Sara Assam Bangali Jateeya Parishada demands citizenship for Bangladeshi Hindus

Shri. Sudhendu Talukdar (On left side) while expressing his views during demonstrations at Delhi

New Delhi  On Saturday, 26th July, an organization called ‘Sara Assam Bangali Jateeya Parishada (SABJP)’ staged demonstrations at Jantar-Mantar demanding citizenship for Hindus who have come from Bangla Desh. Later, representation was submitted in the name of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and BJP’s national President, Amit Shah. Shri. Sudhendu Talukdar of SABJP, Shri. Pradip Muzumdar, Vice President of ‘Kaali Mandir Samiti’, Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, its Shri. Vinay Panwalkar and Hindus, who had come from Assam, participated in the demonstrations. Shri. Talukdar said, “Narendra Modi had promised before elections that Bangla Deshi Hindus would be given Indian citizenship after his coming to power; but he seems to have forgotten about it. He should keep his promise.”  

Government will be responsible for ‘Dharma-kranti’ ! – Pu. Dr. Charudatta Pingale

Pu. Dr. Charudatta Pingale said while guiding demonstrators, “The rulers are responsible for this condition. A king who cannot recognize loyal citizens, who does not know who are the true sons of the soil, is unrighteous. In such situation, unity is the only solution forgetting own language, region and caste etc. We should proclaim that ‘Hindu is our only identity’. If the rulers do not take any action, Hindus will have to get ready for ‘Dharma-kranti’ and the Government will be responsible for outcome of such ‘Dharma-kranti’.”  

It is very unfortunate to keep loyal citizens deprived of  citizenship ! – Shri. Pradeep Muzumdar

Shri. Pradeep Muzumdar said, “People, who strived to get freedom for the country, are deprived of getting citizenship which is very unfortunate. The agitation will be intensified in future, if no action is taken by the Government.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti