Mahendra Sapa’s Writes To CNN


Dear CNN,
I do watch and read CNN headlines almost regularly.

This morning I am looking at Narendra Modi Fast Facts (

For the Feb 2002 timeline your hyperlink quotes, ” A Muslim mob sets fire to a train full of Hindu militants”.

I am Hindu by religion.  Folks traveling in the training were pilgrimer, and not militant.  There were women and children as well who got burned alive.  Your CNN world news link dated Feb 27,  2002 calls them Hindu activists. 

This confirms your above comments are intentional, seriously offensive, shows your known biased and in a very poor taste.

I request you to correct your mistake and issue apology to all Hindus.


​Mahendra Sapa
# Mahendra Sapa is Washington, DC based Hindu and is actively involved with voluntary social organizations.
Source: WHN Media Network
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