Citing as ‘Teacher of the Jihadi Terrorists’, Malaysian Hindu groups want ‘Total Ban on Zakir Naik’

Ban Zakir Naik- Malyasian Hindu body HINDRAF.

Malaysian Hindu body- Hindraf and others urge Putrajaya to blacklist Zakir Naik, ban his dangerous Islamic preachings and Peace TV Live.

Mukthi Bharathan | HENB | Kuala Lumpur | July 13, 2016:: Describing Zakir Naik as a ‘Teacher of Jihadi Terrorists’ and his Peace TV Live as an ‘endless source of hate mongering’, Hindraf Makkal Sakthi – a prominent Hindu body in Malaysia urged Malaysian Govt. to ban Zakir Naik totally and permanently.

Earlier, 40 Indian groups in Malaysia signed a resolution urging Putrajaya to ban Dr Zakir Naik from entering Malaysia again, claiming the Mumbai-based televangelist posed a threat to national security.

To back their argument, Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) national chairman P. Waytha Moorthy accused Dr Zakir of encouraging discord by allegedly promoting terrorism and criticising the various faiths practiced in Malaysia.

“Because he’s a threat to national security, harmony and peaceful co-existence of Malaysians in this country.

“He’s openly promoted terrorism and openly denigrated and ridiculed members of other faiths, that itself is a threat to national security and also to the harmony and peaceful coexistence to the people,” he said during a forum at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall today.

He added that Dr Zakir should also be “treated like a terrorist” by the international community, but did not give the reason behind his call.

Now, Hindraf Makkal Sakthi has urged, in the wake of “terrorist” bombings in Bangladesh, that the Malaysian Government admit its mistake in handling the Zakir Naik “controversy”. The human rights NGO further called on the government to permanently ban the errant preacher from entering the country and outlaw his teachings as well.

Elsewhere, added Hindraf Chief P. Waythamoorthy in a statement, theTerengganu Government should immediately revoke its grant of an island to Zakir Naik for running an Islamic academy. Zakir Naik is preparing some Muftis in Malaysia to take the charge of complete Islamisation of Malaysia.

He was commenting on a report that both Bangladesh and India were investigating the controversial preacher for allegedly promoting terrorism. “This is proof that Hindraf has been right in urging the government to ban his entry into the country and lectures.”

“We have issued numerous statements on the threat to national security posed by his preaching.”

Waytha noted that suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorists involved in Islamic attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rohan Imtiaz and Nibras Islam, confessed that they were “inspired” by Zakir Naik. “They have been his ‘staunch’ followers on Facebook and on the Peace Television Channel.”

Other terror suspects too have pointed to him as an inspiration, recalled Waytha.

He cited Najibulla Zazi, arrested in 2009 for conspiring to bomb the New York subway; Kafeel Ahmed who stormed Glasgow Airport in an explosives-laden car in 2007; and Rahil Sheikh who was arrested in Mumbai for the 7/11 serial train blasts. “All of them claimed they followed Zakir Naik,” lamented Waytha.

In April this year, a Malaysian Mufti named Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin urged to back Hindraf on deporting Zakir Naik from Malaysia.

Hindraf had earlier issued cautionary statements, P. Waytha Moorthy stressed. “We have long argued against Zakir Naik’s presence in the country.” Then Hindraf also urged IGP to probe Dr Zakir for breaching guidelines.

Ban Zakir Naik in Malaysia- HINDRAF

The Hindraf Chief said there were long term repercussions arising from Zakir Naik’s hate speeches directed at other religions. “His supremacist ideology may cause unrest.”

However, he reminded, the top government leaders in the country were then “doing their political posturing.”

“They were more interested in dominating and intimidating other races in Malaysia under the guise of defending Islam.”

Many other Malay and Muslim leaders too had chosen to use religion to amplify differences, to reinforce extreme views and condemn non-Muslims as a threat to their rights, continued Waytha. “Zakir Naik was even offered an island to start a school. He promised to train at least six Malaysians to spread his ideology in Malaysia.”

To make matters worse, he pointed out, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister hosted him at breakfast and dinner. “Hindraf meanwhile was criticized by the Mufti of Perlis and Perkasa and accused of interfering in Islamic matters.”

“They even threatened us with legal action.”

Hindraf said it was not surprised that Zakir Naik’s teachings were found by many religious alim and ulama and maulana in Bangladesh as not in line with the Quranic version and Hadiths. “They found that he fanned terrorism but yet he was welcomed by top leaders and Muftis in Malaysia.”

The recent attack in Puchong, appears to be the work of home-grown terrorists, warned the Hindraf Chief.

These individuals often plan, prepare, and carry out their plots or undertake other activities without the central guidance or assistance of formal terrorist organizations, he noted.

He believes that they have been mostly radicalized by the ideologically-bent propaganda of certain preachers. “They interact with fellow activists or like-minded aspirants, and adopt more conservative variants of Islam for politicization of their religious belief.”

Now, HINDRAF, MIC Youth, Malaysian Indian Progressive Association, Malaysian Hindu Sangam and other Hindu organisations are protesting jointly to ban Zakir naik permanently in Malaysia.

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