Dr Togadia denies Tarek Fatah’s Tweet statements, says Its an intentional campaign against him, VHP

New Delhi, November 25, 2013 VHP Chief Dr Pravin Togadia clearly denied the statements given by Muslim thinker Tarek Fatah’s through a controversial tweet. Dr Togadia demanded an unconditional apology from the said Pakistan born Canadian Tarek Fatah in 24 hours & his country of origin and citizenship failing which we will be forced to take further legal action. Dr Togadia clarified about the allegations. Below given is the statement by Dr Pravin Togadia.

Outright denying Tarek Fatah’s Tweet in which Mr. Fatah had claimed, – Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) President Pravin Togadia tells me- ‘We have to kill all Muslims. We will not leave any Muslim alive’, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP has said that the above said words projected in the international & national  social media in the above said Tweet as his had never been said by him to any Tarek Fatah.

Dr Togadia said, “This is an intentional dirty campaign against me intended to malign me, the organization I have been associated with & also the Hindus in general intended to get the emotions of the Muslim community specifically flared up against me to get me killed. The said malicious, imaginary & baseless Tweet posted by one Tarek Fatah allegedly as my words supposedly on November 24, 2013 at 9.03am puts me, my family & the people in the organizations I am associated with & people in Bharat at large in grave danger.”

Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

The tweet by Tarek Fatah:


Tweet by Tarek Fatah on Dr Togadia on Nov-24-2013

The facts given by Dr Pravin Togadia:

  1. As claimed by one Tarek Fatah, I never said anything to him anywhere. In fact I never knew any Tarek Fatah as he claimed.
  2. On November 23, 2013 at 7 pm there was “Only for Invitees” Dinner hosted by the President of VHP in Amritsar at his residence strictly for the VHP. Uninvited, one Tarek Fatah gate crashed in the said dinner where selected 60 to 70 VHP related people were invited by the host – VHP President there.
  3. The Dinner was attended by the class of people associated with VHP in Amritsar where we all discussed the traditional Poojas etc for upcoming Hindu month Maargasheersha. There was NO discussion whatsoever as claimed by the said Tarek Fatah who in fact had no ight to be in the said dinner.
  4. There was also no occasion where the said Tarek Fatah got any individual or personal hearing with me as he claims in his said Tweet “VHP President Pravin Togadia tells ME……”.I did not speak to him at all & I was always surrounded by VHP members.
  5. The dinner was on November 23, 2013 in the evening after 7 pm & the said Tarek Fatah has posted the said malicious & baseless Tweet allegedly as my words to him on November 24, 2013 at 9.03am. His said Tweet is an utter lie intended to spread rumors against me & provoke people to attack me. As we all were busy in the dinner & connecting with VHP members in the dinner, we did not have time to see Tweets etc.
  6. In the meanwhile, on November 24, 2013 in the morning, I was told by many VHP sympathizers & people who attended the said dinner that some Tweet by the said Tarek Fatah had been already posted on November 24, 2013 at 9.03am. The said Tweet said: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) President Pravin Togadia says to me – We have to kill all Muslims, we will leave no Muslim alive’.
  7. Those who attended the said dinner very well know that there was no such discussion at all & in fact we had behaved as per our great Hindu culture by not asking the said Tarek Fatah who came to the VHP members’ dinner uninvited by any of is, to get out. Yet he had such dangerous intentions about me & the organization VHP that he not only gate-crashed in the VHP Members Dinner but even before the dinner starts or even before he was even there he already tweeted the malicious & imaginary words as mine on November 24, 2013 at 9.04 am!
  1. It is evident that misusing his own international stature & media / political clout, the said Tarek Fatah has maligned me, VHP, Hindus & Bharat on the social media with the clear intention to provoke people from his community to initiate terror against me, VHP, Hindus & Bharat. This also clearly shows from the responses to his said malicious tweet that many Hindus who know me & VHP do not believe in what Tarek Fatah has quoted as my words. Same time the so called cocktail & glitterati circles who hate Hindus & with political motives are against us in VHP have been posting derogatory & dangerous tweets against us obviously originated because of the said Tarek Fatah’s malicious & imaginary Tweet about me.
  2. This is a serious move by the so called modern proxy terror groups to initiate proxy terror through such false, fictitious & baseless Tweets claiming the words in it as my words. I strongly condemn such terror against me, VHP, Hindus & Bharat. Such malicious & baseless Tweets misquoting & defaming me can provoke unsuspecting terror groups not only against me & VHP but against all Hindus & Bharat.
  3. In yet other tweets, the said Pakistan born Tarek Fatah, when accosted by those who knew I had never said anything to him anywhere or in the dinner, claims that he had 3 witnesses to prove that what he said in his said malicious tweet as my words were really my words! The VHP dinner had been attended by 60 to 70 select invitees & the said Tarek Fatah came in uninvited, posted the said Tweet much before the dinner when neither he nor I were there at the venue, I had not even seen him or known him then & yet claims to have witnesses for words he maliciously quoted as mine! This also shows that this is a well thought out conspiracy by the said Pakistani born Canadian Tarek Fatah to systematically malign me, VHP & Hindus as well as put all of us at life risk.
  4. As the said Tarek Fatah’s Twitter profile shows: He is born Pakistani born person who stayed in Saudi Arabia for long & now not an Indian citizen but a Canadian citizen. This means that he as a foreign citizen staying in India, gate crashed in VHP dinner obviously with the intention of proxy terror to provoke the community & other countries against us through social media.
  5. I am a simple person from the poor family who worked & did medical education to be a Cancer Surgeon. I may not be as intelligent as the international Tarek Fatah, but obviously I do have basic intelligence that is needed to be a Cancer Surgeon with a successful practice for over 15 yrs who then left such a good life for the nation as many know this part of my life. Therefore, the said Pakistan born Canadian Tarek Fatah should have known that I am not as stupid to utter such words as he quotes as mine.
  6. The said Pakistan born Canadian citizen Tarek Fatah, standing on our Indian soil  has misused his international stature & clout to take liberty to lie about me, VHP, Hindus & Bharat on the international social media like Twitter putting Bharat at the risk of further terror attacks.
  7. The related Govt authorities have it binding on them to question the said Pakistan born Canadian Tarek Fatah as to what he was doing in the VHP Dinner uninvited that too in Amritsar Punjab ( which is on the Jihadi Terror radar as per the Union Home Ministry’s recent alert) while he is not an Indian citizen & is on a visa. The second question the said Pakistan born Canadian Tarek Fatah must answer that at whose behest he took such criminal liberty to use my name, VHP name & imaginary words maligning us & putting us & Bharat at further risk of terror.
  8. I demand an unconditional apology from the said Pakistan born Canadian Tarek Fatah in 24 hours & his country of origin and citizenship failing which we will be forced to take further legal action.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra