You Are Cordially Invited To Gatecrash Hindu Mahasabha’s Wedding Of The Year

kunal_980_1423486928_1423486930_980x457You already know that that the Hindu Mahasabha has decided to get you married if they spot you on V-Day getting intimate with your significant other. But where will they get you married off? They can’t  afford a fancy farmhouse, so they’ve planned the shaadi of the year at their own Hindu Mahasabha temple.

And guess who is invited? YOU! In a Facebook event that is open to all, someone has invited everyone to chip in to the wedding. Since the Hindu Mahasabha has come up with this wonderfully generous plan of giving a shudh desi twist to Valentine’s day by affirming our sacred sanskriti of marriage (forced?) in India, we felt that the least we could do is to make the execution of their plan easier.”

There’s a dress code and everything!

“Come along in your most colourful red wedding sarees, white dresses, suits, sherwanis and such things! Bring wacky wedding vows, bright flowers, loud dholaks, dark mehendi, band bajaas, poems, songs, dance routines….. Let’s make this SERIOUS! “

Let’s crash this shaadi, guys!