Student wing of Nationalist Hindu Party petitioned on the state governer over North East people attack

Lamka, February 14, 2013: The ABVP Churachandpur district, a students’ wing of the BJP has yesterday petitioned the State Governor over the recent spate of attacks on Northeast people in Delhi urging him to give impetus to the authority concerned in Delhi and elsewhere for upholding the fact that everyone in the country knows that people from the region are Indians as well.

The ABVP activists had held a rally from public ground till the DC’soffice before submitting the memo through the DC around noon, Wednesday.

The memorandum said they had petitioned the Constitutional Head of the State with deep pain in their hearts over depressingincidents faced by their fellow students in the National capital; and wherein a minor girl and two others from the district had also fallen victims.

It further alleged that social security is very poor in the National capital for Northeasterners and racial attack has always been a part of their daily life especially for women students.

They said arresting the perpetrators of the crime and publishing their photos in all national media would serve as a deterrent to committing similar crimes.

Besides, inclusion of North Eastern States in the country’s curriculum and introduction of orientation programme for outstation students at colleges bridging the gap between the locals and the outstation students through capacity building would also deliver the desired message that ‘everyone knows that we are one and the same ie Indian’.