Wave of anger in Karnataka against Prof. Bhagavan who want to burn Bhagavad Gita


Bengaluru (Karnataka) : A wave of anger has been generated amongst the State of Karnataka against anti-Hindus Prof. Bhagavan who had made comments on burning of Srimat Bhagavat Geeta, and other heretics like Prof. Arvind Malgatti, Prof. Mahesh Chandraguru and Benjegere Mahesh. Demonstrations are being staged against these anti-Hindus at various places and discussion sessions are conducted on different TV channels on this issue. In one program held at Mysore, Prof. Bhagavan had criticized and talked about burning copies of Bhagavat Geeta. Prof. Bhagavan had criticized Hindu Deities even earlier.

Prof. Bhagavan should render public apology ! –  HJS

Anti-Hindu Prof Bhagavan is not eligible to talk about Geeta. Will Prof. Bhagavan, who talked about burning copies of Bhagavat Geeta, dare to talk in this manner about religious books of other religions ? Prof. Bhagavan insulting Bhagavat Geeta, the holy scripture of Hindus, should immediately render public apology; else Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) will stage intense agitations, was the warning given by HJS through a press release.  

Take action against Prof. Bhagavan; else face intense agitation ! – Sriram Sene

The Government should take immediate action against Prof. Bhagavan and others; else we will have to stage intense agitation was the warning given by Shri. Prmod Mutalik, the President of Sriram Sene in press conference. Shri. Mutalik said, “Why are police evading to take action against Prof. Bhagavan, and other anti-Hindus talking about burning copies of Geeta despite complaint lodged at Mysore against them? Doesn’t the State Government want to maintain law and order in the State ? The Government should arrest him immediately. If police are not going to take action against the concerned even after injustice and oppression, ‘moral policing’ becomes imperative for Sriram Sena.” In a press conference held by Shri. Pranavanand Swamiji at Dharwad, he had said that persons like Prof. Bhagavan should be banished from the State.

Agitation by BJP Yuva Morcha

BJP Yuva Morcha staged demonstrations in front of Prof. Bhagavan’s house at Kurvepunagar, Mysore to condemn his insulting Bhagavat Geeta. The activists of BJP raised slogans against Prof. Bhagavan and demanded his immediate arrest. Vice President of BJP Yuva Morcha made this demand but police rushed to the venue and dispersed the demonstrators since necessary permission was not taken. (It should be noted that despite complaint lodged against Prof. Bhagavan, Karnataka police did not take any action; but they are prompt when it comes to taking action against Hindutva-vadis !- Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)   

VHP lodges complaint with police station !

Shri. Manoj Kumar, a leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishada (VHP) has lodged a complaint with Jayalakshmipuram police station against Prof. Bhagavan who was going to burn copy of Bhagavat Geeta. It has been stated in the complaint that Prof. Bhagavan has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus by deriding Hindus’ Holy Scriptures and tried to cause harm to communal harmony; therefore, he should be immediately arrested. Another devout Hindu named Subramanyam has also lodged a complaint against Prof. Bhagavan with Puttur city police station.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Bharatiya Hindu Parishat protests at Puttur

Members of the Bharatiya Hindu Parishat staged a protest in front of the office of the assistant commissioner here on Wednesday. It was aimed at condemning the reported statements on Bhagavad Gita by two noted Kannada writers at a seminar in Mysuru.

BHP convener Satish Naik said that men of letters should work for improvements in the society rather than creating unrest with such statements. He demanded that Bhagavan K S and Malagatti be arrested immediately and legal action against them be taken.

If the police failed to so so, Naik said, protests would be organized all over the district. Other members including Nagesh Krishnanagar, U Lokesh Hegde, S D Vasanta, Shakti Sinha, Kittanna Gowda Bappalige and Swarnalata Hegde took part in the protest.

Source: Mangalorean