Blessing for First Stone of Shiva Temple

A religious ceremony of blessing of the first stone of what will be the future Temple of Shiva, designed by the professor and architect Troufa Real, who is overseeing the project, with the collaboration of a group of other technicians who, graciously, have made themselves available to collaborate in the construction of this Hindu temple in the county of Loures. Among the numerous guests for this ceremony was the Mayor of Loures, Bernardino Soares, who accompanied the chairman of the Shiva Temple, Kantilal Vallabdas, in laying the first stone after receiving the blessing of Mahadeva Shiva.

Kantilal Vallabdas did not forget to give a special thanks to the Association of Residents of Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros who, “for many years have welcomed us and have been a liberal and easy-going host to our community.” Bernardino Soares said that “the placement of the first stone is a very important milestone for this community” and that the Municipal Council of Loures intends to “continue to be a partner of this project, which is now advancing to a new phase, taking decisive steps so that this important temple will be built.” The construction project has been planned to be done in four phases. The first phase (already completed) is a space for socio-cultural activities; the second phase will encompass the worship activities, with the construction of the temple.