Why Hindus don’t eat Beef (Cow) – Scriptures refrences and Practical reasonsing

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Author – Swadesh Katoch
According to scriptures, there are seven mothers (or equivalent to mother): 
(1) the real mother, 
(2) the wife of the spiritual master, 
(3) Spouse’s mother 
(4) the wife of the king as king used to be a protector, 
(5) Cow.  Cow share it’s calf milk with humans (specially infants) when they can’t eat anything else beside their mother’s milk,No mother share it’s baby milk with other baby..
(6) the nurse or nanny who raise infant if mother dies, 
(7) the earth as we get so many things (grains, fruits etc) from earth . 
All of them are mothers. Even by this injunction of the sastras, the stepmother, who is the wife of the father, is also as good as the mother.
Author – Brannon Parker
When we look at the practical and ‘mundane’ reasoning behind cow protection we see that it is in fact the one thing that has allowed Hindu civilization alone to survive to this very day whereas every other ancient civilization has collapsed. cow culture allows for self sufficiency and sustainability be it the nutritious milk they provide which can be expanded into many diverse usable and trad able products, the labor from bulls n oxen for ploughing and transport of people n goods, the dung when dried burns longer than wood thus preserving forests, the dung used as fertilizer, the dung mixed with mud into a form of concrete used for huts. the urine distilled into tonics and cleansers. 

Once naturally dead the same cows bodies provide durable leather and its horns serve many purposes from bugles to flasks. every cow makes a baby annually thus one cow leads to tangible wealth that can be traded for fruits, nuts, beans, cloth etc. thus cows also were a form of currency that was in direct control of the people. 
Source: WHN Media Network