Bio-Profile of Dr. Babu Suseelan



Previously a professor in Clinical Psychology and the Director of Addiction Research Institute, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Babu Suseelan is one of the Directors of Indian Intellectual Forum (IIF), New York. He has written books & essays on issues Hindus and Hinduism are encountering in contemporary world. He has also given key note speeches at various American and International Forums. He is also the Chairperson of The Interfaith Coalition, New York.  Dr.Babu Suseelan’s career has included as a University Professor, Psychologist, Addiction Treatment and Criminogenic Specialist.  He is the author of several published articles on Hinduism, Jihad, Islamic terrorism, Criminal Mind and Cognitive Restructuring. He is one of the most prominent Hindu community leader in America and has mentored and guided hundreds of Indian Americans in contemporary Hinduism.