh-Bhusha-Bhojan  and at the same time work with others  to unite the  Hindu  community by eradicating evil social practices for peace, equality and justice for all  .                                   ———Dr.S. Sharma


Land of ancient Bharat! Cradle of humanity Hail revered motherland whom centuries of brutal invasions have not yet buried under the dust  of oblivion. Hail, Fatherland of faith, of love, of poetry and science, may we hail a revival of thy past in our western  future.                            Louis  Jacolliott  . French scholar/Chief Judge, Chandanpore, Bengal.


Hindus are the wealthiest people on earth in culture, literature, arts, music, dance and classical dances, poetry, scriptures, sculptures, Sanskrit grammar, mathematics, astrology, songs and devotional songs, epics, dramas and as far as family life is concerned, what has united Hindus since time immemorial, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is the culture. Reciting the following Sloka, we welcome our sacred rivers to come and purify  the water while bathing further unites us, it’s a wonderful and great thought.




Hindus remember these seven sacred rivers which flow and nourish the land of Hindus. Where  many of our holy places are situated  reminding us of Siva, Ram, Krishna and many heroes and heroines— the list is endless. So my young and old friends feel great as a Hindu, feel proud of

being Hindu. Remain Hindu and teach wisdom of Hinduism so that our children remain Hindu.

—   DR. S. SHARMA.


You are not what  they say you are;  let me remind you ,who you  really are and you are a Hindu so say boldly, fearlessly like a lion with pride that I am a Hindu and I worship Ganesh and I am proud of this.—————Dr. S. Sharma.


I am the true inheritor  and guardian of the most ancient culture, civilization, heritage, traditions,  languages, scriptures, Ved, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Puran,  Bhagwatam, Tirukural, heroes and heroines , Mandirs, ancient centres of learning, monuments, forests and rivers , mother cow and vast land between mighty Himalayas  and Hindu sagar , motherland, fatherland and holy land where my  all the holy places or  placesof pilgrimages are and I am proud of  all these and I am a Hindu , a proud Hindu indeed. This is my sacred duty to protect, promote and firmly  establish

Hinduism in the Hindu Rashtra.

—- Dr.S. Sharma


Until the Hindus have their own honest  historians, the history of  invasion  will always glorify the invaders  [ Muslims and Christians rulers]. It takes a true warrior of truth, a hero or heroine, to go fearlessly against the ways of darkness upon earth.

Hindus must rewrite their true history with facts based on research.

Tune diya des ko jeevan, des tumhe kya dega,

Apani aag jala rakhane ko naam tumhara lega.—-Dinkar


Shraddha Sahit Jhanki Karo, Yah Bhavya Bharatvasha Hai

Alkapuri      Lajjit     Hui ,  Jiska Nirakh    Utkarsh       Hai.[10]

Samar kshetra hai nahee paap ka bhagee keval byadha

Jo tatastha hain samaya likhegaa unkaa bhee aparaadh.[11]—Dinkar.

Every one sings the glory of Hinduism, the Vedas and Upanishads and the Puranas, and Itihasas, but keep away when it is a question of fight to protect The Ram Mandir in Ayodhya or the Ramsetu in Rameswaram or the rights of Hindus in Hindu nation. When will Bharatmata give birth to valiant sons and daughters  and true Sadhus and Sants  once again? When will Hindu society  learn the lessons from  the past history and  when will they proudly proclaim  that this  is their eternal Motherland , the Hindu nation, Bharatvarsha?Time alone could answer. Vandemataram.—————————-Sadhu Rangarajan.

I am a  Hindu,which to me means the inheritor of the oldest and highest spiritual culture known to human history.————- Sita Ram Goyal.

Hindus must dominate  to rule and rule to dominate at every level, let it be  at local, regional or national level, so first let us  get  our  own house in order before lecturing to conquer the world or to claim to be  Vishwa Guru .————— Dr. S.Sharma

For a long time, ‘it was known in Europe that it owed a lot of its culture, philosophy and science to ancient Vedic India. American mathematician  A. Seinderberg has for instance proven that the Egyptian pyramids were built using ancient Vedic mathematics known as ‘subsutras”; Egyptians considered that their God Osiris , whose concept is derived from one of the , stories described in the Puranas, had come  from India mounted on bull[ Nandi]. Greek philosophy, which is the founding stone of western Culture recognised that it had heavily borrowed from India:  German philosopher  Shroeder  had discovered  in the 18th. Century that most of the philosophical or mathematical doctrines attributed  to Pythtagore  were derived from Indian philosophical systems. French historian Alain Danielou had noticed that structure of catholic church resembles that of Buddhist Chaitya and many events surrounding the life of Christ are bowrrowed from Buddhist and Krishnaites stories.Niestzsche, who knew the Vedas and Manu’s laws , is the last of Europe’s great philosopher to speak highily “ of great Brahmanism”. But after his death , the memory of greater India slowly fades from philosophers’ writings and history books and is replaced  by a negation of India ‘s  great influence  on the world.What has happened ? When British colonisers and Christian missionaries arrived in India.—-Fracois Gautier

The spiritual Nation; Divine Hindusthan. The only nation which gave birth to countless Divine births. This  is the only nation accepted all religions and cultures and gave shelter and freedom to live but foreign cultures have harmed this nation in every possible manner.


Nothing is required and nothing will avail, except a little clear thinking.


Hinduttva could be used to mean  the way of life  of the Indian  people and Indian culture and ethos.————–Supreme court of India 1995.


The world has been divided to Christian,I slam and Communist. All of them view Hindu society as a very fine rich food on which to feast and fatten themselves. It is necessary  in this age  of conflict to think of organise the Hindu world to save it from evils of  all the three.–Gurujee




Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah meaning Dharma protects its protector.


I  know  who I  am .


I am a Hindu no matter what people say,

I  will be Hindu until my dying day.

Teach children wisdom of Hinduism

And our way of living  and sanskar.


Remember ,Unity is Divinity for Hindus

I  can be Hindu what else,

My parents were Hindu, my ancestors too,

That makes me Hindu through and through.

I  am proud of Hindusthan,  the land of Hindus,


This land of mine ,                                                                                                                          land of  my parents and their parents,

Where all our holy places are. [From Kailash- Mansarovar to Kanyakumari]                                                                                                               For we Hindus it suits us fine.                                                                                                       Come on Hindus;                                                                                                                              fly the Bhagwa  flag,

Lift the flag high

This  is the flag of pride

Sacrifice and duty

Equality and unity

Strength and love

For mother ,the only mother

Of us all Bharatmata

We all  are her children

Lift the flag high and high

It is our pride not old rag.

Hindusthan ,  the land  of Hindus, for Hindus.

Remember and   be firm  that

Unity is Divinity;

One Hindu for all and all Hindus for one.                                                                                       Parmatma bless our Holy  land, people and flag.

Hindu land ,Hindusthan,the land of Hindus.


Vande, vande,  vande bharatmataram,                                                                                       Vande , Vande,  vande bharat mataram .

Jaya Hind. Jaya  Hind, Jaya Hind.————Dr. S.Sharma.


I, you, us and we are Hindus today because of the teachings, guidance, care, protection, help and sacrifices of many known and unknown great men ,women  and children in the history of Hindusthan to name a few;  Shrikrishna  taught us ‘swadharme nidhanam shreya par dharmo bhaya bhava,’;

Adi Sankaracharya who  reestablished Hinduism[ Sanatan dharma],Vikramaditya, Chandragupta and Chanakya established the rule of law,Maharana pratap of Mewar who stopped the Mughals  from spreading their empire and never accepted their dominance, Shivajee who established and reclaimed vast territory and brought under his command, Rani of Jhansi Lakshamibai fought  against English rule and died in the battle,   Maharaja Ranjit  Siingh established Sikh empire, Guru Teghbahadur Singhjee sacrificed himself for the protection of Hindus and Hinduisms ,Swami Dayanand Saraswati re-established the authority of Vedas and started the movement of reconversion of Muslims and Christians back to Hinduism with Sudhikaran,  young boy Hakikat Rai never accepted Islam , Guru Govind Singhjee’s two young sons were sacrificed but never accepted Islam, Swami Vivekanand gave us new lease of life and taught us to say ‘Say with pride that I am a Hindu’ Dr, Hedegawar firmly and boldly declared that Bharatvarsha/ Hindusthan ,the land of Hindus is a Hindurashtra and all living in this ancient land are Hindus. Swami Chimayanand  put vital energy in youth and spread the ancient knowledge of Vedas and Yog in all the continents, Sivay Subramanya Swami established Shiva temple in Kuwaii, Hawai, U.S.A. and firmly established Hinduism abroad and supported the conversion and reconversion to Hinduism, Prabhupad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami established ISKCON  or International Society of Krishna Consciousness which has been spreading the Vedic   way of living  all over  the world in well planned and organised manner and thousands of individuals, Yogis and Sadhus are doing  a great service to Hindus and Hinduism and educating Hindus to rediscover the gems and good things from are most ancient  and living   Vedic  Dharma, Sanatan Dharma or popularly known as Hinduism.

———   Dr. Shriharsha Sharma.


Inspite of all good and great things then why are Hindus in this horrible mess and suffering ?  This is all due to  lack of Hindu  leader/s  and disunity amongst Hindus.

The answer is that the leadership after independence [ 15 Aug.1947] went into the wrong hands Nehru- Gandhi took anti nation, anti-Hindu decisions .

This is evident by this mind set of J.L.Nehru; he expressed his inner most desire to fool the nation and majority [group] Hindus.]

Nehru‘s comments about Indians in general and Hindus, Sikhs in particular before surrendering

eastern and western parts of the country [east and west Pakistan ]in partition [1947] which are now known as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

He declared to his yes men before 15 Aug. 1947; that

‘The cattle will not even notice the surrender when I give a call to celebrate independence.’


[He considered Hindus as cattle and they were the majority in partitioned India.]Nehru proved to be green snake in green grass for Hindus because Hindus trusted him and he betrayed which we discovered now. This did not end with him his dynasty proved to be worse than him.

[ How anti India he was?]

Further to this Nehru and Gandhi accepted the partition of the country on the basis of religion[ Hinduism, Islam] but they  kept Muslims in India ignoring the advice of Dr. B.R.  Ambedkar [1946] who had strongly suggested and pleaded for the total and complete exchange of population on the basis of religion . Nehru- Gandhi duo  and Congress Party foolishly  ignored his advice by keeping Muslims back in Hindusthan, since then there  are  constant troubles[assassinations, kidnnapings, murders, rape, infiltration, smuggling of cattle, drugs, women, across the Indo-Pak and Indo- Bangladesh  borders, loot, plunder, conversions, highjakings, bumb blasts, robbery, fake currencies etcs ] from Muslims in the country and also due to  guidance, planning, money ,expertise and help  from Pakistan ,Bangladesh and Muslim terrorist organisations across the world.

I am the last white man to rule India declared Nehru after the end of   British Raj[1947]   in India.  ——J.L.Nehru                                                                                                                                         [He remained in power as prime minister for 18 years[ 1947-1965] in spite of suffering  from  cerebral haemorrhage[ left with  partial paralysis] in 1960 at Bhuvaneshwar ,Odisha in  the  annual All India Congress  Party conference.]


Nehru was defeated in the leadership contest by Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel in 1947 by 14 votes to 1 but Gandhi over ruled and destroyed the ballot papers and persuaded Patel  and  Nehru was made Prime minister.

This proves that Gandhi – Nehru duo  did not truly believe in democracy.

This fact is now clear to us.——-[ from a book Iron man of India]


This is a recorded fact that in a large public meeting J.L.Nehru once said that he would feel happy and comfortable if he was addressed as Maulana Nehru  instead of Pandit but people at large did not take it seriously. This was the truth he was saying,  it further proved that he was a Muslim pretending to be a Hindu and this way he harmed and betrayed Hindus and Hindusthan.

J. L. Nehru was against the reconstruction of Somnath Mandir after independence in Gujarat which was looted and plundered several times by Muslims but when it was  built under Sardar Patel’s iniciative  and  ready for opening ceremony then Nehru did not go and was unhappy to see  Home Minister and deputy Prime minister  Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel  and President  Dr. Rajendra Prasad attending the opening ceremony.

[This shows Nehru’s anti-Hindu attitudes]

J.L.Nehru insisted and made Lord Mountbatten the first Governor General of India after independence on 15 Aug.1947  which was  not only a blunder but shows his slave and servant mentality to please whites and continued his affairs with Edwina wife of Lord Mountbatten , this fact was  confirmed by daughter of Lord Mountbatten in TV interviews.



These are the views of J.L.Nehru expressed on 13 11.1933 on eve of his 44th.birthday which explains his anti-Hindu anti Hindusthan, anti-Hinduism ideas, talks and  actions which Hindus were unable to understand for such a long period , as a result they suffered and still suffering in partitioned, truncated , broken and orphaned Republic of Hindusthan surrounded by arch enemies on all sides and within. He was anti Jews as well.

He wrote that:

‘The Hindu is certainly not tolerant and certainly more narrow minded than almost any person in any other country except the Jews.’————J.L.Nehru.


[Such outburst is possible   only by a Muslim.] Was Nehru a Muslim by birth?.

The world has been divided  between  Christians, Muslims and Communists. All of them view Hindu society as very fine rich food on which to feast  and fatten  themselves. It is necessary in this age of conflict to think  to organise the Hindu world to save it from evils of all the three.—– Gurujee Sadashivrao Golwalkar


India was China’s teacher in religion and imaginative literature and in trigonometry, quandratic equations, grammar phonetics, Arabian nights, animal fables, chess, as well as in philosophy, and that she inspired Boccacio,Gothe, Heruer, Schopenhauer, Emerson and Aesop.

——– Lin Yutang ,  Chinese scholar.

Study of Japanese thought is the study of Indian thought.—-Dr .D.T.Suzuki.

Source: Hindu Wisdom