World Hindu Council of America’s initiative: Food for the Front liners

Anit Gupta delivering food to UMass Memorial, Worcester.

Volunteers from Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) of America contributed to the fight against the Corona virus in their own way – by feeding the Fighters on the frontlines of the fight. Called “Food for the Front Liners”, this effort is raising funds to buy food and deliver to the doctors and nurses who are directly treating the Covid-19 patients in Emergency rooms and tents outside the hospitals across Massachusetts.

The idea came from one of the volunteers talking casually with one of her friends, who was a doctor who was directly involved. She said she got so hungry during the day, because the line of patients needing attention was so long, there was not even time during the day to stop to get food. It was not only her, all the people in these “Covid Tents” as they are called, do not have time to stop for anything. As a result, they keep working, sometimes late into the afternoon, until someone stops and buys food for them.

Anit Gupta delivering food to UMass Memorial, Worcester.

Food delivered to Lowell General Hospital

From this casual conversation was born this idea of buying food for these brave doctors and nurses and delivering it to them. A flyer was created and circulated amongst the community. Various restaurants and sandwich shops were approached, and sandwiches, chips were bought and delivered to area hospitals, starting with UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester. Apeksha Tripathi M.D, from UMass Worcester says, “I was touched by their humility and by the efforts they took to express their gratitude and support for Health care workers.” 

Three days after this was started, we are already starting to see the results of this initiative. Food has been delivered by dedicated volunteers to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, and Lowell General Hospital. Anit Gupta, one of the first volunteers to deliver the food, said, “it was a very satisfying feeling to think that I could do something for our doctors and nurses, who are putting their lives at risk for us during this Covid-19 pandemic.”

Katherine Fredette, R.N from UMass Hospital Emergency room, expressed her appreciation to the volunteers. She said, “We can’t express enough gratitude to the organization and its members.”

Abhishek Singh, volunteer, thought it was “very rewarding to be able to help someone who was helping so many people stay healthy during these tough times.”

Food delivered to Lowell General Hospital

Sangeeta Singh also echoed other volunteers. She said, “It was a great feeling knowing that I could help someone who is doing so much for the community.”

This is an ongoing effort to provide much-needed nourishment to the weary healthcare workers who are risking their own safety and health to keep the public safe. Please donate generously to this initiative, so that the work can continue as long as it is needed. This is also an opportunity to do your part by volunteering to deliver the food to the various area hospitals.

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Source: World Hindu News