​Why the HAND could not stop the blooming of LOTUS? – A view from a COMMON MAN

hand_lotusWhy the HAND could not stop the blooming of LOTUS? – A view from a COMMON MAN
2014 is a watershed year in the history of INDIAN GENERAL ELECTIONS. Although regional satraps
2014 is a watershed year in the history of INDIAN GENERAL ELECTIONS. Although regional satraps held on to their bastions in a couple of states, but the TUG OF WAR was surely between the HUF PARTY – i.e. Congress and the People’s Party – i.e. BJP.

Congress is a HUF Party, because only family members are allowed to take decision but when there is a failure the family is protected and there are large of number of SCAPE GOATS are reared in their farms to take the blame. These SCAPE GOATS are given IRRELEVANT PLUM POSTS to keep them happy. The first three letters of CONgress is self-explanatory. They have CONned the entire nation for over FIVE DECADES without any real tangible development, except for a period of 5 years between 1991 – 1996 when the doors of our NATION was opened to the OVERSEAS INVESTORS. Mind you that had to be done, because our COFFERS were EMPTY and god forbid if that step were not taken, today INDIA would have been IRRELEVANT NATION and our currency would have become just like another piece of paper with no value.

Congress basically believed in TOP to BOTTOM approach, where people without ground knowledge, without any leadership quality or grass root followers were PARACHUTED into top position. Even the coteries who really do not have any ORGANIZATION SKILLS were put in charge. They never heeded to FOOT SOLDIERS suggestions. To win a war, the FOOT SOLDIER is important, because he alone knows the PITFALLS and will manoeuvre you to safety. The Party HQ was just like a CASINO where the coteries were playing war games on computer and the same policy was shunted down the line which resulted in the deterioration of the party. Mind you if they still have not learnt their lessons, they will soon become an ENDANGERED SPECIES.

The current Congress TOP BRASS wanted to control the state leaders from DELHI and hence the GRAND FAILURE. They did not allow the REGIONAL LEADERS to grow because they feared that their image would take a KNOCK. Basically DELHI and their cronies were SELF CENTRED psychotics. Needless to say, even Congress had very strong DAL members [a couple of decades ago] which have completely ERODED NOW. Who is responsible for this? The answer is the TOP LEADERS who were unable to galvanize the party because they were unsure of their seat and hence no progressive/proactive programs for the DAL SEVAKs were not in place. Congress successfully won the elections before 1984 because during those period Congress allowed the growth of regional satraps which were successfully converted into LS seats.

Congress also never respected its SENIOR LEADERS. For example, when Shri PVN died he was denied a place for cremation in DELHI because the TOP BRASS was adamant and believed that, those places are only reserved for them. It is a well known fact that Shri PVN was not allowed to contest election, post his term as PM as he was as an OUTSIDER INSIDE THE PARTY. Later on the blame of some the scams were pointed towards him after his death and also the same treatment was METED OUT to Shri Arjun Singh one of the well known REGIONAL SATRAPS during the Congress ERA. Moreover, a major point to be noted is that Congress went into many divisions, the last being when Shri Sharad Pawar broke away to form his party and also Ms. Mamata Banerjee broke away to create her regional outfit.
Let us look at the BJP which is an offshoot of JANSANGH. BJP started with 2 MPs in 1984 and today they have 282 and on the contrary Congress had a big majority until 1984 and then it went down the hill very fast with current MPs of 44, which I fear will be ERODED in the next general election.

BJP had a lacklustre performance between 2004 and 2014 at the National Level, but they encouraged regional leaders to flourish and build the party. This allowed BJP to strengthen its regional base for the expansion and galvanize their cadres. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh recorded 3 straight wins. Rajasthan was wrested from Congress which was walloped in the state election. Gujarat is known for its overall excellent development. Women are more secured in GUJARAT. Madhya Pradesh also for its Pro-people government policies and Chhattisgarh is recognised for its PDS programme. Moreover, in this GENERAL ELECTION [2014] Rajasthan, Delhi and Himachal gave 100 pct seats; whereas MP, Chhattisgarh gave almost 100 pct results. BJP cadres were so galvanized that even beyond their expectationf BJP got 70 seats in UP which is unbelievable.

BJP quietly went on galvanizing its grass root workers through their strong regional leaders. Even Karnataka became the first South Indian state to be ruled by BJP. BJP believed in INCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION where everyone was allowed to participate and their views were considered. Congress always believed in HEAVY WEIGHT SPOKES PERSONS whereas BJP experimented with new and young faces which allowed them to succeed.

Out of the 44 seats which Congress won two from the same family and others were from DYNASTY POLITICS. Even BJP has some of their MPs which came their way because of their family connections. But all said and done, BJP do not encourage dynasty politics. Even MPs from couple of regional parties are also from the same family.

Our DYNAMIC PM Shri Narendra Modi is probably the ONLY LEADER to be the most ridiculed and scrutinised over a decade, even though he was not at fault. But his steadfastness, self-discipline and his early days training was the pillar of strength which successfully catapulted to become the PM and that too with a majority on its own for BJP. Albeit he could have chosen to form government on his own with BJP, but a great leader with greater vision for INDIA took along with him the pre-poll alliance partners because he believes in INCLUSIVE POLITICS and INCLUSIVE GROWTH.

The PM and his government are in their early days running the government. They have a huge task of re-building the nation, infusing positivity into citizens, send positive signal for overseas investors, course correction on foreign policy, industrial policy, agriculture reforms, fiscal reforms etc. and simultaneously also run the government to give relief to 1.25 billion people.

It is an arduous task, but I am sure with the contribution from every corner and every patriotic Indian on their own, in re-building the nation will assist our PM in achieving his agenda for EK BHARAT SHRESTA BHARAT

AMIT SHAH – the Hero of U.P. success story in Parliamentary Elections, eyes & ears of MODI, Master Strategist, Man with cut throat precision, Organizational skills etc.
The journey from RSS Swayamsevak to being elevated as THE TORCH BEARER for the BJP’s onward march to spread the SAFFRON COLOUR throughout India – will he or will he not succeed? A man who has donned various hats, as a RSS Swayamsevak, ABVP Leader, Banker, Poll Strategist and now the President of BJP.

The Garam Dal of the BJP might have pushed Amit Shah’s candidature with the help of RSS to elevate him to the current position. But the question is will he be able to deliver the results as delivered by his predecessor [Mr. Rajnath Singh, who brilliantly used the STRENGTHS OF INDIVIDUALS in bringing the SAFFRON COLOR back to the power on its own] or will there be a quick exit. The ACID TEST is on the way in the form Assembly elections in HARYANA / MAHARASHTRA.
Haryana has always been ruled by the LALs ever since the formation of HARYANA STATE in 1966. Ever since the formation of the state Congress has ruled the state for over 31 years and Non congress ruled the state for over 15 years. Out of the 90 Assembly seats Congress has won 40 which translate into 35% of vote share, followed by Indian National Lok Dal with 25.79%, Independents at 13%. BJP has 4 seats which are just above 9%.

It will be a HERCULEAN TASK for Mr. Amit Shah to cut into the vote share of Congress, Indian National Lok Dal. Probably he can convince the Independents who won, to join BJP as he did in Gujarat. Moreover, Haryana is a JAT LAND and the STRONGER KHAP PANCHAYAT makes the task even tougher.
Haryana’s contribution in employment generation in both Agriculture and Industrial is well known fact and there is a lot of scope to streamline, augment and march towards this direction.

Maharashtra ever since its formation in 1960 has been a traditional Congress bastion ruling for over 44 years, of which 33 years was without coalition and 11 years with coalition partner, which is NCP an offshoot of Congress. BJP/Shiv Sena coalition ruled only for 6 years and then frittered away [a] because of the split within the Shiv Sena and [b] there were no strong leaders until the emergence of Late Shri. Gopinath Munde, who could have brought BJP/SS combine back to power and who had mass following across the state.

Mumbai, the FINANCIAL CAPITAL and Maharashtra the lead producer of Sugar in India , is run by the co-operatives with the patronage of the politicians, would be a TOUGH NUT to crack, because MAHARASHTRA is not like UTTAR PRADESH where sentimental cards would do the trick. People of MAHARASHTRA are very active in politics and understand them better than their fellow brothers & sisters of UTTAR PRADESH.
Out of the 288 Assembly seats, currently Congress has 82 seats [21%] followed by NC with 62 seats [16%] which translates to 144 seats [37%]. BJP/SS combine has 46 seats [14%] and SS 44[16%] which is 30% of the vote share and 7% below the Congress/NCP combine. The spoil sport in the 2009 election was MNS who split from SS and garnered 6% vote share [13 seats]. If all three would have fought on a common platform the Saffron Party would have been ruling the MAHARASHTRA and the ensuing elections would have been easier for them compete and return back to power.
When you look at a broader picture Congress/NCP garnered 37% of votes whereas BJP/SS/MNS garnered 36%. On hindsight, if they would have joined hands together, they would have garnered more than the Congress/NCP combine of the vote share. Here again INDEPENDNETS have played a big role in garnering 15% of vote share. Mr. Shah should manoeuvre his strategy in tie ups with parties of relevance. RPI[A] was a visible force a decade ago, but does not hold any sway currently, on the contrary, Peasants and Workers Party which has more visibility in the state and BJP should tie up with them to forge a strong alliance.
Politics is like Indian Liquor, once you taste it, you need them daily for the HANGOVER to stay relevant in the political game or else you will become SODA, which once opened fizzles out quickly.
Mr. Amit Shah is a modern day strategist who mainly worked in Gujarat along with the Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi for the successful return of SAFFRON PARTY in Gujarat and EMBED THE COLOUR in the Minds and Hearts of GUJARATIS. Dealing problems in your native state level is much easier than dealing problems in other state. One should say, the Uttar Pradesh victory was a MIRACLE which went beyond the expectations of BJP and hope it is not a FLASH IN THE PAN. Needless to say, despite BJP’s organizational problems in Uttar Pradesh Mr. Amit Shah worked hard to win the crucial state with a sweeping majority. Of course, his Mentor Mr. Narendra Modi would have given him a lot of inputs from his earlier days in BJP at the National level. Moreover, the misrule of Congress for 10 long years and the Jungle Raj in Uttar Pradesh also contributed towards BJP’s success in favour of Amit Shah.
Mr. Amit Shah’s rise to the top of pyramid as the PARTY PRESIDENT has been meteoric and fast. He has been gauged on the success of Gujarat State Election, U.P. Election, Managing Chief Minister / Prime Minister’s agenda both at the State and National Level. Both Haryana and Maharashtra elections are very crucial for both BJP and Mr. Amit Shah. BJP, because they have won the general elections with clear majority and a win in both states means people are looking for change at all levels. Defeat in these elections means that the people are looking for BJP at National Level and winner of the election at the State Level.
For Mr. Amit Shah, win in these states mean that his strategy in Uttar Pradesh was not a flash in the pan IDEA, even a 50/50 result will elevate him further. Mr. Amit Shah has to be very careful and every step has to be calculative as he has entered the CHAKRYAVYUHA of murky politics outside his state where he can fail with one wrong step. Of course, he cannot have a straight jacket policy which he can adopt for all the states. All said and done he has entered the CHAKRAVYUYHA where ABHIMANYU failed and only time will tell who will be the winner, but the more pertinent question which STANDS OUT is that who will be play the role of KRISHNA for him to ride the chariot through murky bylanes and take him to NATIONAL POLITICAL HIGHWAY.
All said and done, BJP has not been able to push the SAFFRON IMAGE in the southern part of India, barring Karnataka once and even that state slipped out of their hands with the insipid handling of Mr. BSY. One would like to see if Mr Amit Shah can really pull off some seats in South, Orissa and West Bengal in future. If he does then he will be a force to reckon with and will go places, but if he fails, it will be a huge setback for him, Mr. Narendra Modi and the BJP. At the end of the day, there will be many facts, but there will be ONLY ONE TRUTH.
“Strive for your own liberation with diligence” (‘vayadhammā saṅkhārā appamādena sampādethā’).
Freedom with self control is a like a kite with thread, it helps you to reach heights of success. If you lose the thread of self control it will be the starting of your downfall.


Although INDIA is the SECOND LARGEST producer of Onion [LARGEST IN TERMS OF AREA UNDER CULTIVATION IN THE WORLD], it is a UNIVERSAL CRYING AGENT for both the Indian Public and the Politicians. Governments have been voted out by PUBLIC which shows the IMPORTANCE OF ONION in every INDIAN KITCHEN. Should I say it unites everyone except the politicians who are either VOTED OUT or VOTED INTO POWER?

For long the governments have been trying to fight to control the prices of the ONION and have failed miserably at all levels and that is because of strong NEXUS between the TRADERS/POLITICIANS [as reported in the MEDIA] who keep both the Farmers and the Consumers AT BAY – which is like DIVIDE & RULE.

The current government is also facing the same crisis and have taken adequate measures to rope in the prices because [a] they have just won an election with good majority on ACHCHE DIN AANE WALE HAI PLANK [b] the ensuing elections in couple of states where the Farmers will be gunning for the new government for getting better prices and [c] the public wanting to have a cheaper price.

It is an arduous task for the government to draw up a universal policy, because here again murky politics play may be the SPOILSPORT. For example MAHARASHTRA, UP & Haryana are producers of ONION and are ruled by non BJP governments and hence this could be a ROAD BLOCK.

The LITMUS TEST for the new government is how to strike a balance between the both. The answer is simple, break the MIDDLEMEN and deliver it directly to the consumers [Please refer to the FLOW CHART about the COMPLEX multiple layer of middlemen]. But it is very easier said than done.

Before going to the suggested solution let us have overall view about the ONION PRODUCTION IN INDIA in conjunction with the Yield as per data given below:

Area Prodn Yield Area Prodn Yield
SOUTHERN ZONE ‘000 ha ‘000 MT ton/ha NORTHERN ZONE ‘000 ha ‘000 MT ton/ha
Andhra Pradesh 48.50 824.80 17.01 Delhi 1.60 28.80 18.00
Karnataka 200.00 2,721.90 13.61 Haryana 22.20 410.00 18.47
Pondicherry 0.10 0.40 4.00 Himachal Pradesh 2.20 36.30 16.50
Tamil Nadu 33.80 338.90 10.09 Jammu & Kashmir 2.80 6.53 23.32
Punjab 8.20 182.40 22.24
Area Prodn Yield Uttar Pradesh 23.70 383.50 16.18
EASTERN ZONE ‘000 ha ‘000 MT ton/ha Uttaranchal 3.80 38.00 10.00
Assam 8.10 24.00 2.96
Bihar 53.30 1,082.00 20.30 Area Prodn Yield
Jharkhand 15.00 303.00 20.20 WESTERN ZONE ‘000 ha ‘000 MT ton/ha
Mizoram 0.50 4.40 8.80 Gujarat 64.10 1,535.30 23.95
Orissa 35.50 395.00 11.13 Maharashtra 359.00 5,036.00 14.03
West Bengal 21.70 304.60 14.04 Rajasthan 49.00 494.20 10.09
Sikkim 0.30 1.60 5.33

Area Prodn Yield
CENTRAL ZONE ‘000 ha ‘000 MT ton/ha
Chhattisgarh 15.00 239.30 15.95
Madhya Pradesh 74.10 1,298.40 17.52


Early Kharif Kharif Late Kharif Early Rabi Rabi

Maharashtra Sept-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-May
Gujarat Sept-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-May

Tamil Nadu Jul-Aug Oct-Nov Mar-Apr
Karnataka Jul-Aug Oct-Nov Mar-Apr
Andhra Pradesh Jul-Aug Oct-Nov Mar-Apr

Rajasthan Nov-Dec May-Jun
Haryana Nov-Dec May-Jun
Punjab Nov-Dec May-Jun
Uttar Pradesh Nov-Dec May-Jun
Bihar Nov-Dec May-Jun

West Bengal Nov-Dec Feb-Mar

Hills Aug-Sep Jun-July

1. India has the largest area under cultivation for ONION in the world.
2. India is the 2nd largest producer of ONION to the tune of 18.3 Million Tons.
3. India’s Yield is about 15 Tons/ha in comparison to CHINA’s 23 Tons/ha.
4. Three States – Maharashtra [31%], Karnataka [15%] & Madhya Pradesh [11%] contributes 57% of total production.
5. According to available reports, the cost of production of Onion varies from Rs.3.50/- to a maximum of Rs.5/- per kilo
6. When the Onion reaches the end consumer the price is almost four times higher on the minimum bracket, which indicates that there is a strong nexus between the Traders and the wholesalers.
7. The farmers who are pre-dominantly poor sell their produce at throw away price and it is the traders / hoarders make their killing profit between the farmer and the consumer.
8. Even Electronic media have run a story showing that there is clear nexus between the interested parties OTHER THAN the farmer and the public.
9. For the period January to December 2013, the inflation on ONION was the lowest at 39.56 in December 2013 and Highest of 335.88 in September 2013.
10. The previous should have STOPPED the rise of ONION INFLATION when it touched 3 digit figures in January 2013 and peaking in September 2013.
11. No corrective measures, stringent actions or ruthless decisions were taken because of the General Elections of 2014 as all of them busy saving their position instead of directing their thinking towards the greater interest of their fellow citizens.
12. Even the Food Articles inflation continued to rise steadily from June 2013 and coming down in December 2013, although all of them were in double digits.
13. The All Commodities inflation also continued to rise from August and dipping in December 2013.
14. Out of the estimated production of 18.3 Million tons in 2013-14, 16.675 Millions was consumed locally and 1.626 Million Tons was exported which tantamount to 9.3% of total production and 90.7% consumed in India.
15. With high consumption of ONION in India, should the exports be allowed – probably NOT? With softer prices, people would have benefitted more and the total production would have been consumed by INDIA – this need to looked and addressed as soon as possible.
16. Fresh Onions shelf life is between 3-5 months, if properly stored and 6-12 months if stored in a Cold Storage.
17. India should increase the Yield from the current 15 Tons/ha to match China’s 22 Tons/ha.
18. The middlemen should be eliminated completely. Stringent and Ruthless decision have to be taken in the greater interest of the public.
19. The State Horticulture Board should be the CANALISING AGENCY for ONION or any government agency as deemed fit by the respective governments should be nominated.
20. The Canalising Agency should distribute through government outlets – for example Mother Diary in Delhi.
21. State Government to State Government interactions should take place setting aside the politics for the benefit our citizens.
22. Farmers will benefit from selling it to the Canalising Agency instead of Middlemen.
23. Direct Money Transfer to the farmers account without any middlemen being involved, thereby eliminating CASH TRANSACTIONS which leads to corruption.
24. The respective government should BUILD COLD STORAGES on PPP Model so that the farmers can store at a very nominal cost and sell the produce as per the market demand.
25. Regional Production Hubs need to be set up so that ONION is available PAN INDIA at any given point of time.
26. Concentration of ONION production also leads to CARTELISATION of the commodity which only benefits the INTERESTED PARTIES.
01. All data which has been quoted are available from the government sites like NHB, APEDA etc.
02. All views expressed are purely personal.


AGRICULTURE TO REALTY CULTURE – Is India moving in the right direction?
A farmer committed SUICIDE in Andhra Pradesh who he told his son; NEVER BECOME A FARMER. His family now has become a FORMER FARMER.
The shrinking land availability due to RAPID URBANIZATION by COVETOUS LAND SHARKS for building townships, scrambling by the State Governments to allot lands to the CORPORATE BODIES at throw away prices to attract investment is making AGRICULTURE AS A STRUGGLING PROFESSION. I should quote here that ONE OF A WELL KNOWN BUSINESSMAN QUOTED THAT – SELL YOUR ONE ACRE LAND, DEPOSIT IN THE BANK AS FIXED DEPOSIT and you can earn Rs.1 Lakh a year. Whereas after the slogging, dodging poverty, climate, money lender sharks etc., the FARMER MAKES ONLY Rs.50,000/- per annum.
Agriculture is no more a REMUNERATIVE PROFESSION as the policy is totally MOTIVATED BY POLITICS. Whimsical political decisions and faulty policies, is spreading like CANCER which could destroy the back bone of our country which employs over 55% of the population which is dependent on agriculture for their living. Mind you the CANCER is only at the starting stage and if proper care not is taken, it will soon reach the TERMINAL STAGE and feed 1.3 billion stomachs will be a humungous task.
The irony is they have to feed themselves and also feed the country, but governments after governments have promised to make AGRICULTURE as their prime focus have failed and instead they blame the weather and give some idiotic reasons.
Some may argue that why not corporatize the agriculture, but by doing so, will it be profitable for the business houses to aggressively invest in this sector. The answer is BIG NO. The are major impediments and various other factors which do not make it viable for the corporate houses to invest.
We call ourselves as fast growing economy, having skills, technology and supportive government and their policies, but we still depend on huge imports which sounds weird despite holding 2nd largest agriculture land bank in the world.
The current government which is proactive, should concentrate on increasing the productivity of the agricultural commodities which needs sheer guts and perseverance.
More so, we always seem to be happy with the Advance Estimates given by the government bodies and that we have record production of grains, but on the flip side, people die of malnutrition due to poverty.
As an Indian Citizen, I cannot buy agricultural land, because [a] only you can buy from your native state and [b] the prohibitive prices of the land [c] RoI is absurd because all prices of crops [read MSP] is politically motivated.
As of today, I can buy agricultural land in Africa for USD8/- per HA in comparison to USD 20,000/- per HA in India which 2,500 times CHEAPER IN AFRICA. Even some countries in AFRICA gives land free if you add value to it – say for example – An Indian Company buys land for Rice Cultivation and if he sets up a RICE MILLING FACTORY which is value added, then the land is given free to the company.
Middle East countries are buying huge chunks of land as they cannot grow crops in their country. But the interesting part is that CHINA is buying at hectic pace as they want to FEED THEIR PEOPLE. The question arises now, why INDIA is lagging behind and that is because of the POLICY PARALYSIS by earlier governments because they were worried about their position – MILI JHULI SARKAR, JANATA KO MARO FATKAR.
1. India holds the 2nd largest agricultural land bank at 180 Million HA.
2. India’s food grain production is estimated at 260 Million Tons which means the average yield is around 0.69 MT per HA. It is a real shame that we are seriously neglecting agriculture sector.
3. Decreasing Water Tables and rains are also a MAJOR WORRY for the farmers.
4. India imports 65% of its edible oil consumption.
5. India is the largest Producer, Consumer and IMPORTER of Pulses. We import approximately over 2.5 Million Tons of pulses which is POOR MAN’s protein, every year for so many decades [figures vary on year to year basis, but not much of variation]. Incidentally, during UPA 2 regime a bureaucrat issued a statement stating that INDIA would stop importing pulses in 5 years and this statement was made two years ago. Probably, he was retiring in the next six months and wanted to be on the good books of the government.
6. India is a major exporter of sesame seeds and still continues to be, but has also started importing in considerable quantity. On the flip side, India’s Oilseeds is not accepted in JAPAN and EU because of quality problems.
7. India imports 50% of Raw Cashew Nut from Africa predominantly both for Internal Consumption and Exports. But off late, the local consumption has overtaken the exports. If India does not import Raw Cashew Nut 50% of the processing units will be shut down and UNEMPLOYMENT will rise as it is a LABOUR INTENSIVE INDUSTRY and hence no Import Duty is applicable.
8. The most important point is that the average size of operational holdings of agricultural land has come down from 2.28 HA in 1970 to current level of 1.15 HA in 2010-11. It will continue to diminish and with current reckless speed of URBANIZATION, we will not find land to cultivate and provide food to our citizens.
9. I still remember Wheat Millers from South India, imported Wheat from Australia during 1990s, because it was cheaper than buying and transporting Wheat from North India.
 Revisit the LAND ACQUISITION ACT; rationalize the act so that the agriculture sector gets a short in the arm.
 Rationalize and Standardize Farm Credit PAN INDIA so that all the farmers are on the same platform. This process has to be continuous process so that the farmers are benefitted regularly.
 Distribute unutilised government lands to landless labours by forming co-operative societies so that more employment is created. All their produce has to be sold through co-operative society to government agency so that the food inflation is under control.
 Improve Farm Mechanism which will eliminate transit losses.
 More aggressive education of farmers is the need of the hour.
 Build good warehouses through PPP model so that the farmer can store his produce and sell at a better price.
 Eliminate Middlemen so that the produce reaches the end consumer at a FAIR PRICE by remodelling the current structure of nodal government procurement agencies.
There are a few complex things in life – and one of those is in Agriculture. Change is a well-worn word, but never more apt when applied in today’s farming environment. Change coupled with complexity is a heady combination requiring careful analysis, integrative action and appropriate monitoring. Planning and implementing proactive farming policies or adjusting existing strategies requires up to date knowledge, special management skills and astute implementation, whatever may be the policy or service. With ever evolving trends in agriculture and technologies, new challenges are emerging almost daily and experiencing severe difficulties; the farming community’s knowledge and skills are being constantly challenged. The government and other stake holders should face the challenge and turn the same on its head in the greater interest of the nation.

Changing the face will not change anything; but facing the change will change everything
01. All data which has been quoted are available from the government sites.
02. All views expressed are purely personal.

A campaign against corruption turned CHAOTIC – that is called AAP.
It started with Campaign against Corrpution and had gained ground for exposing corrupt politicians, bureaucrats which then transformed themselves to AAP which I feel was start of the sliding point. They overestimated the strength to the extent that they had damaging loss in the GENERAL ELECTIONS.
Lots of HI PROFILE ENTRIES are vanishing quickly and they themselves are to blame for entering the QUICK SAND without testing the waters in their own back yard.
First they took a JOY RIDE along with the Gandhian Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, and Baba Ramdev to name few. But have all of them have exited the movement when the ACTIVISM turned into a political force with MIRAGE IMAGINATION that they would become sultans of Delhi Durbar on the success of protests. One must say; they entered the Delhi Durbar with helping HAND of Congress against who the TIRADE was on HIGH VOLTAGE [MEGA BLUNDER]. AAP proved the theory right that POLITICS WILL HAVE STRANGE BED PARTNERS.
What happened next was bizarre – calling for a public meeting without a proper arrangement, the INFAMOUS NIGHT RAID BY one of the AAP Minister and then running away from the responsibility by showing their back to the people who voted them so see a new face and hope.
Even in the State Elections, one of their HI PROFILE contestants did not win followed by the outburst that the party rank and file did not support the candidate during the election. This was followed by another elected MLA’s dissent voice stating that their CORE committee had CRONY ADVISORS.
AAP had a greater support base from the LOWER MIDDLE CLASS to MIDDLE CLASS and that because their leader was targeting that space for his support. Even his speeches were not RHETORIC, in the sense that his speeches were not wiser because he was only raising voices against the corruption without telling the people about the solution. When you become a MASS LEADER you should have the solutions first before raising the question. Also his speeches over the radio saying that HUM JEETENGE, RAM LILA MAIDAN MEIN MEEETING BHULAYENGE, LOK PAL BILL PASS KARENGE shows the IMMATURITY OF THE LEADER AND HIS COETRIE.
Passing a Bill is not paying your Electricity Bill or Mobile Bill over the counter. More discussion across the all sections of the people’s representatives, NGOs and other STAKE HOLDERS with more pragmatic approach is needed rather than just SHOOTING OFF THE MOUTH to garner votes.
Probably, AAP completely MISREAD the situation and fell down on its own weight. The biggest blunder committed by AAP is running away from GOVERNANCE and the KINDER GARDEN BEHAVIOUR of sending SMS to people whether to form government or not.
If the people have voted you to represent them, means they have given you their rights to run the government and not run away from it. First forming the government and then running the governance in a very shoddy manner showed their weakness. They thought both being an ACTIVIST and running a government are the same. Also the fact remains that, his body language and INTERACTION with the MEDIA was not positive. MEDIA as usual started interviewing him at the DROP OFF THE HAT TO GET GOOD TRPs.

On the flip side they thought they CAN BECOME BOLLYWOOD HEROES, bash the villain and can give a GOOD END IN THREE HOURS. Also probably they took NAYAK [1 day CM by Anil Kapoor] close to their heart and thought they could do an ENCORE. To say it in colloquially BHAI PICTURE PIT GAYI. The cast, crew, director, producer all were living in a FOOLS PARADISE.
The problem is that they have still not learnt their lessons and probably they have pressed the SELF DESTRUCTION BUTTON [Lord Shiva defeating BHASMASURA]. If at all they want to remain RELEVANT IN DELHI DURBAR, they should learn from their past and takes steps in a pro-active manner. But I am afraid, by the time they do this, other parties would have or May I say have already taken a leaf out his learning curve and surged forward.
The down fall of the AAP’s image should be painful to the founder[s] of the party. They should do a THREADBARE ANALYSIS on
02. Does party have the right mix of CORE COMMITTEE?
03. Is the JOURNOS & LAWYERS CLUB COETRIE responsible for the downfall?
04. Is the Autocracy behaviour of the party leader acceptable?

Finally, what started with a BIG BANG in DELHI has come to DELHI after the RASHTRA DARSHAN with a BLASTED TYRE.


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Source: Easwaran Chadalavada

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