Clinching evidence showing Christian Missionary conspiracy in the assassination of Ven. Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati

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Clinching evidence showing christist conspiracy in the assassination of Ven. Swami Lakshmananda ji Saraswati and his colleagues by Christians on August 23, 2008 in Kandhamal District of Orissa: CONTENTS: 1. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 1(A)-Christians passed a formal Resolution in their meeting on May 25, 2008 to assassinate Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati and his Sah-Yogis (colleagues) within 3 months on August 23, 2008. (Contains Decisions # 1, 2, 3, 4) 1(B) -The literal English translation of the telling Resolution passed in Oriya language See three PDF Attachments for – (i) The literal Hindi translation of the said Oriya Resolution (ii) The transcription of the original Oriya Resolution in Devnaagri (Hindi) script to get the original words used (iii) Scanned copy of the original Resolution recorded in handwritten Oriya script and language 1(C)-Follow-up meetings 1(D)-X’ians ASSASSINATE SWAMIJI and Sah-Yogis on August 23, 2008 evening as they had decided earlier: 2. Swamiji – Brief Sketch of his Life and Works 3. Reasons Behind the Assassination 4. History of Previous Attacks on Swamiji 5. Hard to Believe Maoist Angle 6. The Security Failure 7. After the Assassination 8. Issues Behind the Conflict in the Area (a) Reservation (b) Land 9. Cultural Onslaught 10. Right to ‘propagate’ religion never means ‘right to convert’ (-Supreme Court of India) 11. NIYOGI COMMITTEE REPORT Report of the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee Madhya Pradesh 1956 (2 Volumes, three Parts) (A summary of recommendations made by the Niyogi Committee) 12. Politics, not spirituality (- Dr David Frawley) 13. Even 100 per cent change of religion does not lead to change of economic prosperity (- Lau Kelly) 14. VHP DEMANDS setting up of a Commission to look into the activities o foreign funded Churches, Missionaries, Church sponsored NGOs, foreign funding to NGOs working for conversion and strict implementation of anticonversion laws.15. Orissa Government must apprehend forth with killers of Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji (- Ashok Singhal) ———- 1. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 1(A)- Christians passed a formal Resolution in their meeting on May 25, 2008 to assassinate Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati and his Sah-Yogis (colleagues) on August 23, 2008. (Contains Decisions # 1, 2, 3, 4) (The 82-year old celebrated Vedantic Hindu monk was an icon of Orissa and popularly addressed as “Swamiji” by his millions of admirers and followers. This high-stature Dharmacharya of the country came from a Tribal region of Orissa. He was a sociocultural worker par excellence whose activities always remained aligned with the Fundamental Duties under Article 51A of the Constitution of India. He rightly opposed aggressive religious conversions through force, fraud and inducement. He was particularly against the entry of foreign-funded Missionaries in the “scheduled areas” of the country as that violated the indigenous culture, traditions and moorings of the Tribal people. He was for ‘propagation’ of religion under Art. 25(1) of Constitution (this right is for Indian citizens only), but rightly quoted the Supreme Court ruling that ‘propagation’ does not mean ‘right to convert’. He also quoted the Niyogi Commission Report and the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act & Rules, 1987 & 1989 against conversions. He was an uncompromising protagonist of robust nationalism. 1(B) -The literal English translation of the telling Resolution passed in Oriya language is given here below. See three PDF Attachments above for – (i) The literal Hindi translation of the said Oriya Resolution (ii) The transcription of the original Oriya Resolution in Devnaagri (Hindi) script to get the original words used (iii) Scanned copy of the original Resolution recorded in handwritten Oriya script and language The literal English translation of the telling Resolution (+) passed in Oriya language is quoted here as a part & parcel of the complete record of proceedings (RP) reading as follows:- “SESSION # 10 Place: Betikala, Dated: 25.5.08 (May 25, 2008), Time: 11 A.M. This 25th day of May, 2008, 11A.M., a general body meeting of the (Parish, ed.) Council was held at the Betikala Catholic Abbey. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Rev. Fr. Prafulla Kumar Sabhapati. After the prayers by Sri Bikram Pradhan, the proceedings of the meeting unfolded. Welcome and Registration of AttendanceGeneral Secretary of the Parish Council, Sri Prafulla Kumar Nayak extended Christian greetings to all members present. Then, the names, signatures and attendance of all members present were recorded (in their own handwriting, ed.) on the Register. Members Present (Rev. Fr. Prafulla Kumar Sabhapati – Chaired the meeting, ed.) 2. Prafulla Ku. Nayak 3. Ranjeet Kumar Nayak 4. Subash Nayak 5. Saula Nayak 6. Kaumudini Digal 7. Kamalini Nayak 8. Shantilata Pradhan 9. Sultana Nayak 10. Mahadev Pradhan 11. Helena Mallick 12. Subal Nayak 13. Dayasagar Nayak (Praneswar) 14. Gopal Chandra Naik 15. Ajit Kumar Pradhan 16. Bijaya Ch. Mallik 17. Bikrama Pradhan Confirmation of Minutes of the last meeting General Secretary Sri Prafulla Kumar Nayak read out the record of proceedings of the last meeting, and the contents being okay, it was unanimously confirmed. After this, there was brainstorming on the following issue, and due decisions taken: Decision No.1 -As per the direction/command of our Bishop (Parson/Vicar), it was resolved/decided to offer/sacrifice (‘Utsarga’ – in original Resolution-IOR) to the (at the altar of the, ed.) Lord (‘Prabhu’-IOR; Jesus, ed.), for His pleasure (‘Tripti’-IOR; it is sadistic pleasure, ed.), within coming 3 months, the Satanic activities (‘Saitaani Kaaryakalaap’-IOR; activists, ed.) that stand opposed to the expansion of the Work in all the abbey circles of our Parish. (This is the style of the “Opus Dei” – the global secret outfit of Catholic footsoldiers. One can call it the Vatican Al Qaida (Al Qaida wants to convert the world into Dar-ul-Islam and has 52 Muslim countries behind it). Opus Dei’s agenda is to gift the whole planet earth to their Lord Jesus as soon as possible and it has 169 Christian countries and their powerful media behind it. That is why they cannot have any fear of the law and Constitution of the only Hindu country on planet earth, viz., Hindusthan/Bharat/India, and can decide to assassinate anybody at will. They decided to do “the Work” by eliminating Ven. Swamiji. Opus Dei is Latin for “Work of God”, hence the secret Roman Catholic multi-national/global organization is often referred to by members andsupporters as “the Work”. It also over-enthusiastically implements the Papal Bulls at ground zero level.) Decision No.2 -For the pleasure (‘Tripti’-IOR) of the Lord (Jesus, ed.), in order to successfully execute the said Decision No. 1, the timing was chosen to be the 23rd day of August, 2008. (The date/day the X’ians chose for the heinous act had a loud statement – that is, it was Sri Krishna Janmashtami – one of the most auspicious days of Hindu calendar – and it was also the foundation day of Vishva Hindu Parishad, and, the Christians wanted to dare the Hindu society on that day by offering to Jesus for his pleasure the assassinated bodies of Hindu monks. ed.) Decision No. 3 – It was also decided to conduct Christian victory celebrations in all the Abbey circles of the Parish,after the successful completion of the said given task. Decision No. 4 – A Committee was formed to manage with precision all the said given tasks. It was decided that on this Committee would be there the Baptist Abbeys of the Christian family and all the key functionaries of the Good News Diocese. After prayers, the meeting ended with Christian greetings extended to all participants. Sd/- Fr. Prafulla Kumar Sabhapati President, Parish Council Sd/- Prafulla Kumar Nayak General Secretary, Parish Council” ———– [(+) See Annexure-I for Hindi translation of the RP + RP in original Oriya language but in Dev Naagri/Hindi script + RP in original Oriya language & handwritten Oriya script which original document is also formally signed by the Parish Council Chairman Rev. Fr. Prafulla Kumar Sabhapati and the General Secretary Shri Prafulla Kumar Nayak. Copies of this document have been filed with the authorities concerned for due action. The original Register is retained by Hindus for safekeeping. Infuriated Hindu Tribal villagers of Betikala area stormed into the Betikala Catholic Abbey the next day when the original Register containing the said RP serendipitously and fortuitously came to their hands.] 1(C)-Follow-up meetings * Second meeting was held at Raikia (Kalumaha) Church on August 09, 2008 at 2pm. Nearly 150 people attended it. They decide to bring out propaganda material to mobilise Christians, the X’ian world and the pseudo-seculars against Swamiji, his Service activities, his cause of robust nationalism and anti-conversion work. *Between August 10 & 21, 2008, Swamiji received 3 threatening-letters from an unknown “Pahadia” group. The first two letters threatened him of abduction and strong punishment in the forests. The third letter categorically threatened him of death.* Swamiji lodges FIR (First Information Report) in this regard with the local police station along with the letters. * All newspapers and TV channels cover the news of the letter. * Attack on Madhu Baba by Christians near Tumudibandha for protesting against a cow being slaughtered. * Swamiji stages a roadblock and hunger-strike in protest. Police accuse him of flaring up tension and threaten him of stringent action. * The Christians hold their third meeting at Padangi Church on August 14, 2008. Twelve potential Christian mercenaries attended it for briefs. It also included three Christian CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) personnel. * Villagers had apprehended some of their vehicles, e.g., TATA-407 bearing No. OR- 08D-0675, YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE bearing No. OR 12A-0353 & HERO HONDA PASSION bearing No. OR-12-3235. But, later on, when they handed them over to the police, the Christian police officer did not take cognisance and let them off. * August 15, 2008: The armed CRPF security personnel deployed at the Ashram, after the attacks on him last December, are withdrawn. * Within days of the withdrawal of the CRPF personnel, the personal security man provided by the police, who had saved his life in the last December’s attack, gets replaced. * August 21: Swamiji returns to Jalespatta after a health-check up at Cuttack. * August 22: He goes to the police station to inform about the letter, lodges another complaint, enquires about the steps taken. The officer-in-charge misbehaves with him accusing him of being too cautious. * August 23, 2008 morning: The personal security staff provided to Swamiji by the police goes on leave in the morning without any substitute. 1(D)-X’ians ASSASSINATE SWAMIJI and Sah-Yogis on August 23, 2008 evening as they had decided earlier: As this year the Janmashtami Tithi (Birthday of Lord Krishna – one of the most auspicious days of Hindu calendar) covered both August 23 and 24, millions of the people in Bharat fasted on August 23, 2008, and Vedanta Keshari (Lion of Vedanta) Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati also fasted on that day along with his followers & colleagues, viz., Kishore Baba, Amritanand Baba (both monks & disciples of Swamiji), Sadhwi Bhakti Mata (a disciple, Sannyasini and incharge of the Sankaracharya Kanya Ashram – a residential school for girls from tribal and disadvantaged communities, at Jalespatta – a remote hamlet, 120 kms from Phulbani in Kandhamal District of Orissa), and others. Shri Puranjan Ganthi a visitor guardian of an inmate of the school was also in the Ashram that fateful evening.* That being the Janmastami day the girl inmates were happily busy preparing for the special-day supper. * Swamiji after finishing his evening prayer along with the inmates of the Ashram was interacting with Kishore Baba and another known person. *Mata Bhaktimayee was watching the evening news on TV along with Manika Behera, a student of the Ashram. *Baba Amritananda, a disciple of Swamiji was standing in front of the door in which Mata was watching TV. * 15 young masked-men armed with AK-47 rifles and other sharp weapons enter the Ashram and take positions hiding themselves at different points. *Assuming Baba Amritananda as Swamiji, the assailants fired on him which hit him from behind. * Puranjan Ganthi who was sleeping in the adjacent room, normally used by the security staff of Swamiji, was also fired at and breathes his last there. * Bhaktimata rushes out along with Manika through the back door and comes to Swamiji’s room, shuts the door from inside, pushes Swamiji in to the toilet to save him and comes near the main-door to prevent the door from collapsing. * The attackers cut open the door with an axe and fire through the gap. * The bullets hit Mata, she falls on the ground. Hearing loud noise and firing shots, Kishore Baba rushes in to resist the assailants, gets fired by the attackers and falls. * Assailants enter the room, search for Swamiji, not finding him in his bedroom they cut open the toilet door predicting that he might be inside, fire at him. * He dies; then and there. The attackers, still dissatisfied, savagely hack the bodies and badly mutilate them with axes and other sharp weapons. * Shankar Baba, who was outside the main building, seeing the assailants retreating, comes to the spot followed by Madhu Baba. 2. Swamiji – Brief Sketch of his Life and Works * Born – 1926 – Anugul District – Central Orissa. * The octogenarian monk was 82 years of age when the X’ians assassinated him. * Renounced home and worldly life at the age of 25 and became a Sanyasi (ascetic/monk) giving up a thousand things.* Performed Tapasya (spiritual practices and Vedantic studies) at Uttarkashi, Himalayas for afew years. * Returned to Orissa as advised to him by Ven. Karapatriji Maharaj and HH Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Puri Govardhan Peeth Swami Niranjan Dev Tirtha Ji Maharaj and joined the Movement for Protection of Cow & its progeny being run by Sant Vinoba Bhave and other Mahatmas. He regarded cow as “complete ecology” and representative of dumb creation. * Also came in touch with some social activists like Advocate Bhupendra Kumar Basu and decided to work for the all-round development of the poor, illiterate, deprived and downtrodden people of Phulbani District- now Kandhamal. * In 1969 set up his first Ashram at Chakapada (Ekachakra Nagari of Ramayan fame) which soon became a centre for brisk socio-cultural activities. He, with the help of the local people, renovated Birupaakshya, Anandeswar and Jogeswar temples and established a Gurukul pattern Sanskrit School, later elevated as a College. * Sankaracharya Kanyashram, a residential school at Jalespatta is another Ashram of Swamiji in the district, where education is imparted to poor and underprivileged girls. * Swamiji was well versed in Vedanta philosophy, Sanskrit grammar and was decorated with the honorific “VEDANTA KESHARI” (Lion of Vedanta). (Vedanta = Lit., the soul, essence or conclusion of the Vedas; Vedanta is a system of philosophy ascribed to Bhagwan Ved Vyas. It relates to and builds on the Prasthaanatrayee (the threesome nucleus of Hindu Scriptures, Philosophical, Yogic and Theological Schools), viz., major Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita and the Brahma Sutras. Some Veda texts contain Vedanta portions. The orthodox Vedanta system of philosophy contains a series of ancient philosophical treatises, often in the form of dialogues between guru and disciple, in which looming topics of life are speculated about, and ways of living are conformed to.) * He not only imparted philosophical thoughts but also knowledge on good cultivation (enhanced production with soil-&-eco-friendly techniques), animal care, horticulture and so on. * Due to his selfless service to humanity he was awarded VIVEKANANDA SEVA PURASKAR * As a visionary, he took steps to transform the lives of the people of Kandhamal. Sangat + Pangat + Karseva (Sit in the company of the Wise & Think Together + Eat Together + Work Together) formula was his tool to promote values in society, consolidate & enlighten people for various mass welfare projects, promote self-reliance, eradicate any evil and bring about prosperity. He started Satsang in all villages of the district. *Founded the Seva school at Tulasipur, Banki in Cuttack District and an Ashram at Paniola in Anugul district. *Started night schools for adult education as well as for those children who assist their parents in their work during the day time. * This step has improved the literacy rate amongst the Scheduled Tribes (ST) and the Scheduled Castes (SC) people of the area. * Swamiji also spearheaded anti-liquor movement in the area and through his Satsangs, motivated people to give up alcoholic drinks, drugs and other intoxicating substances. * Katingia of Udaygiri Tehsil is the example where the entire village population has given up liquor.* He persuaded the tribals and other non-farming communities in the area to take up scientific cultivation and grow hybrid products in their arable lands. Due to his efforts, G. Udaygiri Block in the district now produces the best quality French beans in the state. *To bring higher benefit to the farmers, he formed a Vegetable Cooperative Society at Katingia (a nearby village). * Swamiji acted as a friend, philosopher and guide to the innocent local poor people. He always encouraged them not to fear and not get exploited by anybody. Most of the time, he accompanied them to the government offices and police stations as a guardian. * Swamiji had developed a unique way of conserving the forest of the area. Taking the people into confidence, he declared the forest as the village property and told them to monitor their growth, conservation and rightful use. * He was a staunch believer in the conservation of tribal culture. He restored the tribal deity place called Dharani Penu (Mother Earth) in tribal hamlets and conducted several Rath Yatras to create awareness among the tribals regarding their culture, traditions and rights. * Through out his life, he was opposed to cow slaughter. He faced several physical attacks for preventing people from indulging in cow-slaughter. He toured the state several times taking this message to the people and staged dharnas, protests and hunger-strikes. * The high-stature Dharmacharya of the country was a socio-cultural worker par excellence whose activities always remained aligned with the Fundamental Duties under Article 51A of the Constitution of India, * He acted as a strong force against conversion activities by Christians in the area as he believed that conversion uproots & alienates the simple minded people from their great culture and motherland. * He was particularly against the entry of foreign-funded Missionaries in the “scheduled areas” of the country as that violated the indigenous culture, traditions and moorings of the Tribal people. * He rightly opposed aggressive religious conversions by X’ians through force, fraud and inducement. * He was for ‘propagation’ of religion under Art. 25(1) of Constitution (this right is for Indian citizens only), but rightly quoted the Supreme Court ruling that ‘propagation’ does not mean ‘right to convert’. * He quoted the Niyogi Commission Report and the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act & Rules, 1987 & 1989 against conversions. * Swamiji was instrumental in convincing the repentant converts who had been converted by force, fraud or enticement, to get back to their original religion. * In 1986 he organised a grand Conference at Chakapad where 100,000 tribal devotees participated. In order to mobilse people, Swamiji had placed a representative image of Lord Jagannath of Puri in a huge motorised Rath (car) and Lord Jagannath was on the roads for over three months to have interface with over 10 lakh tribal men, women and children in the nooks & corners of the tribal districts of Orissa. The people instinctively and heartily reciprocated and received the Lord at their doorsteps and offered their worships. This Rath Yatra also gave Sri Maharaj Ji a platform to mobilise the moral and ethical sense of people and work against alcohol/drug abuse, undesirable social practices and for cow-protection. There was an awakening among the tribal people and their love for Dharma was apparent. Along with this, he also ran amovement to ensure good health for the people by organizing hundreds of health camps in villages. *Some years ago, when the coastal districts of Orissa were severely affected by the Super Cyclone, Pujya Swamiji inspired and mobilised various social organizations to supply food, clothes and medicines to the cyclone affected villages. * He also used to mobilise his follwers to provide free lunch and medicines to lakhs of pilgrims and monks that descend on Puri to participate in the annual Rath Yatra (Car Festival) of Lord Jagannath. * During the 1965 and the 1971 Indo-Pak wars, he visited thousands of villages to rouse the patriotic fervour. * During the countrywide Sri Ram Janma Bhumi Movement also he led it from the front in his area and mobilised public support. * He was a protector and upholder of the indigenous traditions of tribals against the proselytising activities of foreign funded and inspired native Christian Missionaries and the attacks by Church-supported separatist organizations. He aroused fierce patriotic fervour in the tribal society. * Chakapad Hindu Conference: On the eve of the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Parama Pujaniya Sri Guruji (Madhav Sadashiv Rao Golwalkar), a Hindu Conference, unprecedented in the history of the tribal belt, was held on April 08-10, 2006 at Chakapad. Over 500,000 Vanavaasi (forest dweller) Hindus participated in the Conference. Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Puri, RSS Chief K.S. Sudarshan, VHP Chief Ashok Singhal addressed them flanked by over 500 Sadhu-Sants and social workers. * During this programme seven MAHAYAGNAS were performed, viz., (1) Naamayagna: 1,000 groups of Bhajan Mandalis (both gents & ladies) participated to chant the name of God, (2) Ghrita Yagna: Besides offering ghee, a Sphatika Siva Lingam (Crystal) and statue of Adi Shankaracharya, Shata Rudra, Sapta Sati were installed. The Sphatika Sivalingam was installed in a temple named as Laxmaneswar temple. The name was suggested by the Shankaracharya of Puri, HH Swami Nischalananda Saraswati Maharaj after the name of Swamiji, (3) Gnana Yagna: Spiritual discourses were delivered by eminent monks including Shankaracharya of Puri, (4) Anna Yagna: Prasad was provided to all participants, (5) Deepa Yagna: Lakhs of Deepams (lamps) were offered by doveetes, (6) Seva Yagna: Medical check up facility was provided to the needy for treatment of eye, teeth and haemoglobin deficiency problems, (7)Dharma Jaagaran Yagna: A meeting of monks and tribals was organized who have faith in Swadharma (indigenous holistic faiths). * Besides the mega Conference, eight motorised Raths (cars) travelled from various corners of Orissa to Chakapad and assembled there on the first day of Hindu New Year (30.3.2006). * Due to his multi dimensional activities for the development of the Hindu Culture, Hindu Traditions, Hindu Dharma as well as economic welfare of the poor masses, he was looked up to by Hindus, including the tribal population following the indigenous traditions, as a great mover and shaker that was an eyesore to the anti-Hindu and antisocial elements. As a monk, he had given up a thousand things in life and had become analtruist always having concerns for the needs and feelings of the deprived tribal brethren above his own and after contributing a lot to the society, he sacrificed his life on the occasion of Janmastami on 23rd Augest’08, along with his four colleagues. * This great patriot was an uncompromising protagonist of robust nationalism. 3. Reasons Behind the Murder * In the last 40 years, Swamiji had become a formidable force in the area, against illegal and fraud conversion of illiterate and poor by the Christians, by threat, blackmail and enticement. * He strongly opposed cow-slaughter and had organized the local youth as a counter force to stop it. This hampered the interests of some of the Christian Panos who are in to this business in a bigway. * It also acted as a challenge to the Church for they use cow slaughter as a symbol of defiance of the Hindu traditions. * He had enlightened the innocent Kandhs (tribals) regarding their land rights and exposed the Christian land-grabbers. * His popularity and following in the area was rapidly increasing, scaring the Christian zealots. * His efforts on education, health and agriculture had created confidence among the local people and made them self-sufficient in many ways. * This was a challenge to the Christians who were benefiting mainly from poverty, ignorance and helplessness of these people. * For the above reasons, the Christian terrorists, frightened of being exposed decided to remove him from their way and create a fear psychosis among other non-Christian social workers in the area. 4. History of Previous Attacks on Swamiji * He was attacked by the Christian terrorists 8 times before he was finally murdered. * 1969- He was attacked by a Christian mob led by the “Father” of a local Church at Rupagaon near Chakapada for opposing fraudulent conversion of innocent people. * 1970- Some cow-traffickers and beef-traders attacked him near Tentuliapada in the Tikabali Block. * 1978- Swamiji was attacked in Batingia, a village in G. Udaygiri Block while participating in a Kirtana Mandali (religious gathering). * 1981-Armed Christian terrorists plan to kill Swamiji in Katingia, a village in the Daringbadi Block where he was attending a Yajna. * With the intervention of the local people and the police, he safely reached Ashram. * 1983- He was attacked by Christians in Kanbagiri of G.Udaygiri block while performing a Yajna. * 1999- Attacked by Christians once again in Firingia of Firingia Block while attending a Satsang (religious discourse). * 2002- On his way to attend a Yajna in a village called Kalinga, he was stoned by hiding Christian attackers. Swamiji was injured in the head.* 2007, 24th Dec- He was attacked and injured while going to Brahmanigaon. He was attacked on the way by 200 armed men near a village called Darsingbadi (The village of Radhakant Nayak, the Member of Parliament from Congress Party). Even though he got saved, he was grievously injured along with Kishore Baba, his security man and the driver. 5. Hard to Believe Maoist Angle * Just hours after the murder on August 23, 2008, sensing large-scale backlash, the Director General of Police and the State Home department issued a statement blaming the Maoists for the act. * The statements are hollow as they were not based on any sound investigation into the incident. * The Maoist angle sounds absolutely illogical considering the fact that all previous 8 attempts on Swamiji’s life were by Christian terrorists and not by the Maoists. * Maoists, the world-over, have their political agenda and do not indulge in attacks on popular social-workers. * Maoists, as a matter of their operational policy, do not leave alive any uniformed policeman or government personnel while they attack; but in this case, the mercenaries told the four unarmed policemen to keep shut and stay squatting on the ground. * Swamiji commanded widespread respect and had a large following among the tribal youth- the Maoists’ recruiting ground. * The administration’s attribution of the killing to Maoists was just to divert the attention of the people from the real culprit, i.e., Christian terrorists. * The Maoists in Orissa and elsewhere do not have a record of killing any Hindu leader, least of all, a dedicated social worker like Swamiji. * He had taken out a huge Padayatra, in 2005 in Chandrapur of Rayagada District, a Maoist stronghold. The Maoist cadres welcomed him with enthyusiasm. * The threat-letter which was issued to Swamiji a week before and was submitted in the local police station the previous day, was written by an anonymous “Pahadia” group- a non-existent group, so far, either in the police records or intelligence records. * After the incident, a letter of denial has been received by VHP office in Gajapati District of Orissa- a Maoist affected district, denying the involvement of any Maoist group. * According to reports in “Samaja” (5th Sept., 2008) the leading Oriya daily, the Central Committee of the Kotagarha branch of the Maoists had issued a denial of passing any order to its cadres to kill Swamiji. At the same time, it also accepted that some of their friends might have done it for huge bribes from the Christian churches. In their statement, they said that they were making investigations to find out as to who were the people involved in the killing of Swamiji and they would punish them severely. * A similar letter was also received by Sankaracharya of Puri regarding the murder of Swamiji. * In Nuagaon, people handed over two Christian youths with knives, Bible and black masks to the police. * Days after the murder, the police department went back on its initial simplistic version of Maoist angle and is now admitting that there is a bigger and deeper conspiracy to it boding evil.* Considering the said facts, it sounds absolutely illogical that the Maoists are behind the murder, even though, there is a strong possibility that some of their cadres might have been heavily bribed by the Christian clergy to execute it. 6. The Security Failure * Inspite of the fact that 8 attempts were made earlier on Swamiji’s life, no step was taken by the administration to provide adequate security to him. * Whatever security arrangements were made, they were all ad-hoc and half-hearted. * Since 2002, till the lethal attack on him last-year, he was provided with only one security staff. * The CRPF armed personnel deployed at the Ashram Post-December 2007 attack were withdrawn just 7 days prior to the murder and were replaced by 4 cane wielding constables who too had gone to have their dinner somewhere outside the Ashram and had reached the Ashram gate at the time of attack. * Despite demands several times to extend Z-category security to Swamiji or atleast enhance personal security of Swamiji, especially after last year’s incident, no such step was ever considered by the administration. * Even after successive FIRs and complaints regarding the threatening letters, police remained indifferent and callous accusing Swamiji of trying to whip up tension. * The very same morning, the lone personal security personnel provided for Swamiji was allowed to go on leave without any substitute. * Even though Swamiji never feared for his life, as a respected citizen of the country having threats to his life, he had a Constitutional right to have necessary security. 7. After the Assassination * As the news spread across the length and breadth of the State, thousand of people gathered at the Ashram same night. * People took out the bodies of the assassinated monks in a procession in the surrounding areas that continued non-stop for over 26 hours. * People in every village paid their tearful obeisance. * August 24, 2008 – Government of Orissa ordered a judicial enquiry into the killing of Swamiji. * Curfew imposed in all the four surrounding districts and 45 platoons of police, CRPF, RAF deployed. * On 25th August a state-wide Bandh was called, which received a historic response allacross the state. * Strong reaction reported from several districts. * 25th August- Swamiji’s Samadhi took place. * Christian community carries out massive false and malicious campaign to divert the attention from the real issue. * Many Christians and Church administrations have been using their time-tested ploy to show themselves as ‘victims’ and attract world sympathy, huge compensations in cash & kind from state and central governments. By such ploys as posing as ‘victims’ and also showing our country in poor light, they have always been attracting huge donations forevangelization work and for their NGOs from the 169 Christian countries of the world. That is why, at Kandhmal also they themselves set some of their own make-shift thatched shelters and make-shift thatched Churches, etc., on fire to mobilise national and world opinion against Hindus and additionally attract compensations in cash & kind from governments and foreign sources through NGOs and take shelter in the nearby reliefcamps for free food. * Curfew imposed in Kandhamal, Koraput and Gajapati districts. * Unprecedented police deployment takes place and entries to Kandhamal banned for outsiders. * Indiscriminate arrest of large number of Hindu men and women continues. * 70 year old man in Jeypore arrested for rioting. * Disgusted with curfew, restriction on movement and no help from the government whatsoever, thousands of tribal Hindu women take out a protest demonstration. * They were lathi-charged and several women were grievously injured. * Maharaja Divya Singdeo of Puri protests the killing of Swamiji and demands immediate action. * Christian groups all over the country through their network and political masters try to internationalise the issue. * Pope Benedict-XVI issues a condemnation of the alleged killing of Christians. * In Italy (the motherland of Sonia Gandhi), the country’s Parliament discusses the issue of the killing of Christians in Kandhmal and urges the Indian Prime Minister to take urgent steps. * The British Parliament discusses the issue and expresses concern. * In the US, Senators raise the issue in the Congress and condemn Kandhmal. * On the petition of a Bishop, Rafael Chinnath, the Supreme Court asks the state government not allow any procession to pay homage to Swamiji. * Christian educational institutions remain closed on 28th August protesting the alleged atrocities on Christians in Kandhamal. * Thousands of Sadhus descend on Bhubaneswar on Sept 6 despite imposition of curfew (IPC-144) in the capital city and court arrest. * Despite government efforts to stop the Shraddhaanjali Puja (Homage ceremony) on 16th day of assassination of Swamiji, about 8 thousand people gather at Chakapada Ashram. * By Sept. 5, police arrest 453 innocent Hindus for participating in the Bandh call of Aug.25th and slap false charges of decoity, loot, murder and arson. 8. Issues Behind the Conflict in the Area (a) Reservation * The area constitutes of two major communities- Kondhs (51.96%) and Pano (16.89%). Kondhs are a Schedule Tribe (ST) and Panos belong to Schedule Caste (ST). * Over the years the Panos due to poverty and ignorance have been converted to Christianity and some of their leaders today are retired IAS, IPS, OAS officers and owners of NGOs. * According to reservation rules even though the STs continue to enjoy the benefits of reservation after conversion to other religion but Hindu SCs after conversion cease to belong to any caste, hence legally treated as general category.* The converted Panos now want to enjoy the benefits of reservation by circumventing the current rules. * To do that, their leaders, one of whom is a Member of Parliament from Congress Party, by putting pressure on the congress goverment at the centre have successfully included the nomenclature of their language (Kui) which is originally the dialect of the Kondh (STs) of that area, in the central list of reserved categories. * The Constitution of the country categorically refuses reservation on linguistic lines. Therefore, by virtue of their language, the ‘converted Panos’ are not entitled to any reservation benefit. * Currently there are a lot of Christian convert SCs working in the government sector, illegally availing the reservation benefits. Fearing that they might lose their job, anytime, if proper enquiry is conducted, they want to surreptitiously include their community in the reserved category list of STs. * With reorganization of constituencies, the lone Lok Sabha constituency, all Assembly segments, President of Zilla Parishad, Block Chairman and seats of Zilla Parishad members of the district have been reserved for STs, which is well according to the guidelines laid down by the Delimitation Commission. * Due to the above arrangement, there is a fear among the Panos (SC) of loosing their political clout over the Kondhs (ST). * The demand by the converted Panos for reservation benefit by identifying themselves as Kui speaking tribes and the political manipulations by their leaders is one of the major causes of tension in the area. * Literally speaking, the converted Panos want to “have the cake and eat it too.” (b) Land * Politically aware, led by highly-placed officers and motivated by the Church, the Panos, over the years, have grabbed large tracts of land belonging to Kondhs of the area. * As per the land holding regulations of the State, no non-ST can buy or take possession of land from a tribal owner. * The Panos as well as converted Panos are not entitled to retain land that originally belongs to a tribal owner. * Due to stringent implementation of land regulations in the State, illegal possessors of tribal lands in this district, mostly Panos and Convert Christians, are afraid of loosing their land. Hence, they contrive somehow to get ST status, so as to be able to retain the land grabbed from the tribals. * Majority of the Churches in the district have been constructed on land either illegally grabbed from the tribals or on the government Khasland. With increasing awareness among tribals, the Christians now fear trouble and have been making frantic efforts to retain the land by changing the land records. 9. Cultural Onslaught * The district is a mountainous forest region having poor communication, education and health infrastructure. * The X’ians have been trying to divide the tribal community by teaching “My god is your god, but your god if no god”.* Presence of such divisive elements and such unreasonable and outlandish activities should be allowed in such “scheduled areas” of the country as that violates indigenous culture, traditions and moorings of the people. * The tribals of the area are basically nature worshiping Hindus and hold Dharani Penu (Mother Earth) in high esteem. Their culture (Kulaachaar) is eco-friendly. * They are angry with the missionaries and their agents also because the X’ians play foul with the traditions of the indigenous people. They choose to ask the converts of the area to plough the land during Raja Sankraanti/Mithun Sankraanti (Swing Festival). Raja is a fertility festival held on the first three days of arrival of monsoon in the month of Aasaadh (June-July). It inaugurates and welcomes the agricultural year all over Orissa, which marks, through biological symbolism, the moistening of the summer parched soil with the first showers of the monsoon, thus making it ready for productivity. The tribals call Mother Earth “Dharani Penu” and as Her children love and respect Her more than their life. With due respect to this symbol of fertility of Mother Earth, people keep suspended all land tilling operations to give Mother Earth three days of complete rest and leave Her entirely to Herself. The environmental implications should be understood: after the first rains, many flora and fauna begin their life cycle from seeds, spores, eggs and root stock and so on. If the land is tilled immediately, after the rains, the diverse flora and fauna will disappear. So this is the rest, adaptation and recreation period. For the tribals of the region, and all educated people of coastal Orissa, this is sacrosanct and any tilling activity during these three days is considered irreverent, thankless and insensitive to Mother Earth, and, therefore, a grave sin. But the Missionaries would come, single out the very Raja Parva days to provocatively show their contempt for, defiance of and undermine the holistic indigenous traditions, and compel the local converts to till the land by saying: “We are here, nothing will happen, go plough the land” consequently leading to enmity & hostility between brother and brother. So these deculturising and denationalising X’ian forces, most of them outsourced and wellfed & funded by their foreign masters, come illegally to these “scheduled belts” and teach the people to cut themselves off from their moorings, become rootless and denationalized. Therefore, such insensitivity shown to “Dharani Penu” (Mother Earth), violation of the eco-friendly tradition and her humiliation by X’ians infuriates the tribals. * The Christians in the area have long been trying to convert the tribal population to their fold. But due to the influence of people like Swamiji they have found it difficult to do so. * On the other hand, the Panos have been easy targets for conversion due to the efforts of some of their own community leaders and also as a reaction to social ostracisation. * The tribals in the region over the last few years have been despising conversion due to the attack by the Christian community on the cultural moorings of the tribals. * Christians are beef-eaters; due to Swamiji’s influence many tribals who have relinquished beef-eating, have been protesting this practice preached by the Christians. 10. Right to ‘propagate’ religion never means ‘right to convert’ (-Supreme Court of India) Constitution of India : Right to Freedom of Religion: Article “25. Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion – (1) Subject topublic order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion…”. The Christian Missionaries quoted this fundamental right and misinterpreted the word “propagation” and claimed it to be their ‘right to convert’. In 1977, Rev. Stanislaus challenged in the Supreme Court of India the anti-conversion laws of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa on the ground of violation of Article 25 (1) ignoring the fact that it was subject to public order and not an absolute right. Obviously, to the frustration of the evangelics, the apex court, in a landmark verdict, vide Stanislaus V State of Madhya Pradesh, AIR 1977 SC 908, held that what Article 25(1) granted was not the right to convert another person to one’s own religion by exposition of its tenets; It held that since any attempt at conversion was likely to result in a breach of public order affecting the community at large, the State legislatures would have the competence to enact the legislation. The Hon’ble Court, thus, upheld the constitutional validity of the decades old M.P. and Orissa anti-conversion laws. The court also made it clear that the act of “practice’ is concerned primarily with religious worship, ritual and observations. Propagation means the right to communicate beliefs to another person or to expound the tenets of one’s religion, but does not include the right to convert (by force, fraud or inducement). The Court pointed out that Article 25 (1) is subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of Part III of the Constitution. It also said that “propagation’ of one’s religion cannot impinge on the “freedom of conscience’ of other citizens. It must also be appreciated that the Constitution of India gives the “right to propagate” only to Indian citizens and not to foreign missionaries. Writing in The Spectator, Mr Jon Stock (New Delhi correspondent of the British paper The Daily Telegraph) says: “There is little doubt that the current communal tension in India would not be serious if foreign-funded missionaries had been content with giving Indians the choice of Christianity and left it at that.” _____________ 11. NIYOGI COMMITTEE REPORT Report of the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee Madhya Pradesh 1956 (2 Volumes, three Parts) (A summary of recommendations made by the Niyogi Committee) This six-member committee was set up in 1954, because of serious concerns being expressed by various people about the activities of the Christian missionaries in the tribal areas of what is now Madhya Pradesh. It went about its task by visiting 77 centres, contacting 11,360 persons, interviewing people from 700 different villages, receiving 375 written statements and 385 replies from a questionnaire (99 questions), visiting hospitals, schools, churches, leper homes, hostels and other institutions in 14 districts. It also perused the printed material of the Christian missionaries, to understand the way they set about doing their task. After 2 years of arduous labour, the committee recommended the “legal prohibition” of religious conversion not “completely voluntary”. The two-volume & three parts report was published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1956. Though one of the members of the committee, Prof. S. K. George (Professor of Commerce), was a devout Christian himself belonging to the oldest church in India,the Syrian Christian Church, the Christians have criticised the report as biased. The Roman Catholic Church had even withdrawn its co-operation with the said Niyogi Committee, and filed a petition against the Committee at the High Court in 1955. The High Court dismissed the Petition in April 1956. In spite of X’ian and pseudo-secularist opposition, most others have commended the report and even the recommendations of the report influenced Bills passed by the State Governments against forcible conversions. The committee was chaired by Dr. M. Bhawani Shankar Niyogi, a retired Chief Justice of the Nagpur High Court, which is why the recommendations became famous as “Niyogi Committee Report”. The whole process of the work of the committee was during a time when there were Congress governments both at the centre and the M.P. state. It is pertinent to note that the methods of fraud and inducements that the committee came across, continue even today. It would appear that the methods of the missionaries have not really changed. The Committee also recorded that “there was a general complaint from the non-Christian side that the schools and hospitals were being used as means of securing converts.” It said that “Reference was also made to the practice of the Roman Catholic priests or preachers visiting newborn babies to give ‘ashish’ (blessings) in the name of Jesus, taking sides in litigation or domestic quarrels, kidnapping of minor children and abduction of women and recruitment of labour for plantations in Assam or Andaman as a means of propagating the Christian faith among the ignorant and illiterate people.” (Goel 1998, p.13) The report writes that especially Roman Catholic missions used money-lending as a device for proselytisation. They gave loans which were later written off if the debtor became a Christian. (Goel 1998, p.115) The following is a summary of recommendations which the Niyogi Committee has made (Chapter-III – Summary of Recommendations):- “(1) Those Missionaries whose primary objective is proselysation should be asked to withdraw. The large influx of foreign Missionaries is undesirable and should be checked. (Paragraph 72, Chapter II, Part IV, Volume I). (2) The best course for the Indian Churches to follow is to establish a United Independent Christian Church in India without being dependent on foreign support. (Paragraph 76 ibid). (3) The use of medical or other professional services as a direct means of making conversions should be prohibited by law. (Paragraph 82ibid). (4) To implement the provision in the Constitution of India prohibiting the imparting of religious education to children without the explicit consent of parents and guardians, the Department of Education should see that proper forms are prescribed and made available to all schools. (Paragraph 86 ibid). (5) Any attempt by force of fraud, or threats of illicit means or grants of financial or other aid, or by fraudulent means or promises, or by moral and material assistance, or by taking advantage of any person’s inexperience or confidence, or by exploiting any person’s necessity, spiritual (mental) weakness or thoughtlessness, or, in general, any attempt or effort (whether successful or not), directly or indirectly to penetrate into the religious conscience of persons (whether of age or underage) of another faith, for the purpose of consciously altering their religious conscience or faith, so as to agree with the ideas or convictions of the proselytizing party should be absolutely prohibited. (Paragraph 87 ibid). (6) Religious institutions should not be permitted to engage in occupations like recruitment of labour for tea gardens. (Paragraph 88 ibid).(7) It is the primary duty of Government to conduct orphanages, as the State is the legel guardian of all minors who have no parents or natural guardians. (Paragraph 89 ibid). (8) Government should issue an appeal to authoritative and representative Christian Missionary Organizations and to Christians in general to come together and to form an authoritative organization which should lay down and inform Government in clear terms the policy which the Missions and Christians in general will follow in respect of propagating their religion, the methods to be followed in conversions, the type of propaganda which will be promoted and the attempts which will be made to confine their evangelistic activities within the limits of public order, morality and health (Paragraph 90 ibid). (9) An amendment of the Constitution of India may be sought, firstly to clarify that the right of propagation has been given only to the citizens of India and secondly that it does not include conversion brought about by force, fraud or other illicit means. (Paragraph 91ibid). (10) Suitable control on conversions brought about through illegal means should be imposed. If necessary Legislative measures should be enacted. (Paragraph 92 ibid). (11) Advisory boards at State level, regional level and district level should be constituted of nonofficials, minority communities like Tribals and Harijans being in a majority on these boards. (Paragraph 93 ibid). (12) Rules relating to registration of Doctors, Nurses and other personnel employed in hospitals should be suitably amended to provide a condition against evangelistic activities during professional services. (Paragraph 95 ibid). (13) Circulation of literature meant for religious propaganda without approval of the State Government should be prohibited. (Paragraph 96ibid). (14) Institutions in receipt of grants-in-aid or recognition from Government should be compulsorily inspected every quarter by officers of Government. (Paragraph 97 ibid). (15) Government should lay down a policy that the responsibility of providing social services like education, health, medicine, etc. to members of scheduled tribes, castes and other backward classes will be solely of the State Government, and adequate services should be provided as early as possible, non-official organisations being permitted to run institutions only for members of their own faith. (Paragraph 98 ibid). (16) A separate department of Cultural and Religious affairs should be constituted at the State level to deal with these matters which should be in charge of a Minister belonging to a scheduled caste, tribe or other backward classes and should have specially trained personnel at the various levels. (Paragraph 99 ibid). (17) No non-official agency should be permitted to secure foreign assistance except through Government channels. (Paragraph 100 ibid). (18) No foreigner should be allowed to function in a scheduled or a specified area either independently or as a member of a religious institution unless he has given a declaration in writing that he will not take part in politics. (Paragraph 100 ibid). (19) Programmes of social and economic uplift by non-official or religious bodies should receive prior approval of the State. (Paragraph 100ibid). Signed- (M.B. NIYOGI) Chairman (B.P. PATHAK) Member-Secretary (GHANSHYAM SINGH GUPTA) Member(S.K. GEORGE) Member (RATANLAL MALVIYA) Member (BHANU PRATAP SINGH) Member (Goel 1998, 163-165) 12. Politics, not spirituality (- Dr David Frawley) “…What is most surprising is that Christian missionaries have more freedom of operation in India than in the rest of Asia. They are banned in Islamic countries, including Pakistan, and strictly monitored in China, which has its own nationalist Catholic Church apart from Rome. Even Russia under Putin has recently come out against Christian missionaries as causing mischief in the country and often being agents of the American government. Christians are under direct attack in Indonesia where thousands of Christians have been killed in recent years. Neighboring Pakistan does not allow the missionaries the freedom they have in India and routinely oppresses its Christians. A few years ago a Catholic Bishop committed suicide in a Pakistan court to protest the issue. But it is India that being called to task in the world forum for its oppression of Christians! Mexico, which used to be part of the ‘Catholic Empire of Spain’, does not allow missionaries the kind of freedom they enjoy in India. Only in some so-called ‘Banana Republics’ of Latin America do we find missionaries being so powerful. Even this, as has been revealed by recent hearings in the US Congress, was often financed by the CIA, with priests serving as CIA agents. Such information suggests that Christian leaders have given up most countries of the world as beyond their reach but concentrated on India as the US did on the Banana Republics. Missionaries and Christian organizations are very much on the defensive in most of the world today, where they are simply trying to hold their ground. The West continues to discard Christianity. The Islamic world will not let it in and China is keeping it at a safe distance. In America such missionary groups, which would still like to ban the teaching of evolution in the schools, complain how the country has all but abandoned real Christianity. But in India the missionaries remain aggressive. The reason is simple. India allows missionary activity and so is a soft target. Islamic countries and China are hard targets. The missionaries are targeting India because they feel they can make headway in India, not because India is a place where they are particularly under siege! The hypocrisy of the whole thing is easy to see. It shows the condescending attitude that missionaries have towards Hindus, thinking that they can bully them or appeal to their tolerance by a feigned persecution. It ollly proves that Christians are still promoting a medieval religion that will not honor other religions and is still seeking world dominationby any means, fair or foul. If we count the victims of Christian aggression on one side and the Christians themselves who have been victimized we will find that the victims of Christianity are overwhelmingly in the majority. While some Christians have apologized to African and Native American groups for such missionary misdeeds, the Hindus have so far not received any such apology, though they have suffered from the same methods. The reason is that the missionaries have not yet triumphed in India. The apology, like crocodile tears, comes only after the victim is dead. In the nineteenth and the early twentieth century, Christian colonial governments used their influence to promote conversion in the countries they ruled. Now Christians want to use freedom and democracy, which they didn’t allow under their rulership, to continue the conversion process. And all without an apology or explanation for this about face! If Christians want to be honored and respected let them first proclaim that Christianity is not the only true religion and Jesus is not the Only Son of God. Let them say that Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, J ainism, Zoroastrianism and other Indian religions are as good as Christianity. Let Christians say clearly that members of other religions will not go to hell but will gain immortality in the presence of God by following what is good in their own teachings. Major Christian groups, however, will certainly not make such statements, though they may cover over their exclusivism with platitudes about human peace, brotherhood and Divine love. Their failure to honor other religions shows an intolerance that naturally breeds conflict and inevitably leads to communal tension. Christians wouldn’t even accept a Mahatma Gandhi and worked to convert him, while the Mahatma described missionary activity as a great danger and as spiritually and ethically flawed. As a former Catholic I know in what little esteem the Church holds Hinduism and Buddhism with all their great sages and yogis. Christianity, like Islam, sees tolerance not as a virtue to be emulated but as a weakness to be exploited. Were Christians to really honor Hinduism as a valid religion all Hindu-Christian hostility could easily come to an end. As long as Christians hold that theirs alone is the True Faith and are working to convert the members of other religions in one way or another, they should not be surprised if members of other religions do not welcome their presence. It is only a matter of time before missionary Christianity is seen for what it is-imperialism in the name of God and Christ, the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is a political, worldly movement with little spirituality in it. Unfortunately such Christians confuse the real Divine work, which is improving ourselves through introspection, with the institutional work of imposing a single belief upon all humanity. This political view of religion has no place in the global age of consciousness that is dawning in enlightened minds all over the world today. The quicker it comes to an end, the better it will be for all humanity.” 13. Even 100 per cent change of religion does not lead to change of economic prosperity (- Lau Kelly)”It should be noted that even 100 per cent change of religion does not lead to change of economic prosperity as seen from the example of Philippines, the most converted Catholic country, which is also the poorest country in Asia, with the biggest economic divide.” – Lau Kelly 14. VHP DEMANDS setting up of a Commission to look into the activities of foreign funded Churches, Missionaries, Church sponsored NGOs, foreign funding to NGOs working for conversion and strict implementation of anti-conversion laws. Each year, the Government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs releases a report (See GOI URL under the title “Receipt of Foreign Contributions by Voluntary Associations”. Of the fifteen top donor agencies given in a chart on page 20, eight are Christian (they sent US $ 336,218,421 to the Christian Proselytisation Ministries in India in the year 2007), seven are secular and NONE IS HINDU. The URL says, “Gospel Missions of India (GMI) is an IRS approved non-profit, tax exempt, religious organization based in Michigan, USA to support Christian workers and ministries in India associated with the Brethren assemblies. GMI stays abreast of the work of the missionaries and ministries in India to ensure that gifts are faithfully invested for the Lord’s work.” (read ‘Proselytisation work’) Gospel for Asia (US $ 34 million) is a Texas based Christian missionary organization whose “focus and goal as a ministry is to reach the 2.7 billion people in the 10/40 window who have never heard about the love of God. In India alone, there are over 500,000 villages with no Gospel witness.” (read ‘500,000 villages with no converts to X’ianity)(Source: Hindu Press International). Bharat has 600,000 villages. The X’ians, according to their said account, have so far proselytised 100,000 villages and their urgent agenda is to proselytise the rest 500,000 villages of India. This instruction to them by Pope John Paul during his India visit is like a Papal Bull which they must implement at the earliest possible to gift the land of India and its resources to their Lord Jesus Christ. The Pope had further ignited their proselytising zeal by declaring that they proselytised Europe in the 1st millennium, Americas, Africa, Australia in the 2nd, and they would proselytise Asia, including India, in the 3rd millennium. Actually speaking, they do not love the people of other countries, they, in fact, love their land and labour ultimately to have planet earth and its resources exclusively to themselves. It is their agenda of absolute economic imperialism masquarading as “Lord’s Work”, education, health services, etc. 15. Orissa Government must apprehend forthwith killers of Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji – Ashok Singhal New Delhi, October 02, 2008 – Furious over the failure of the Orissa Government in apprehending any assassin of Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji Saraswati, Shri Ashok Singhal, International President of VHP said, “It is a matter of grave concern of all Hindus in India & abroad that Christians dared to assassinate Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji – a Hindu icon of Orissa and revered Dharmacharya of India – on August 23, 2008. I met the Chief Minister of Orissa Shri Navin Patnaik a month ago withclinching evidences of Christian involvement in the assassination and urged him to apprehend the culprits. The date the X’ians chose for the heinous act had a loud statement – that is, it was Sri Krishna Janmashtami – one of the most auspicious days of Hindu calendar – and it was also the foundation day of Vishva Hindu Parishad, and, the Christians wanted to dare the Hindu society on that day by offering to Jesus for his pleasure the assassinated bodies of Hindu monks. But the State Government has not yet apprehended any X’ian mercenary and/or accomplice. It is because of the influence of the Church and their NGOs. The government has arrested hundreds of Hindus, but practically no Christian. I requested the Chief Minister to take under his command directly the entire enquiry module regarding the case that has wide implications and apprehend the culprits at the earliest. But, the new Director General of Police – Orissa is indiscriminately arresting leaders of Hindu organizations that are not related to any case. Those must be released forthwith whom the government has arrested with political motivation. We wish that normalcy returns to Orissa as soon as possible. But, it appears that the government itself is not interested in the return of normalcy, as it is interested in giving the culprits a free run. As long as the over-ground kingpin of the assassination conspiracy – Mr. Radhakant Nayak is not apprehended, the deep roots of the conspiracy and the faces of the remote kingpins that outsourced the assassination module cannot be unearthed, and, consequently, the situation won’t become normal. The government must remember that Ven. Swami Lakshmananandaji – a high-stature Dharmacharya of the country coming from a Tribal region of Orissa, a socio-cultural worker par excellence whose activities always remained aligned with the Fundamental Duties under Article 51A of the Constitution of India, who rightly opposed aggressive religious conversions through force, fraud and inducement, who was particularly against the entry of foreign-funded Missionaries in the “scheduled areas” of the country as that violated the indigenous culture, traditions and moorings of the Tribal people, who was for ‘propagation’ of religion under Art. 25(1) of Constitution (this right is for Indian citizens only), but rightly quoted the Supreme Court ruling that ‘propagation’ does not mean ‘right to convert’, who quoted the Niyogi Commission Report and the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act & Rules, 1987 & 1989 against conversions, and who was an uncompromising protagonist of robust nationalism, has been assassinated by the Christians.” Shri Singhal asked the Government of Orissa that “for the cause of peace, it must be up & doing in apprehending the assassins and their accomplices at the earliest.”


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