Acharya Pundit Amritlal Vyas Interview On Astrology and Palmistry

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Acharya Pundit Amritlal Vyas was born in Pali, Marvar in 1947. He did his schooling from Umed College in 1970. He from very beginning had interest in Astrology from the very childhood, his father was an astrologer and he learnt most of his astrology know how from his father, later he learnt Sri Sri 108 Gurudev Goving Ram Acharya about astrology. In 1972 he got married. He started astrology work in Marvar area; he later contacted astrology organizations from Ujjain, Indore, Mumbai, Haryana etc. Post that he started giving presentation on astrology based on Hindu scriptures as per Parasar way. He had conducted heavy research on Parasar way of astrology. Started telling people about future and they got true, the astrology institutes later elevated him to a renounced astrologer. In 1975 – Kachhi Basti Federation director, in 1976 he was block director of Nagarik Uttan Parishad, later he became Vishwa Hindu Parishad organization minister of Shivaji Nagar, Kota. He became chairman of Sri Mal Bhramin Samaj and is currently. Award list include gold medals from various astrology awards from organizations in Indore, Haridwar, Ujjain, Gurgaon.


What is the background of astrology and how?

Sun and Moon. Time is made up of sea waves, the watch of time is made up of sea waves, when high tide or low time comes during full moon and no moon day, water increases or decreases – because sea tells time, on that basis the watch is made. Sea also tells when to rise and when to rise. Sun is still at one place, earth rotates, the time the sun rays reaches the core of earth, on times it takes to reach that is a key factor in determining time for astrology. Different nations have different time. Astrology has scientific reasons.

 How old is astrology?

 Thousands of years old. Beginning Dwapar Yug.

 If a common man wants to learn astrology, how should and where should it start?

 Start learning about the 12 sun signs and 27 Nakshatras.

 What’s your opinion on Indian Parliamentarian placing Astrology above science?

All doctors who have studied medical science somehow are derived from astrology. Example – in early times, the aero planes used to fly are rishi research flowers and trees, rishi made aero plane, post that with sacred chants used to fly. Even if a person is sitting in America comes to a renounced astrologer, the astrologer can detect the sun sign of wife. Earlier we used to send letter by pigeon, via. Astrology we used to tech him and in that same house he used to deliver the letter. All this is Para knowledge and using astrology science we can predict future. And this supernatural science is in astrology and is composed within Nakshatra.

What is Naksharta?

They are stars, which revolves around sun, they are also called wives of moon, who moves with the starts. Every person has a unique Nakshtra – it’s a determined by date of birth.

Relation of Nakshtra with Astrology?

If you do a work in appropriate Nakshatra, then the work will be completed at all way.

For different work, there is different Nakshatra?

Yes, there is a Naksharta for every task.

If example you are inaugurating a temple, would it have different auspicious time than me?

Yes, because time of birth is different. The event auspicious time for event is different

Future of Bharat?

Become Vishwa Guru. All areas.

Furture Hindus?

Going towards a bright future in 21st century.

Those who make fun of astrology – any message?

Ignorant man says this, without learning the astrology science and experiencing it – no use. They go to people who are half leant and get bad experience etc. They should go to learned person and can move forward.

How a common person can recognize a fake astrology?

Ask him to make a Kundali of current time, if the Guru and Buddh are merging each other, he will become astrologer, if sun and Buddh will see than he will see for astrology.

Q1. How many boys and girls I have?

A true astrologer will the tell the fact based on Kundali.

Q2. Marriage

Prosperous – until Rahu, Sun,Chandra chakras.

Under Shani Grah – Marriage will be late.

About your experience?

Till date 500 marriages, 5000 – 8000 Kundali analysis, 1500 Palmistry analysis and countless Yagnas. Total experience of more than 50 years.

Role of Bharamcharya?

Even marriage people are called Bharamcharya.

Like lion and Lioness meet once time and give born to lion, like wise human should go to women once or twice a year and given born to child with Lion abilities. Today’s men go every day to women very frequent, thus weaker generation is born. Once in six month, semen will be of high quality and a child of high power will be born. He will himself will be powerful person.

After death, at the end of death, whatever a person is thinking will become same.  Why Pitra puja?

Puja to take out the emotions he has for property, cash etc. for those who has emotions with home, is Pitra, emotions less spirit willl merge will supreme soul.

How you identify emotions burdened and emotionless spirit?

After death place, the spirit leaves body. If that place he place wheat floor is placed and a light (Deepak) is placed after 12 days and there is an image – a learnt Brahmin can tell if he has emotions or not. If the departed spirit has emotions he will keep roaming near, later a Pind Daan is done to get him Moksha.

Cow slaughter?

Hindus should propose Govt. to pass a law passed to ban it. Cow has 33 sacred deities composed. Cow gets Amrut, because Gay does the dharma, so Amrut falls on it. Som Raas in Grass, grass eaten by Cow, milk is generated, Curdi is made from milk, from Curd becomes Butter, post Butter heated in fire it becomes Ghee – Som Ras, when Ghee goes in fire of Yagna and evaporates, that evaporated Som Ras makes sea water salty, rains falls – grass grow. If Cows aren’t there world can’t develop, without cow – food  will not grow, if food gains are not there humans cannot live.​