BHV Press Release on 30 year Anniversary of the attack on the Golden Temple


On the eve of the planned protest rally in London on Sat 7th June 2014, British Hindu Voice’s view is, 30 Years of silence and in action by successive Indian Govt’s. is not acceptable. For the Sikh families, friends and relations who suffered from the 1984 attack on the Holy Golden Temple and the succeeding pogrom that followed the killing of Indira Gandhi was an aberration that should have seen truth and justice for the Sikh communities years ago.
From the Hindu and Jain perspective, this episode has a deep sense of pain, disquiet and sadness for what the Sikh communities have suffered. Remembering the personal sacrifices the Gurus including the sacrifice of their lives,those of their families and their followers have done for the sake, safety and protection of Hindus, Jains and other communities for so many years under Mogul rule. This is possibly the most unique contribution of any faith and community. To fight and pay the ultimate price not for the sake of one’s own faith, family or community but others. Guru Har Govind (Gobind), the sixth Guru and Guru Teg Bahadar, the ninth Guru come to mind.
Vinod Popat, Chairman of British Hindu Voice said “30 years is a long time to see justice not been done. We understand the pain, hurt and mistrust that the Sikh community feel. The road and the destination to see justice being done will not be easy. Is it a legal process or a South African style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is the right way forward? The new Govt. of Narendra Modi, with so many other expectations of quick solutions to the many issues and challenges faced by ordinary Indians needs to grasp this issue sooner rather than later. In the interests of justice, drawing a sad and deeply damaging episode of the attack on the Golden Temple and the atrocities suffered by the Sikh community. To bring about a reconciliation so that all our communities can work together with respect and mutual understanding.”

Yours sincerely

Mukesh Naker 

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