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25th August 2014


Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street

London SW 1




Dear Mr Prime Minister,


In Iraq people of one certain faith are committing all sorts of atrocities against people of other faiths if victims do not change their faith.   Men are killed and women raped.   My heart goes out to these victims.


I would like to remind you the fact that this is not a new phenomenon.   This has been happening in India from the time India was invaded by the Mughals and is happening even today whilst I am typing this letter.   This very moment Hindu girls and women are being abducted and raped and forcibly converted to Muslim faith.   This is one reason why population of Hindus in India is decreasing while the population of Muslims is on the increase.


I am sure it is still very much fresh in your mind the grooming of young white Christian girls in Oxfordshire by Muslims.   This issue came before the law courts just a few months back.   I hope you are aware of the remarks made by the trial judge in his judgement.


The whole world is aware of 9/11 in New York, bomb explosions in London Underground and buses, incidents in Bali, Kenya, Spain, India Scotland, New York, Tanzania.


You can reason with barbarians for as long as you like, but they will not understand.   They understand only one language – the language of violence and brutality.


So, only leaders of Britain, USA, Germany and France cannot solve this mega international problem.   Leaders of all the countries will have to get together and tell these barbaric people enough is enough, if you do not change we will change you the way you are trying to change the world.   And still if they do not change then the rest of the world will have to change them.   This is a challenge the world is facing and the world will have to accept it sooner or later.


The longer we wait in accepting this challenge, the more harm we are doing to honest, sincere, hardworking, law abiding people of this world.   Not only is this but fear and tension is taking grip on them.


Our many brave soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Thousands of our brave soldiers have been maimed for life.   Not to mention the agony families of these soldiers are going through in their lives every day of the year.


So let us be bold and face the reality and deal with it now.


Yours sincerely

Chuni Chavda




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