Lest Rahul would have to leave Wayanad also !

Er.Rajesh Pathak

Er.Rajesh Pathak

Broadly Christian countries choose CASA( Church Auxiliary for Social Action) to send money  for development projects in India .  This money is made to spend through NGOs like World Vision indulged in conversion under the Church. It is not due to nothing that Asia’s biggest church is coming up in the land of Sikh gurus, Jalandhar, obviously.  However government is also alert , and  it has therefore   put under ban the several hundreds of small-big NGOs over  the misuse of foreign funds by them received under the provision of FCRA.

But not only government, the common people are also required to be equally conscious and, proactive evermore.  Forget not a part of Indonesia ceded away to have come into existence as the new Christian state of Timor as it had turned to be  a Christian majority land. And we also lost a great part of our land in the form of  Pakistan-Afghanistan-Bangladesh, likewise . Veer Savarkar , therefore , said- ‘The conversion  of religious faith is the conversion of nationality’.  It is owing to which that against  Goutam Buddha, Rama, Maharan Pratap , Chhatrpati Shivaji  and Guru Govind Singh the  sense of hatred breeds.

Under the district of Patna comes a city named Bakhtiyarpur.  What is Bakhtiyar here?  If knows not , see what Babasahab Ambedkar says-‘ When Muslim king Bakhtiyar Khilji invaded Bihar, he killed  more than 5 thousands Buddhist monks, and   razed far a more Bodh dharma peetha (Buddhist  religious shrines) to the dust. Only they remained save who could manage to have escaped away to  China, Nepal and Tibet’. (‘Dr Ambedkar and samajik kranti kee yatra’: Dattopant Thengri, translated in hind by Shridhar Paradkar).  Regarding the partition of the country what he had foreseen, see that too- ‘ I want to tell  Dalit community who  got   struck into Pakistan to escape from there and come to India   by whatever path or mean they get . Relying  on Pakistan , Hyderabad’s Nizam  or Muslim League will only lead to the destruction of  Dalit community’.

But overlooking Babasahab   there is no dearth of those in the country to call Muslim League a secular, even being gone to have  forged alliance in the recent Loksabha elections.  More ironically the Muslim league is reported to be at logger head with its ally  Congress on the issue of  using  their respective  flags in Wayanad constituency.  As Muslim league’s flag is full green, reminding Pakistan’s ; and that of  Congress, tricolor !  However  all is not well within the alliance on this issue ,  and several others . So much so that the  general secretory of the Wayanad district ,PM Sudhakaran , has quit the Congress to join BJP. Now speculation is rife lest Rahul would have to leave Wayanad of South India too , like Amethi that of North  after the poll result !

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