Astro Hindu staffs hold special prayer for missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft


The Hindustaffsof Astro on Thursday organised a special prayers for the missingMalaysia Airlines(MAS) MH370 passengers and crew.

The prayers took place at the Sri Maha Kaliammantemple, Serdang at 8 in the morning.

Vijayarani Sellapan from AstroCommunication Department, who joined in the prayers, said she was shocked with the news of the missing flight and prayed for all those onboard.


Among the Astro staffs who attended the special prayers for  passengersand crew of missing flight, MH370.
“I was shocked as this is the first time such a thing has happened. There are 239 lives up in the plane and we have no clue on its whereabout and the passengers’ situation,” said Vijayarani.

She also called on the public to stop relating theincidentwith politics.

“The whole world is praying for the lives up in theflightregardless of theirreligion and culture. Everyone is hoping for their return and to be together with their loved ones. We should avoid making assumptions, jokes and stop relating the incident to politics. We should just pray according to our own beliefs and hope for the best,” she added.

Meanwhile, Astro Indian LanguageBusinessHead, Murugiah Vellay said the special prayer was held for thesafe return of all the MH370 passengers and crew. He also hoped the families of MH370 to be patient and calm while waiting for updates.

Murugiah Vellay (right)
“I was inSingaporeattending an event when I heard the news about 6.30am. I was shocked and couldn’t believe such a thing had happenned. We are here to pray for the passengers and crew’s safe return,” said Murugiah.

In respect to the MH370 incdent and the families of thoseonboard, Astrolocal channels will  reduce the number of its entertainment telecasts.

Flight MH370 vanished from radarscreensearly on Saturday about one hour into a flight fromKuala Lumpurto Beijing with 239 people on board.

With no confirmation that the Boeing 777 hadcrashed, hundreds of distraught relatives are still waiting anxiously for any news.