Why Hindu ideologues like Govindacharya and Subramanian Swamy differ with Modi Govt. ?

Modi government not much different from Congress and UPA: K N Govindacharya.

Central Govt must take right decision on Rama Janmabhoomi Temple, Prohibition on Cow Slaughter, Art. 370, Netaji Files  and Rafale Fighter Jet Purchase: Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

KNGHENB | New Delhi | May 12, 2015:: Ex RSS Pracharak, Hindu ideologue & BJP’s chief architect of the party in mid-1990, Govindacharya says it is not much different from the Congress & UPA dispensation and the PM’s own arbitration on various policies  not matched with the BJP’s declarations and manifesto as publicized so far.

Days after Arun Shourie criticized Narendra Modi government, BJP’s former ideologue K N Govindacharya on Tuesday too questioned its performance, saying it was not much different from the UPA dispensation and the PM has to come up with “Made for India” policies.

Govindacharya, founder of outfit Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan, said people continue to witness the “same partial” and “corrupt” dispensation at the central level.

“The government has completed a year. But at this moment, we can’t see a ground to list their achievements, which is a matter of concern. On one hand, it is directionless (on policy issues). On the other, there are internal differences amongst ministries.

“People feel even though Modiji looks different from others… people will have their own assessments… But (I) can’t see much of a difference in the (two) governments. Same partiality, corruption is there,” he told reporters.

On the government’s policies over land acquisition bill and concepts of Smart Cities and Make in India, he cautioned the Prime Minister Modi over his advisors in these matters.

“I don’t know who are the advisors of Narendra Modi… who unnecessarily (have) brought into his head this type of a problem of Land Acquisition bill in which the basic norms could not be followed.

“Therefore, I think, that a clever person like Narendra Mod… I think he should beware of his advisors,” he said.

Dr S SwamyGovindacharya advised the government to properly supplement the “Make in India” concept with “Make for India” and “Made by India” policies.

“Otherwise, it will just be a signboard that ‘India on Sale’, which won’t do any good to people of Bharat,” he said.

Shourie, a minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, had earlier this month hit out at the Modi government saying its economic policy was “directionless” while the social climate was causing “great anxiety” among the minorities.

Another BJP ideologue and Economist Dr. Subramanian Swamy also differs with BJP and Modi policies on Ayodhya Rama Janmabhoomi Temple, National Prohibition on Cow Slaughter, Art. 370, Netaji Files, Rafale Fighter Jet Purchase from France and some other issues.

In this trail general Hindu activists must think: Why Hindu ideologues like Govindacharya and Subramanian Swamy differ with Modi Govt. ?

Base Report: PTI.

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