Balinese Hindus welcomed New Year Saka 1936 with Hindu prayer and worship including a traditional dance

imagesBELGIUM, March 31, 2014 (Metrobali): Hundreds of expatriate Balinese Hindus living in the EU (and their European friends and relatives) enthusiastically welcomed the New Year Saka 1936 in suburban Brussels on Saturday, March 29, 2014. On the grounds of the Indonesian Embassy, the event was kicked off with Hindu prayer and worship including a traditional dance. Then six large ogoh-ogoh effigies were paraded through the surrounding city streets accompanied by the crowd. The parade, accompanied by a police escort and and the loud and rhythmic beat of Belgium’s Gamelan Group Bleganjur Saling Asah, caused a stir of excitement among the citizens along the one kilometer route.

The celebration of Nyepi and the Saka New Year with an Ogoh-Ogoh parade was the brainchild of Ambassador Arif Havas Oegrosenothe. It was brought to fruition by the hard work of the Balinese of the local Banjar Dharma Shanti association and the broader community in Luxembourg, Germany, France and the Netherlands. This event was the fourth annual edition.

In his speech, the ambassador invited all Indonesian Hindus in Europe is to remain fond of the values taught by their culture and continue to implement them in daily life. And on this day, when life on Bali comes to a standstill, everyone should remember that at the heart of silence (Nyepi) we can explore our inner identity and maintain harmony and balance with God, our fellow human beings and the environment so that peace is realized in our lives.

Source: Hinduism Today