Book with a Fresh Perspective on Hinduism


File photo of Mohan R. Pandey’s book, “Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace.”

United States

Author Mohan R. Pandey has published “Hinduism: A Path to Inner Peace,” a new book that gives a fresh new perspective on the ancient origins of Hinduism. The book captures the essence of Hinduism and unravels its complexities while giving a fresh overview of Hindu beliefs, teachings, rituals, scriptures and more.

The analytical book explores how the faith has synthesized a wide spectrum of spiritual realizations with timeless wisdom and metaphysical views of the ancient sages. It also examines the compatibility of Hindu visions of reality with modern scientific advancements. The book, which is available in paperback and e-book, also explores the common thread that connects Hinduism with Buddhism and Christianity.

The book examines younger generations who have grown up in the west and have seen their parents perform various rituals at home and in temples. Pandey’s book also deconstructs the explanations of ancestral faith while examining how different parts of Hinduism’s jigsaw puzzle fit together.

Readers will discover the message of ascetic god Shiva as well as the consistency between that of goddess Kali and various other deities.

Mohan Pandey, an aeronautical engineer and a 37-year veteran of the aviation industry, is a retired director of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He is the author of “How Boeing Defied the Airbus Challenge.” He was born in Nepal, and Hinduism is his ancestral faith.

Source: India west