15,000 saints to campaign for Hindu Nationalist Leader Narender Modi: Ashok Singhal


Narendra Modi

Ahmedabad: Senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Ashok Singhal today reiterated his support to Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, saying he is the strongest candidate for the top job.

Singhal said 15,000 saints will participate in a campaign to marshal public support for Modi throughout the country during the general election.

“At present Modi is the only leader who can combat terrorism. Only he can protect the country. We have had a discussion in Maagh Mela gathering on February 1 and 2 at Prayagraj of Allahabad, and over 15,000 Hindu saints have unanimously decided to support Modi as a PM in the national interest,” said Singhal.

He added that “VHP has nothing to do with any political party”. “VHP is only interested in sending ‘Ram-Bhakts’ (devotees of Ram) to the the Parliament,” he said.

He also accused Congress of supporting Muslim fundamentalists.

Disowning the statement of VHP leader Pravin Togadia that Hindus were not safe in Gujarat, Singhal said, “I do not agree. There is peace in Gujarat. Hindu and Muslims here coexist peacefully. That is the case under the leadership of Narendra Modi.”

Source: Zee News