Shringeri shootout: VHP condemn Congress’s stand

1370953864_3MANGALORE: Vishwa Hindu Parishad regional working president M B Puranik said that all cases related to cow theft and illegal transportation cases should be handed over to CBI, if state government hands over Shringeri shootout case to the agency.

Puranik said that Kabeer, a resident of Krishnapura who died at Thanikodu in Shringeri on April 19, and others were transporting cows illegally. “The Congress is trying to gain political mileage out of the Shringeri shootout incident. Illegal cattle transportation is the reason for the incident. If the case is being handed over to CBI, then the government should also order the same inquiry into all cattle theft and illegal transportation cases reported in the state,” Puranik demanded.

Puranik said that inquiry needs to be conducted on the cows, which were found in the truck when Kabeer was killed. “Kabeer has criminal background. If the government pays compensation to his kin, then damages should also be given to all cattle rearing families, who lost their cows due to theft and illegal transportation,” he said.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad also has urged the government not to snatch powers vested in the anti-Naxalite force (ANF) in the backdrop of Shringeri shootout.

Source: Times of India