Book Launched on Hindu’s lifestyle

hinduism“We Hindus do not practise what we preach. In the Vedas, women have a special place, inreality she is not respected,” said Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj.

He was speaking at the launch of B N Sampath’s book ‘Hindu Law’, compiled by B N Krishnan, at Raj Bhavan on Sunday.

Praising B N Sampath for his contributions, the Governor said, “Sampath remains immortal through his works.”

Former justice M Rama Jois said the book stands on four pillars on which the entire system is standing, family law, joint family and restriction on alienation of joint family property, duty based society and dharma (righteous code).

Former justice B N Krishnan, B N Sampath’s wife Prabhavathi Sampath, Vimala Jois and others were present on the occasion.

Source: The New Indian Express