Church should give religious discourses instead of commenting – HJS

unnamed‘Father’ of church should give religious discourses instead of commenting on who should and who should not live in India ! – Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson, HJS

No ‘Dharmaguru’ of any religion has associated himself with the issue of Hindu Rashtra; however, Chief ‘Father’ Maverick Fernandes of a church in Goa (Religious Branch) has sung laurels of secularism for no reason. He has, in fact, questioned the very right of staying in India for ministers expressing views on Hindu Rashtra. These ‘fathers’ giving sermons on secularism, should first explain why students studying in Convent schools in this country, but following other religions than Christianity, are forced to pray to Jesus; why Hindu students are not allowed to put ‘henna/ mehendi’ during their festivals or prevented from wearing lockets of Hindu Gods.

Pope John Paul came to India and made a statement that he wanted to convert whole India into Christianity. Does that come under Indian Constitution ? Portuguese invaders were driven away from Goa by freedom-fighters. Still Congress leaders went on board of the ship ‘San Grace’ sent by them to India as mark of victory; then why no demand was made to drive away those Congressmen ? Pope John Paul has rendered public apology for ‘Inquisition torture’ in many countries of the world; but why this ‘father’ does not demand for apology for inquisition in Goa? If despite democracy, countries like Italy and England can be Christian, why can’t India be a Hindu nation when Hindus are majority in this country ?   

In Shah Bano case, Congressmen amended the Constitution to suit themselves and now they are remembering Constitution ?

Concept of Hindu Rashtra is not against but as per Constitution !

Congress leaders, indulging in many things that are ultra-vires of the Constitution, have suddenly remembered it and they have started making noise as BJP and MGP party leaders spoke about their views on Hindu Rashtra. They are going to meet the Governor and make such demand ! Congress leaders should first clarify what action should be taken against them for amending the constitution 97 times to suit their own interests and who, instead of giving effect to Supreme Court’s verdict in Shah Bano case, amended the Constitution to protect their selfish political interest?   

The original Constitution written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar did not have the word ‘secular’ anywhere in the Constitution. Indira Gandhi added the words ‘secular and ‘socialist’ in 42nd amendment of the Constitution during emergency in 1976. It means that in 1975, if it was not against the Constitution to say that the country would be made secular; then, how can declaration of Hindu Rashtra be un-Constitutional ? Constitution has given us freedom of thoughts; then how can concept of Hindu Rashtra be against the Constitution ? Sonia Gandhi was made President of ‘National Advisory Council’ by going against the Constitution and was given all reins of the Government. Such Congress is not explaining her position as per our Constitution. In fact, as per the Constitution, there cannot be any reservation on the basis of religion; still recently, Maharashtra Government led by Congress, declared 5 % reservation for Muslims. Is Goa Congress Party going to demand action against them for such un-Constitutional acts ? 

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti