World Hindu News Weekly – Jan 11, 2015


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the 7th edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit, a flagship programme of Gujarat government, in Gandhinagar which is also seeing the participation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Ahmadabad, Gujarat (Jan 6th, 2015): The Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) and Global citizen forum had a conference at Karnavati Club, Ahemdabad on January 6th 2015.  There were many dignitaries and intellectuals who spoke and participated in the conference.

NEW DELHI: His community – Rabaris, a livestock-dependent tribe traditionally-addresses him as ‘Bhopajj’ or priest. He dresses up like a cow-herd himself: a long white cloth wrapped around his bare torso, red turban, dangling ear rings et al. 

We are today trying to judge our “Hindu Heritage” through the eyes of present day foreign scholars. The first thing is this is through non-Indian eyes, supposed to be un prejudiced and, secondly from such scholars of present generation, that is, not from alleged Indophiles.

Ex-footballer Reva remarries his wife of 10 years as per Hindu tradition. A Ukrainian couple, who were married 10 years ago, remarried as per Hindu tradition in a simple ceremony at a goshala (cow shelter) at Neelavar village in Udupi district on Wednesday.

January 9th, 2015 – Justice For Hindus, Bangladesh Division has its first official meeting in Dhaka.  From 10am-12pm, approximately 15 leading members of the newly formed organization met at the Planner’s Tower at 13/A Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road.

This is the seventh year that the council, based largely in Balochistan and Sindh, has organised the marriages of poor Hindu couples in the city. Four couples who had married last year came back this year to address this year’s couples. 

World Hindu News editorial board offers its deepest condolences to brave hearts French Editors, Cartoonists and editorial team of French media satirical weekly “Charlie Hebdo” killed by Isla mists attached to Al-Qaida organization. 

“New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start.” From everyone here at Hindu University of America we Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

It is not certain whether there were temples in the Vedic times. The Vedas talk aboutyajña-s, which did not need the presence of a temple. The middle portions of the Vedas talked about upāsanā-s, (as noted earlier) which were meant for concentration of mind and meditating on the nature of a particular deity.

NEW DELHI: The right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad says actor Kareena Kapoor can sue if she has objections to a morphed photo of hers that has been used by the women’s wing of the organization to warn against “love jihad”

NEW DELHI: The Bhagwad Gita is the “perfect textbook” for those who are striving to be “servant leaders” and its message is relevant for all days and ages, American Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said.

This event was held at the main Hindu temple in a large Houstron suburb. The topic they wanted is dear to many Indian Americans, as well as of interest to people living in India – how to negotiate and project our identity outside India, and the relevance of the Indian Grand Narrative in our lives overseas.

Every year Kashmiri Hindus all over the country observe 19th of January as ‘Holocaust Day’. It was on this day in 1990 terrorist entrepreneurs under the aegis of JKLF and other allied outfits declared war against the minority Kashmiri Hindu community.

Mumbai – “I had raised objections to many scenes in film ‘PK’; but my remark that ‘the film may be issued certification only after removing those scenes’ was totally ignored”, was the accusation made by Satish Kalyankar, a member of Film Censor Board. Shri. Kalyankar is the Vice President of BJP’s Art and Culture Department, Maharashtra State.

London, Dec 29: Nepalese living in the UK have launched an online petition campaign to stop conversion to Christianity in Nepal and reinstatement of a ‘Hindu Nation’ in Nepal.  The global petition campaign, addressed to the government of Nepal and Constituent Assembly Members, has appealed to declare Nepal a ‘Hindu Nation’ in the new constitution.

Hindu Mahasabha Of America Lauds Extermination of Gujarat Bound Islamic Terror Vessel. The terror vessel which aimed to kill maximum Hindus in India now rest states bed with on boarded terrorists. HMSA appreciates the Military command led by Defense Minister Manohar  Parikkhar in direct extermination of Islamic terrorists of Indian and Pakistani Origin.