BJP asks Bangladesh to stop atrocities on Hindus

West Bengal BJP Thursday urged Bangladesh to stop the alleged atrocities on the minority Hindus living there during the ongoing political unrest over the forthcoming elections on December 5.

A seven-member delegation of the BJP, including state president Rahul Sinha, met Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner Abida Islam and submitted a memorandum expressing concern over the alleged violation of human rights of Hindus. The memorandum said riots in Bangladesh are why illegal immigration to Bengal is on the rise.

“We are also pressuring the Centre so that the matter is taken up at a diplomatic level,” it said. A list of temples that had been attacked in February and March this year, was also attached.

BJP later demonstrated at College Street where Sinha expressed surprise over the “state government and the Centre keeping mum.”

Senior party leader Tathagata Roy said it was a matter of concern how the population of Hindus have gone down in Bangladesh over the years. “Most have been victims of communal violence. When we talk about protecting them, we are tagged as being communal,” he said. He also referred to author Taslima Nasreen and said she was punished for telling the truth. “In her book ‘Lajja’, she disclosed how non-Muslims were raped and killed in Bangladesh. She was ousted and when she took shelter in Kolkata, the Left regime said she must leave the state for the sake of communal harmony,” he added.

Source: Indian Express