BJP MP Yogi Adityanath shreds fake secularism of Congress, to pieces !

Yogi_AdityanathNew Delhi – Yogi Adityanath, MP elected from Gorakhpur for BJP, shredded so-called secularism of Congress in Parliament. Congress had demanded discussions on incidents of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Yogi Adityanath was speaking during the discussions. He accused that Congress, only talking about communal harmony, was mainly responsible for creating rift amongst people on the basis of communalism and Congress’ hands were totally dipped in violence. He demanded that inquiry into incidents of communal violence in UP should be conducted through Judges of Supreme Court.  

Yogi Adityanath presented the following points while shredding so-called secularism of Congress

1. More than 12 lakh Saints, Seers and priests stay in India; but Congress announced salary only for Imams. Same policy has been adopted by the State Governments of Delhi, Bengal and Maharashtra. Is this secularism of Congress?

2. Displacement of 3, 50, 000 Hindus took place from Kashmir; but Congress never registered even simple protest against the same; so holding discussions in Parliament on this issue, was out of question.  

3. UP Government has given 20% reservation to Muslims in Government schemes.

4. There is encroachment on Government land for burial ground in UP; but the Government is paying no attention to this encroachment.

5. UP Government withdrew cases against terrorists only for vote bank.

6. There were 118 incidents of violence in the year 2012; 247 incidents in 2013 and 235 such incidents from March to May 2014.

7. As per the Court’s order, work of Gurudwara was going on in Saharanpur; but the Government and Administration was not ready to follow Court’s orders.

8. There are 3 mosques and 1 temple in Kaanth. Loudspeakers are allowed on all 3 mosques but some people are objecting to have loudspeakers on temple. This led to riots; still the Government showed indifference.

9. Congress has so far not uttered a word against kidnapping of a Hindu young woman in Meerut and her forceful conversion in a madarasa.

10. In the year 2012, riots took place in Assam; but Congress never had discussions in Parliament on that issue. Congress kept mum when local Bodo people were being killed in Assam. Moreover, Congress targeted the Chief Minister who talked in favour of Bodo and criticized him. Congress advocated the cause of Bangla Deshi infiltrators responsible for Assam riots.  

11. Today equation of this country has changed due to Bangla Deshi infiltrators. Four districts of Assam are struck with violence due to Bangla Deshi infiltrators. They have settled there by grabbing lands. Instead of driving out infiltrators, Congress granted them permission to have Wakf and issued ration cards to them; thus Congress has played with security of this country. Congress has developed more affinity towards Bangla Deshi infiltrators and is treating Hindus staying there for thousands of years, as aliens.

12.  Raza Academy instigated riots at Azad Maidan in Mumbai for Muslims from Myanmar; they damaged martyr’s memorial; beat up police and media representatives; still Congress kept quiet. Followed with this, there were riots even in Bareli, Kanpur, Prayag, Lakshmanpuri; Congress, however, did not raise voice even against these riots; but the same Congress quashed movement started by a patriot like Baba Ramdev by thrashing him amd his followers. What right does such Congress have to talk about communal violence ?

13. Congress kept quiet even during Bhagalpur riots.

14. Congress, that carried out massacre of Sikhs in 1984, does not regret it even today.

15. Congress and communists held a special session of State Legislative Assembly only to demand release of terrorists nabbed in Coimbatore and Bengaluru bomb blasts.

16. Congress divided people with Sacchar Commission’s report.

17. Congress, which divided this country in 1947 on the basis of communities, has no right to talk about communal violence. Even today, Congress is creating division amongst people of this country and working as per Pakistan’s agenda.  

Points presented regarding fanatics

1. Those, who feel that people believing only in one God have right to live and not others, are real communalists. There is no place for communalism in Hindu Dharma as it believes in ‘Sarvetra Sukhinah Santu’.

2. Indian Muslims going for Haj pilgrimage are known as Hindus; still the same identity is not acceptable to them once they come back to India.

Points presented about Hindus

1. Hindus are not communalists but they are symbol of patriotism.

2. Hindus need to be aware of conspiracies hatched against them and they should unite.

3. Congress will have to pay the price of defaming Hindu Dharma.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat