HAF Alert: Call Your Representative Urge Sec. Kerry to Protect Bangladesh’s Hindus

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Urge Sec. Kerry to Protect Bangladesh’s Hindus

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In case you didn’t get a chance to call your Representative already, there’s still time!* Don’t wait, call your member of Congress today.

What’s the issue?

Learn more about Bangladesh’s Hindu minority by clicking here
While the world currently witnesses religious fundamentalists wreaking havoc in the Middle East, radicals espousing a similar ideology are fomenting unrest in Bangladesh as well.

Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh face violence, attacks on their places of worship, rampant discrimination, and restrictions on religious freedom and freedom of speech. 495 Hindu homes, 585 shops, and 169 temples were attacked in pre and post-election violence earlier this year. There were also several reported incidents of rape, gang-rape, and sexual assaults of minority women.

What’s the ask?
Ask your Representative to sign onto a Congressional letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to make the protection of Bangladesh’s minorities a priority in U.S. – Bangladesh relations. The Congressional letter is co-led by Reps. Gabbard (D-HI) and Schock (R-IL) and is currently circulating in the House. The deadline for signing on to the letter is Thursday, July 11.

Why does your call matter?
Your call will give voice to the persecuted minorities in Bangladesh. Your call will draw attention to the plight of Hindu women who were raped because their families exercised their right to vote. Your call will draw attention to the atheist bloggers who were arrested for allegedly blasphemous speech.

Your call matters to Sadhanchandra Mandal, a 60 year-old Hindu man, whose home was set on fire by a mob of over 3,000 Jamaat-e-Islami activists, while chanting, “We are the Taliban, this Bengal will be Afghan.”

Ready to call?
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Thank You,
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*We apologize to those who may have experienced technical difficulties on our previous call-in campaign. The problem has been resolved and we look forward to your participation!

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