Hindu Samajotsava Manguluru generates excitement

Thousands of people cutting across political lines thronged the streets of Manguluru city for the ‘Hindu Samajotava’ organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad today.

Though several leaders, including VHP international president Pravin Togadia were not present, the enthusiasm of the cadres was quite visible.

The procession, which started from Ambedkar circle at around 2 pm, ended at the Nehru Maidan by late evening.

Shops and business establishments were closed fearing disturbances in law and order situation.

Addressing reporters before the meeting, Sadhvi Balika Saraswati from Madhya Pradesh said Hindus of Dakshina Kannada district are very alert. “They believe deeply in God and follow their culture,are very polite and everybody knows about this.”

Sadhvi Balika Saraswati delivered  the main address at the Virat Hindu Samajotsava late tonight. On the Ghar Wapsi issue, Sadhvi said it was not a big issue as was being projected by the media.

“Nobody speaks about conversion of Hindu people, but when it comes to Ghar Wapsi, everyone gets alerted. Ghar Wapsi is not a bad thing. There are 100 crore Hindus and if we do Ghar Wapsi in the right manner then the population of Hindus would be 125 crore,” she said.

Source: NitiCentral