Bollywood Director Ram Gopal Varma Insults Lord Ganesha

Ram Gopal Varma has waged a virtual war against the Gods on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. As the festivities kick-started today morning in the country especially Maharashtra, the film director has been continuously tweeting his expressions and beliefs on Twitter. Ram Gopal Varma questioned the existence of the Lord Ganesha on Twitter, inviting the ire of the critics and twitterati alike. Know the controversial statements made by the filmmaker.

Ram Gopal Varma kicked the debate on Ganesha by wishing Ganesh Chaturthi in a special way. He said on Twitter, “The guy who couldn’t save his own head from being cut , how he will save others heads is my question? But Happy Ganpathi day to morons!” As this was just the beginning, he added, “Can someone explain how someone can cut off a child’s head who was just trying to protect his mother’s modesty? Am sure devotees know better”.

Ram Gopal launched a series of questions for Lord Ganesha on Twitter. He asked, “What did Ganesha do that his brother kumara dint do so that only Ganesha became god? Is it becos Kumara dint get head cut off like Ganesha?” The unstoppable director went on to ask, “Can someone tell me if today is the day Ganesha was originally born or is it the day his dad cut his head off?” and “Does Lord Ganesha eat with his hands or his trunk?”

Ram Gopal Varma not only questioned Lord Ganesha but also his devotees. He tweeted, “I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha’s devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him.” He added, “Happy Ganesh chaturdhi. .may this day 29th aug bring prosperity and happiness to everybody so that there will be no problems from 30th aug.” The frank actor confidently said on Twitter, “I think my films are flopping only becos of my attitude towards Gods. ..I wish I can become a devotee.”

Questioning his visual appearance, Ram Gopal Varma went on to ask on Twitter, “Does Lord Ganesha eat much more than other Gods? My doubt is becos all the other Gods are either trim or muscular, Did Lord Ganesha have a paunch in his childhood too or did it develop in the recovery time of the elephant head operation?” Sensing several objections on his statements, he invited experts to answer his queries, which according to him, came from his ignorance and innocence on the subject.

On the other hand, Mahesh Bhatt shared a link of Ganesha’s story which could be of some help to Ram Gopal Varma. He tweeted, “This was my favourite story!I made my mother repeat this again & again. How Ganesha Got Elephant Head via @sharethis. He also revealed that Man is memory as the stories were told to him by his mother who was a Muslim.

Source: Times of India