World Hindu News Offers Guaranteed Publishing For Worldwide Hindu News Submissions

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Houston, Texas (March 15th, 2015): World Hindu News advisory board updates all world wide Hindus and Hindu groups to submit news at As per latest Advisory board update, World Hindu News offers guaranteed publishing to all news submitted via. it’s submission portals. News submitted at above listed email ID and at news submission portal, will go directly to our editor software program and will be forwarded for publishing. The program is developed to detect any defamatory content, if the news content and picture passed program, the program forwards news content directly to publishing team. Our publishing team based out of New Jearsy will publish your news at relevant geographic and non geographic categories. News submit Hindus and Hindu organizations are advised to follow below said format for guaranteed publishing.  Each news piece is valuable to us whether it has local, regional, national, international impact on Hindus, Hinduism and associated components impacting Sanatan Dharma. 


  • A suitable news title & picture
  • News Content (write up)
  • Any additional attachments (PDF Files / Word Files etc.) 
  • News submitter name & phone
  • # For pre-published news, the original news source web link is sufficient 




  • A Suitable picture of article submitter and brief bio (50 – 200 words) 
  • Article Content (write up)

#For Bio – you can refer to our Bio section –


 By submitting Hindu news at World Hindu News, your news will be viewed by millions of Hindus worldwide and the impact created is worldwide. On a monthly basis  World Hindu News receives web hits in millions (PRESS RELEASE). Your news will be published guaranteed at our web portals, social media sites and if the news has national and international impact, your news may get picked up at our elite e-newsletters which reaches more than 95K e-mails via. direct mailing and syndicated distributions by our partners. Please click this web link for our sample news letters – WHN NEWSLETTERS

The above said publishing policy is subject to below terms:

1.  Defamatory language and pictures are not provided, for articles / blogs / opinions name of author is provided.

2. News may be subject to co-editors review post program red flagging. 

Warm Regards, 

World Hindu News Office Communications