Congress Govt in Karnataka takes over four temples

• It has been observed that management of temples taken over by the Government in Maharashtra led to creation of scope for corruption and now, officers in Karnataka Government are following the same corrupt path !

• Has anyone ever heard about Congress taking over management of a mosque or a church ?

Bangalore (Karnataka) : Kodanda-Ramaswami Temple, Kannika Parameshwari Temple, ISKCON Temple and Saibaba Temple are the four temples from Kacharanhalli in North Bengaluru Taluka taken over by Congress Government.

Devotees have accused that due to interference of few local politicians, the District Administration took this step. (Why does the Government take over only Hindus’ temples ? Hindus need to unite and take the Government to task for the same ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) A squad led by District Collector V. Shankar, Dy. zonal officer Mahesh Babu, Tehsildar Shivappa Lamani and officers from Revenue and Charity Commissioner’s office took the above action on 21st April.

Kacharanhalli Lake spread over 57 acres of land was earlier taken over by the Government many years back. Bengaluru Development Board later constructed a residential complex using 20 acres of the land in front of this lake. Few years back, a local political leader constructed Kodanda-Ramaswami temple near this lake, followed with Saibaba Mandir, ISKCON Mandir and Kannika Parameshwari Mandir; besides a marriage hall. It is estimated that more than Rs. 40 lakhs are collected in donation boxes kept in these temples. An officer informed that donation boxes from all 4 temples have been sealed. Devotees have alleged that such action was taken without giving any prior notice. Dy. zonal officer Mahesh babu said that these temples would henceforth be managed by Charity Commission Department.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat