Hindus Enthusiastically Participate in Hindu Memorial Day Meeting in Houston


Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA), also known as Hindu Congress of America, observed Hindu Memorial Day in Houston on August 16, 2014 to pay homage to countless Hindus who have been victims of killings, rape, torture, displacement from home and other human rights violations. This number stands at 80 million victims over the last 800 years. The program included a silent prayer in the memory of Hindus who laid down their lives in defending Hinduism. Many eminent speakers from various faculties spoke during this event.


Various speakers emphasized the importance of the Hindus to read between the lines of the English media in India that is currently owned by a handful of anti-Hindu folks whose primary motive is to weaken Hindu society.


Gaurang ji spoke about how the INC (Indian National Congress) has been playing with the future of the country since the pre-independence era, and continues to play the card of pseudo-secularism to brainwash Hindu society. Current state government of West Bengal has been carrying this legacy as well to appease the so-called minorities and ruining the motherland of Hindus. When Hindus do take a stand
against the atrocities inflicted upon them, they are given a lesson of non-violence taught by the so-called Father of the Nation. It is unfortunate that the lesson is taught to the ones who are already non-violent. This kind of poisonous ideology can weaken India and has caused so many geographical separations of Hindustan till date. Hindus of so called secular India need to learn and recognize this threat to them and their future generations so that they can plan to secure the future of this great and old civilization. This civilization needs to survive to preserve humanity in this world which currently is going on a path of destruction.


Barry Nirmal ji started his speech by paying homage to Hindus who were humiliated and killed because by the Mughal rulers, the British and the Muslim fanatics in Kashmir. He spoke of how the British government continued to mint money at the cost of innocent Hindus during the pre-independence era by creating an artificial famine in West Bengal. The philosophy of “Jiski lathi uski Bhens” continues to flourish even in this age of advancement; other glaring examples of these atrocities can be seen in Pakistan where the Hindu population from 50 years ago of 22 percent is now reduced to less than 2 percent. It is unfortunate to see that the Hindus in India have not been able to help their brothers in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those who say that this barbaric age is over are having their eyes closed as we can see the ethnic cleansing happening again in Iraq where the innocent Yezidis are being wiped out.
We are also seeing the cultural degradation of Bharat through Bollywood where nudity and hedonism are promoted and glorified. Hindus must recognize the threat to their existence and be willing to use their financial power to support political groups like the Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) that are pro sanatan dharma.


Ms Anurupa Cinar, published author of a book on the freedom struggle of Bharat, talked about two major Hindu riots caused directly by the anti-national behavior of the Congress, Mopla and Navakhali. The great leader of the freedom struggle of India was Veer Savarkar who wanted first class treatment for Hindus in their homeland. He was a hero and was considered a threat to the British Empire. The British imprisoned him in Andaman and Nicobar Islands but no prison could hold him for long. He was able to get out and continued to fight for Hindu rights. In 1920 Gandhi was supporting the khilafat movement for Muslims which is often misunderstood by the Hindus as the movement towards swaraj. When Veer Savarkar was released from prison he got the Hindu Mahasabha candidates up and running to be able to form a pro-Hindu government in Bharat against the whims and fancies of Congress Party, Nehru and Gandhi. He asked for fair elections but congress continued its behavior of treachery under the facade of their goal for a united India but what they really wanted was the formation of Pakistan.
Navakhali riots were suppressed by the Congress Party, which resulted in Gandhi being killed. As a precautionary mechanism and avoid any uprising, they charged Veer Savarkar without valid proofs of his involvement in assassination of Gandhi.
Pradeep Parekh ji raised some important questions on the appropriate conditions when a democracy flourishes. Diffusion of power through democracy is only effective when the question interests them – otherwise, all the power transfers to officials. As a future strategy for the Hindus, he suggested that HMSA adopt one or two villages in India as model villages and support them financially and through other means.

The audience had a chance to ask questions or make comments. Many people used this opportunity to ask questions and express their views. Overall, this meeting was a great success as it raised the awareness of the attendees towards the serious issues facing the Hindus globally and the way forward.