A Blueprint for Building Hindu Power – Barry Nirmal


A Blueprint for Building Hindu Power

Barry Nirmal

At the present time, we Hindus are in great danger. Even though many Hindus find solace in the fact that Hinduism still remains the third largest religion in the world, and go about their business of making money and enjoying their luxuries, the undeniable truth is that Hinduism is in great danger, mainly in India but also across the world. India is one country that has a large Hindu population, in fact a majority Hindu population, but Hinduism is slowly being eroded in India itself. Just yesterday this author viewed a YouTube clip of a movie, “Mohalla Assi Ghat”, that makes fun of Hindus who practice their religion in Varanasi, the holiest Hindu city. And this movie is not a trivial YouTube clip with unknown stars. It has the famous Bollywood actor, Sunny Deol, as the lead actor.

Over the past decades, while visiting India from abroad, this author has observed that the Muslim population is increasing rapidly. While a few decades ago, in some areas of New Delhi, like in Janakpuri and Pahar Ganj, this author never had his sleep disturbed early in the morning by the Muslim call to prayer loudly blurted over loudspeakers, now it is routine.

Hindu women in the West continue to marry Muslim men and easily convert to Islam after marriage. This author met a neighbor in Toronto, where a Muslim man from Guyana had married a Hindu woman and got her to convert to Islam. The lines told to this author by the man’s father was like this. “We allowed her to visit Hindu temples in the beginning but eventually found that it was causing friction in the family. So, we convinced her to stop visiting temples. She only visits mosques.” This is coercion, pure and simple.

In USA, this author had a neighbor where the woman was Hindu but had accepted Islam after marrying a South Indian Muslim. Again this author met a Bengali Hindu woman in Houston who had married a Christian doctor, and her children had become Christians, “for the sake of better opportunities”, as the husband admitted.

These are just some examples of how Hindus continue to get converted to other religions. In this essay we present some remedies to correct this grave situation and stop the tide of Hindu conversion, which is a matter of grave concern for us Hindus, who have suffered for centuries under the brutal rule first of the Mughals and then of the British colonialists.

Without further delay, here then are the remedies to stop Hindu conversion and to build Hindu power globally and particularly in India. We must build India into a bastion of Hindu power, because if we lose India as a Hindu nation, the Hindus will have no country to call their own. Remember that the Jews realized after two thousand years that they must have a country of their own, and they now have Israel as their own country. If they had their own country when the Nazis tried to eliminate them as a race, they would not have suffered as much as they did at the hands of the Nazi beast.

In the same way, we do not want to lose India now as a Hindu country, and then realize much later after much suffering (as the Jews did) that we Hindus need a country of our own.

Declare India as a Hindu state.

Indian constitution must be changed without further delay so that India is declared as a Hindu state. The constitution must state that Hindu India will render all assistance to Hindus who are persecuted anywhere in the world. For example, Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who seek refuge in India will be promptly awarded Indian citizenship.

Recently, on June 14, 2015, Khaama Press reported that the Indian government led by P.M. Modi had awarded Indian citizenship to 4300 Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan. [1] This is a highly welcome move on the part of the Indian government. The citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan and Pakistan were granted as part of a program by the National Democratic (NDA) government to grant Indian nationality to nearly 200,000 refugees from neighboring countries.

The refugees were granted citizenship at the initiative of Home Minister Rajnath Singh following BJP’s declared policy that India is a “natural home for persecuted Hindus” who will be welcome to seek refuge. [1]


The Indian constitution will state clearly and boldly that a Hindu alone is the true citizen of the country. In all elections, a Hindu vote will be counted as one vote while the vote of a non-Hindu will be counted as one tenth. In many critical elections, only Hindus will be allowed to vote. This way the politicians will not use non-Hindus as a vote bank by trying to appease them at the expense of the Hindus.

All laws will be changed to ensure that India remains a Hindu state. The constitution will state clearly that the federal and state governments are required to take immediate corrective action at legislative, judicial and executive levels to ensure that the Hindus alone remain the rulers of India, which requires that they always remain a majority in India.

In this connection, many people do not know that in an Islamic country, the Muslims alone are considered as the true citizens. Non-Muslims are always considered as second class citizens. Countries like Saudi Arabia do not even allow non-Muslims to bring with them into the country symbols of non-Islamic faith e.g. cross, a Bible, the Hindu holy books like The Bhagwat Geeta, or Om symbols. Non-Muslims are not allowed to hold prayer meetings even at their home in Saudi Arabia. But the Western powers do not criticize Islamic countries for this but rather use them as strategic allies.

But when India will enact laws to protect the Hindus in a similar manner, the same Western powers will make a lot of hue and cry over this. Let them do so. We Hindus must do what is in our best interest.


No non-Hindu will again be allowed to become the most powerful leader of India

After the death of Rajiv Gandhi, his widow, Sonia Gandhi, became paramount leader of India. When her Congress Party realized that the Hindus of India were not ready for her to become the Prime Minister (P.M.) of India, she appointed Manmohan Singh as P.M. with herself as the real power behind the throne. It became soon evident that while Manmohan Singh was the P.M. the real power lay in the hands of Madam Gandhi. Because she was born and brought up as a Christian in Italy, her heart was not with Hinduism. So, she did not give a damn to protect Hinduism. As a result, Christianity and Islam spread like wildfire while she ruled.

The Hindu nationalist government of India will change the constitution to stipulate that even if a Hindu becomes P.M. of India the real power too must lie in the hands of a Hindu.


Hindus all over the world must send their children to learn Hinduism for ten years starting at age five

The real reason why Hindus continue to get converted to other religions is that we Hindus lack deep commitment to our religion that comes only through religious education in the early, formative years of our lives. The reason why the Muslims have so strong commitment to Islam lies in the fact that their parents educate and indoctrinate them in Islam starting from the age of two or three. While they cannot even speak, their parents whisper in their ears that Islam is their religion and Mohammed is their prophet and these two they must fight to defend.

 But with Hindus, our parents themselves lack commitment to Hinduism. So, how can they indoctrinate their young children? Indoctrination in Hinduism must start at a very early age. Heaven and hell are man -made concepts, designed to keep us from committing moral atrocities due to fear of going to hell. But hell only works if its fear has been instilled in our minds while we were very young. Once a man reaches the age of ten, it is too late to indoctrinate him. As they say, it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.


Saffron terror must be used to hunt down Pakistani and foreign agents in India and eliminate them

The reason why Pakistan, being a small state, continues to try to intimidate India, is that a huge chunk of Indian population of India is Muslim and out of that huge chunk, many are Pakistani agents or sympathizers of Pakistan. When the state of India was created, the rulers were Gandhi and Nehru who were not tough politicians. Gandhi was more of a saint than a statesman. Nehru was indecisive and was hankering after personal power. That was the time to use saffron terror to drive out Pakistani sympathizers from India.

When Bolsheviks gained power in 1917 in Russia, they realized that the intelligence agencies of the West were active on Russian soil and they were trying to arrest Lenin and parade him naked through the streets of Moscow. This is how the British intelligence was planning to discredit and then topple the Bolsheviks. Lenin then authorized Felix Dzerzhinsky to use red terror to hunt down those who were helping the foreign powers. [2] Felix Dzershinsky established and developed secret services like the Cheka which soon became notorious for mass summary executions, performed especially during the Red Terror, and the Russian Civil War. This red terror was really effective in defeating foreign intelligence and in consolidating Soviet power.

In Iran too, after the Islamic revolution of 1979, the Islamic government used Islamic terror to eliminate all opposition to the new Islamic revolutionary state. The followers of Bahai faith were mercilessly hunted and killed or imprisoned. So, now in Iran you hardly find more than a handful of Jews, Bahai followers, or Christians. This is how Islam has established itself as the dominant religion in all the countries where Muslims are a majority.

In India too, the Hindu nationalist government will use saffron terror to mercilessly hunt down those who are or who help Pakistani agents. Only those Muslims who are completely loyal to the Hindu state will be allowed to live in India without fear.


Corruption in government in India must be controlled

Corruption in Indian government at federal and state levels is rife. One of the reason USA remains a world superpower is that the US government is corruption free. A foreign government cannot bribe a US politician or an official and get him or her to do what they want. But in India it is easy for a foreign government to bribe politicians or officials and get them to do what they want. This is how Pakistani government and its agents smuggled bombs into India from Pakistan and blow them up in Mumbai after the just demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992. The famous actor, Sanjay Dutt was convicted of helping Pakistani agents in that effort and he is still to be seriously punished.

In a Hindu nationalist government, no person shall be above the law. Anyone who helps a foreign power to destabilize India shall be quickly and severely punished so as to act as an example to others who might be contemplating such acts.


Anyone who kills or hurts a Hindu for religious reason must be hunted down no matter where he lives

The US government hunts down anyone who kills even one American. They hunted down even Osama bin Laden and killed him. They did not think, “Oh My God, Osama is a top leader of Muslims and people all across the world revere him. If we kill him, the Muslims all over the world will become our enemies. How can we kill Osama?” They hunted him down because by planning and executing the 9/11 attack on US soil, he had killed thousands of Americans.

But then to appease the Muslims, the US government denied visitor visa to Narendra Modi for many years on the ground that as the Chief Minister of Gujarat state, he had failed to protect Muslims during the anti-Muslim riots there.

The future Hindu nationalist government will hunt down anyone who kills or injures a Hindu, no matter where and which country such a criminal lives.  Even if he flies to the moon and lives there, he will be hunted down.



[1] India grants citizenship to 4,300 refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan, June 14, 2015, Khaama Press,


[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Dzerzhinsky


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He founded the Hinduism Research website at www.myads.org/hindu,
after returning from Saudi Arabia in 1997 where he spent a few years working as a computer specialist. He witnessed first hand the hatred of the Saudi authorities for Hindus and Hinduism. 
Barry graduated with a B.Tech degree from the world famous Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur. He also obtained his
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Barry has written six textbooks on computing published by Prentice Hall, Inc and John Wiley & Sons. His books can be found by searching Google for ‘Barry Nirmal books’. 
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