Bio-Profile of Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra


Rahul Chandra is an Indian-American researcher, speaker and writer on global Hindu empowerment and brings more than a decade of experience in working for Hindu organizations at social, religious and political levels. He is a member of World Hindu News editorial board and a freelancer journalist. For more than a decade, he has been reporting, developing and publishing news & press releases for US and Indian Hindu organizations. Previously he has been an editor at World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) quarterly publication – Hindu Newsletter and Hindu Digest based out of Washington, DC. He has also been a media and PR coordinator for Hindu Congress of America (HMSA). His interests include Hindu philosophies, Hindu human rights and Hindu social & political empowerment related journalism. He has also reported and published news on plight of Pakistani Hindu refugee in India and Bhutanese Hindu refugees in US. He has also coordinated Hindu Seva (social service) projects with worldwide scope and is program director of ongoing Pakistani Hindu Refugee Relief (PHRR) program in India. He was honored with “The Global Hindu Service Award” by Global Hindu Foundation (GHF) at 2014 Global Hindu Conference (GHC) (San Hose, CA). 

He holds M.E. (Industrial Systems & Eng.), USA & B.E. (Electronics Eng.), India. A recipient of prestigious New York based KGCOE Graduate Research scholarship & assistant-ship for M.Eng., he has worked at many Indian and American corporates in the area of Enterprise IT Automation. Currently he is Vice President (VP) of Business Development at VHS Corp Inc. – A Delaware based firm. He is also a part time Doctorate student on Hinduism at Hindu University of America, Orlando, FL and has interest in understanding Hindu Philosophies.

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