World Hindu Congress – 2018 to be held in USA


New Delhi, India (Nov 23rd 2014): In the concluding session of World Hindu Congress 2014, the apex body announced World Hindu Congress 2018 to be held in USA under the stewardship of Dr. Abhaya Asthana. Many delegates from USA attended World Hindu Congress 2014. Arun Joshi, Praveen Sharma, Sneha Mehta, Rahul Chandra, Dr. Abhaya Asthana, Samir Asthana and others etc. USA has myriad of Hindu organization with est. 3 million Hindu populations across 48+ states and nearly two thousand Hindu organizations which makes it rich in terms of voluntary events. During the visit of Hon. Indian PM Narendra Modi, nearly 20,000 people attended Madison Square garden event. World Hindu Congress is a transnational Hindu movement where representatives from Hindu youth, media, business, organizations and politics meet, discuss issues & challenges and come up with solutions after brainstorming sessions. Later solutions are to be implemented as per geographic scope. What makes World Hindu Congress 2018 unique is its scope which is international, agenda which is comprehensive, leadership which has distinguished intellectual board members and support from Hindu business houses.

World Hindu Foundation (WHF) which organized World Hindu Congress 2014 has presence in North American region under World Hindu Foundation Inc. – The north American based organization. Swami Vigyananand is global president of World Hindu Foundation – North America with Rahul Chandra and Sachin Rustagi as directors from USA and Canadian regions. World Hindu Foundation – North America in 2013 organized and implemented World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) in Dallas, Texas area. With large voluntary base and foundation presence World Hindu Congress has established infrastructure presence and communication base in North American region.

WHN N American Bureau Reporter