​Rajiv Malhotra’s book BEING DIFFERENT and NIIT’s new Asian Lens initiative​

My book BEING DIFFERENT and NIIT’s new Asian Lens initiative

(Videos of strategic discussions on a major new initiative in India)
Earlier this year, I was approached by NIIT (considered the world’s largest IT training firm) for a series of private meetings with Rajendra Pawar (Chairman) and Harpal Singh (Trustee). What prompted them was that they had read my book, BEING DIFFERENT. They were impressed by its ideas on how Indian civilization is distinct, and hence decided that this topic ought to be introduced into India’s young minds as a formal academic program.

We had a series of interesting discussions that gave me an opportuity to share my vision on how to incorporate my ideas and writings into their planning. NIIT decided to launch a brand new initiative called the Asian Lens to teach this to their students.

NIIT then invited me to record two videos which I am sharing with you here:

Video 1 is an informal discusion where I articulated the importance and methods for modern Indians to understand their identity, history and heritage. This is not for chauvinism, but as tools to live more productive lives in the global era today.

Video 2 was recorded as my message to be played to their distinguished gathering at the inauguration event of this Asian Lens initiative. (Since I was unable to prolong my stay and deliver this address in person, it was projected on a large screen at the event.) CLICK TO VIEW

In more recent trips to Delhi, I have had follow up discussions with them. My sense is that they are very sincere about this initiative, and I hope to continue to be involved as it progress, giving my guidance and inputs.

Hopefully, other Indian colleges and universities will also initiate such programs. One day, this might make the study of Indian civiization fashionable, and respected as practical by our youth. This would help counter act the negative teachings about our heritage by the past two generations of intellectuals and academics.


Source: WHN Media Network