55 Return to Hinduism in Pollachi

COIMBATORE: As many as 55 persons from around Pollachi were reconverted to Hinduism on Sunday morning. This was done at a special Pooja organized by the Hindu Munnani group in a wedding hall.

This is considered the biggest ‘ghar wapsi’ conversion drive in Tamil Nadu.

According to sources, 10 persons among the 55 were Muslims and 45 Christians before the reconversion. They were ushered into the Hindu fold through Sudharsana, Mahalakshmi and Ganapathi homam in the presence of various temple heads.

They were welcomed by applying vermilion on their foreheads and each given a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. The organizers also gifted silver coins and shirt, dhoti to men and saree to women. The organisers claimed they had not lured the group to convert.

One of the organizers R Srinivasan said that they issued awareness notices and erected flex banners around Pollachi stating that they would organise a conversion drive and those interested could come in and become Hindus.

“We also ensured that they obtained the signature from the local councillor and local panchayat president stating that they belonged to other religions. We are also making efforts to record the reinduction as Hindus in the Government Gazette,” said Srinivasan.  

Natarajan who took part said he converted to Christianity after his wife became sick a decade ago. But a few years later she died. “As a result I have stopped visiting churches and relatives,” he said.  “I am happy and I have to thank the members of Hindu Munnani as they gave me the opportunity to rejoin the Hindu religion on Sunday again,” he added.

Source: The New Indian Express