All-India Hindu conference

hinduismThe All-India Hindu Conference at Haridwar, as will be seen from the telegraphic report, was a success from a spectacular point of view. The distraction of large crowds on gathering like those of the Kumbh fair is inevitable, and must to a certain extent detract from the business-like character of the proceedings. Perhaps, the conference could not have desired a better or more widespread introduction to the Hindu world than on an occasion when the whole of Hindu India was represented at Haridwar. The conference passed a number of resolutions relating to the religious, social, moral and physical amelioration of the Hindu community, including one regarding the utilisation of the sadhus on a large scale from the interests of the community. Among these were a resolution regarding the extension of Lord Hardinge’s term of Viceroyalty, another asking for larger recruitment of Hindus for military services, another urging the enlisting of Hindus for local defence volunteers and still another for the issue of a larger number of licences for firearms to Hindus in view of the dacoities.

Source: The Tribune