Cavadee: Prayers and Sharing for the 10 Day Festival

SAINT-PAUL, REUNION, May 24, 2018 (Linfo, auto-translated from French): The Tamil community of Reunion is paying tribute to the God Muruga, the leader of the heavenly armies, God of youth and beauty. The cavadee is synonymous with spiritual rebirth and purification of souls. After ten days of fasting and prayers, thousands of penitents will participate in the Cavadee procession on Monday, May 28th. The Cavadee pays homage to the God Muruga who is mounted on a peacock and brandishes the Vel, the spear whose three parts (handle, wide blade and tip) are power, intelligence and victory. This son of the God Shiva is venerated with brilliance on the occasion of Cavadee.

Generally made in an arch shape, the Cavadee is usually made with bamboo. Its shape resembles the ancient calligraphy of the word “OM,” thus having a mystical meaning. It is adorned with flowers and a portrait of the deity during the procession. The festival lasts ten days in honor of the God Muruga. This is an important moment for the faithful, to repent for misdeeds and take stock of one’s life. More than 1,000 devotees are attending the daily ceremonies. After the rituals, the penitents share a vegetarian meal. And every year, Indians from southern India make the trip to celebrate the God of Youth in Reunion.

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