“Why do we like it?, No one else is doing it. No voice for the Hindus other than World Hindu News” S. Majumdar.













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Why do we like it?

No one else is doing it. All the injustices on Hindus that are going on in Bangladesh, West Bengal and Pakistan are not surfaced by anyone else we know of. There are strong voices to do this among Mohamedans and Christians but none for the Hindus other than this.

1. The Indian Philosophy is claimed by the Hindus as their own. But I do not see any emphasis on it in the news items. It can be included in the news items. Hindus are supposed to be montheists – doing ‘poojaa’ to one god. This god being infinite has infinite forms (or formless). Thus Hindus do ‘poojaa’ to one god in infinite number of forms. The European philosophers called it Henotheism. This unique concept can be part of the news items also.

2.There could be coverage on how Bhaaratiya Darshan makes Hinduism different from any other religion.

3. Comparing the tenets of Hindusim to other religions could be another item.

Wishing WHN shine.

S. Majumdar.

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