Boycott PK – Foil PK’s attempt to divide Hindus & destroy faith

As per reports from various Hindus, it is evident that PK movie has insulted Hindu Dharma and it has also tried to establish that Pakistanis are always nice, soft-spoken people (even though most of the terrorists in India are trained and funded by Pakistan). Numerous scenes in the movie may compel a common Hindu to move away from beliefs of Sanatan Hindu Dharma.


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What do Hindu Saints and Hindu Leaders say on the anti-Hindu movie ?

swami_swaroopanandSwami Swaroopanand Saraswati : PK ridicules Hindu Gods, its rituals, preachers of Hinduism

Shankaracharya of Jyotish and Dwaraka-Sharda peeth Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati has asked Bollywood actor Aamir Khan to remove controversial scenes from his latest film ‘PK’ saying that it ridicules the Hindu deities, its rituals, preachers of the religion and questions the existence of God.

#BoycottPK : Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba has expressed anger over Aamir Khan’s movie PK

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said, “These days any random person comes up with objectionable statements against Hindu religion. It seems like big personalities are fond of insulting Hindu deities” and asked the Hindus to unite and protest against the movie.

sandeepdadaFilms by artists like Aamir Khan hurting religious and patriotic sentiments of people should be boycotted – H.H. Shri. Sandeep Alshi

Amir Khan is not bothered about feelings of people of this country even though he has hurt their religious and patriotic sentiments.


#BoycottPK : LATEST UPDATE : Subramanian Swamy convinced of getting to the core of the anti-Hindu PK

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy RECENTLY tweeted : “After the barrage of abusive tweets by those bearing Muslims names I am convinced I must get to the core of this PK scam..”

Ramdas-KadamMaharashtra : Ruling BJP-Shivsena ministers ask for banning the anti-Hindu PK movie

Shri. Ramdas Kadam, Environment Minister and leader of Shiv Sena said, “PK movie has hurt religious sentiments of Hindus; therefore, it should be immediately banned and necessary action be taken in this connection.” He has also written a letter to Maharashtra CM Shri. Devendra Fadnavis for the above demand.

Arrest ‘PK’s producers and Director ! – Prof. Medha Kulkarni, Pune’s BJP MLA writes to CM

“Producer-Director and actors including Aamir Khan should be arrested under clauses 153-A and 295-A of Indian Penal Code for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus, creating communal rift by provoking people and stay should be imposed on this film’s screening all over Maharashtra.” – MLA Prof. Kulkarni

5 reasons to protest against ‘PK’?

1. Movie Insults Hindu Gods and Customs : for example – scene of Aamir Khan (PK) chasing a person dressed as Lord Shiva)

b. Movie makes mockery of customs in Hindu Dharma like Serving fodder to cow, Offering milk for ‘abhishek’ on Shivlinga etc.

c. Movie says that ‘Those who fear, go to temples’ thereby insulting Hindus’ belief on God

d. Movie mocks Hindus who visit a pilgrim site or shrine which is hundreds of kilometers away from their home

2. Insult to Hindu Saints : Movie depicts Hindu Saints and Sadhus in very poor light. It also shows that Hindu Sadhus are fanning communal hatred among Hindus against non-Hindus.

3. Encourages Love Jihad : Love Jihad is mocked and termed as imaginary. The female actress is in ‘love’ with a Pakistani Love Jihadi. One should note that Aamir Khan himself is Love Jihadi who married 2 Hindu women (Divorced the first one)

4. Glorifies the Enemy : Movie tries to establish that Pakistani men are very nice and non-violent (even though most of the terrorists in India are backed by Pakistanis and the school curriculum in Pakistan teaches hatred against Hindus and Bharat).

5. Anti-national links : Dr. Subramanian Swamy has questioned the source of funding for the movie; saying that there are threads leading to Pakistan’s ISI.

This underlines the very anti-Hindu and anti-National nature of PK !

Shocking : My objections were overlooked while certifying PK – Satish Kalyankar, Censor Board member – Click here to read on ..

Demands by HJS

hjs_logo320-2401. The producer, director, actors, script writers and all others related to the movie ‘PK’ should be booked under sections 153(a), 295(a) and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code for hurting Hindu sentiments. (A written complaint has been given to the Director General of Police – Maharashtra as well as the state’s Chief Minister) Also it is demanded that the producer, director and actors should be immediately arrested.
2. The movie must be banned till the objectionable scenes and dialogues hurting the Hindu sentiments are removed from the movie.
3. The corrupt and anti-Hindu Censor Board should be dissolved.


Protests by HJS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, Shriram Sena and other Hindu organizations

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Hindus agitating in Dhule
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Watch HJS defend Hindu sentiments against anti-Hindu PK on National TV shows

Exclusive Videos of Hindu Varta on PK

What can you do ?


1. Completely boycott the movie ‘PK’. Also urge your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours etc. to boycott this anti-Hindu and anti-national movie.

2. Register complaints against the movie ‘PK’ in nearby Police stations under following IPC sections : Section 295A, Section 153A (Example of such complaint)

3. Create awareness in others through your social media accounts (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

4. Participate and / or organise in agitations against PK movie. You can also organise such agitations.

5. Write to your local representatives (MLA, MP) demanding a ban on the movie ‘PK’, to arrest all those responsible for insult of Hindu Dharma (through the movie) as well as to dissolve the anti-Hindu Censor Board

6. You can lawfully appeal to owners of Movie Theatres to stop screening of the movie PK as it propagates anti-Hindu and anti-national thoughts.



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Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti