​Alliance of Pakistani & British Hindus Petition given to Pakistani High Commision , London​

IMG-20140817-WA0023 Pak Embasy protest 1 Pak Embasy protest 2 Pak Embasy protest 3 Pak Embasy protest 4 Pak Embasy protest 5The Alliance of Pakistani & British Hindus came together on 17th August 2014 and held a protest in front of the Pakistani High Commission, London to demand equal Human Rights for the Hindus in Pakistan.

The Hindus in Pakistan are facing a lot of suppression by the Muslim majority for the only reason that they are Hindu. Destruction of temples, abduction of Hindu girls and forced conversion and marriages, mass violence and economic and political marginalization are just a few problems that the Hindus are facing at a daily basis. What is the difference between what  is happening to minorities by ISIS in Iraq as compared to what is happening to Hindus under the Pakistani Governance ? That the situation is unbearable is proved by the fact that in the last years a lot of Hindu families flew the country. In April 2013 for example, 80 Hindu families flew the country to India because of the suppression and violations of their Human Rights. 

Hence a petition was handed over to the Pakistani High Commission asking the Pakistani Government to take immediate steps to ensure the well being, safety of Hindus in Pakistan and to ensure it fulfills its obligatory duties towards Hindus of providing security and freedom, so they can practice their faith as enshrined in their own constitution. Also 225+ rakhis were collected on behalf of many Hindus who pledged to uphold the values of Raksha Bandhan and come to defend the Humans Rights of the Pakistani Hindus.

The Alliance of Pakistani & British Hindus would also like to also thank all its members and the supporters who turned up in numbers ( approx 200+), and all who helped in spreading the awareness. A special thanks to the members of the Media who were present to provide the worldwide coverage and highlight the present dire situation facing the Hindus and other ethnic minorities in Pakistan.

Attached is the petition handed over to the Pakistani High Commission and pictures from the protest

Also below is the YouTube link of the protest




Thank you

Alliance of Pakistani & British Hindus

Source: Raj Thakur via WHN Publisher