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Namaste, Vannakum and Pranam 
Please find attached  the Diwali publication of Dharma Karma brought to you through the South African Hindu Forum and The Lotus Chamber of Commerce. This edition was made only possible through the generous sponsorship of our advertisers.
We would like to bring you a bigger and better edition next year. This can only be possible via your support. and sponsorship. We also welcome contributions in articles, sponsorship and cash. Sponsorship can be awarded 18 A tax certificate which is a tax benefit to the sponsor.
Please feel free to contact me via this email if you would be interested in supporting our Hindu Outreachprogramme via this publication for the Diwali 2015 Edition.
Please support those that support us.
Aum Tat Sat
Sanil SIngh


Source: Sanil Singh via Dropbox