Case filed against a man with face similar to Hindu’s Lord Satyanarayan for drinking alcohol

Satyanarayan Bhagwan

New Delhi. A case has been registered against Rocky Pandey, a 27 years old man with face similar to popular photo of Satyanarayan Bhagwan, for allegedly denigrating the Hindu god and hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus.

Rocky looks pretty much like this.

Bhola Thakur, the man who has filed the case, claims that Rocky had uploaded a photoshopped photo on Facebook, where he has shown the god holding a beer bottle in hand.

“It was some party pic, but this guy Rocky photoshopped bhagwanji’s face on a person holding beer,” Bhola told Faking News.

However Rocky claims that there was no photoshop, and it was his own photo where he was drinking beer with his friends.

“My mom used to tell me that my face looks so godly, but I never knew I’d land in this situation!” Rocky said, “And why is that guy interpreting the picture as he wants?”

But Bhola, who is Rocky’s friend’s friend on Facebook, is in no mood to back off.

“Just because he says, it doesn’t become the truth,” he claimed, “My heart ached when I saw Satyanarayan Bhagwan’s photo with beer. This can not be allowed!”

Meanwhile, to avoid any more such controversies, Rocky is reportedly planning to undergo facial plastic surgery. However, his lawyer has advised against any such move, because then he won’t be able to prove that it was indeed him in the picture that is now in court.

Source: Faking News