B V ​​​Rao Open Letter To US President Barack Obama Comments On India’s Religious Tolerance

An engineer by profession, B V Rao is a patriotic Indian based 
out of Bangalore, he writes frequently on national issues 
concerning Hindus. 
Dear Sir
Before talking about the religious intolerance in India, you and the President should talk about the same in your friendly country Saudi. There Bible and other non-Muslim holy books are thrown away by Saudi customs if found in the baggage of passengers. Did you hear any such reports from India?
Non-Muslims are barred to enter 30km radius of Mecca Madina. In India we have mosques and churches at holy towns of Kashi, Mathura, Tirupathi etc. 
In Nagaland state of India, there were number of tribal temples in 1947. Most are razed by Christians, with state becoming Christian majority. Akin to elimination of Red Indians in your country !
There is one living saint Sri M in India. Pl read his “Apprenticed with Himalayan Master” Sri M is a yogi. Few years ago, he developed second body, went up and met Jesus in the heaven. He was born Muslim and became a Hindu yogi. Thus the only living person to have heard words of Jesus, is not a Christian but a Hindu !
Only Hindu can be truly secular. Sri Ramakrishna is the only world saint who saw Allah, Jesus and his own Kali Mata. He remained Kali devotee. Only Hindus pray ” May all of the world be happy” in their daily prayers. 
The cheating methods of Muslims and Christians in converting Hindus is very bad to say the least. These bad karma will rebound shortly.
​Yours Truly​

Source: WHN Media Network​
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